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Terraria Bad Ideas

The Moon Lord and The Wall of Flesh are 5x stronger on Hardcore and when you die you're placed in the IRL Death Valley in California/Turkmenistan's Darvaza Gas Crater (aka Jahannam's Gate because it is a fiery hole, if the fire was extinguished, you are placed at the thermosphere when it hits over 1700 degrees Celsius) (Wall of Flesh) or any of the IRL Poles (Moon Lord).
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Every single enemy drop 1 copper coin except for the green slime which drops 999 platinum
[doublepost=1551289878,1551289665][/doublepost]When you create a new world the moonlord spawns until you defeat him. If you make a hardcore world then its every boss spawned 10 times

Foraging Slime

Every block on the map instantly becomes all at once.... slime.. they all turn to slimes and wont depsawn causing mass lag and more than likely crashing you game unless our using a supercomputer. not even a super computer.


Your character is Hardcore. This is NOT optional.
With the meteor staff you can damage yourself with your own meteorites.
All chests are mimics. Even the ones you craft!
If you are named K1ll3rofSk3l3tron, Krustofsk3l3tron etc. (My TCF names), your character is set in Hardcore Mode and the Arms Dealer/Pirate/... will criticise you (for having bad scores or even being bad) dealing OVER 9000 dmg and both daybroken, ichor and stoned ailments apply.
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Blood Crawler

Brain of Cthulhu
You can craft a diamond sword in Terraria and it's the most powerful weapon!
You can also craft the most powerful armor - diamond armor! So you'd better mine diamonds in Terraria.

Storm Diver Ω

Skeletron Prime
Super extreme expert mode:
All enemies have 20× health, damage and defence.
All bosses spawn in their second phase and are 10 times faster and have 10 times the health and damage.
No life regen.
No healing.
100HP max
No defence
0 accessories allowed.
Corruption/Crimson spreads 60 times faster.
All ranged weapons only travel 6 tiles.
Need to eat every 5 minutes or you die.
On death you need to re-buy the game.
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