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    So you've finally gotten board of all the amazing content terraria has to offer?

    Let's start off with some basic challenges

    The melee challenge


    You may only use melee weapons or weapons that do melee damage.

    The Ranger challenge


    You may only use range weapons or weapons that do ranged damage.

    The Mage challenge:


    You may only use magic weapons or weapons that do magic damage

    The Summoner challenge


    You may only use summoner weapons or weapons that summon minions

    (The first summoner weapon you will need to get will be the slime staff. Place a slime statue in between a pressure plate and dart trap and continuously spawn them until you get the slime staff.)

    It's time for some more advanced challenges!

    The Drow Elf challenge


    You HAVE TO tunnel underground when you spawn
    No collecting resources from the surface
    You may only take 1 torch (HARD) A stack of torches (MEDUIM) A mining helmet (EASY)
    You have to make a bed as soon as possible
    You may not return to the surface until Wall of flesh is defeated

    Now as for collecting the resources and killing bosses:

    You are only allowed to collect wood from the many underground houses or the underground trees located in the jungle biomes.
    Slimes do spawn underground so you can get more torches for furnaces and more.
    Bombs will help you get into the crimson and corruption from the outside, this means you will be able to fight them.
    Skeletron is a skip boss. Don't get too close to his dungeon.

    The Speedrun challenge


    Beat the game as fast as possible
    (This means do both of the end-game moon events and kill Golem)

    Skip unnecessary bosses like the EOC and Skeletron.
    Don't waste time every second is precious

    The Merfolk Challenge

    Items needed:
    Neptunes shell

    You must wear both the shell and the fish bowel so when you leave the water your breath will slowly drain but when in water it will rise.
    You are allowed to craft gills potions to help you will your out of water adventuring.
    You start in the ocean or a large pool of water underground.

    Go for two buckets when starting.
    Try to make some gills potions fast.

    Boss on the first night

    You must kill any boss on the first night.

    Tips: Try to get a world with lots of starting chests nearby to spawn.

    Victory Ore Defeat


    You may only use items made from ores
    No special items
    No brought weapons
    No Chests

    This is my weapon, there are many like it, but this one is mine.


    You may only use one weapon upgrading it at every milestone

    Milestones include:

    Beating the Eye Of Cthulhu

    Beating the Brain Of Cthulhu/The Eater Of Worlds

    Beating Skeletron

    Beating The Wall Of flesh

    Beating The Destroyer

    Beating The Twins

    Beating Skeletron Prime

    Beating Plantera

    Beating The Golem

    Beating The Frost Moon

    Beating the Pumpkin Moon

    (Writing in red can be done in any order)

    100 Health Challenge:


    You may only have 100Hp.
    No Life crystal are allowed to be used.

    Purification Challenge:



    Your goal is to purify the world of the Hallowed and Corruption/Crimson.

    The Mineless challenge:

    You are not allowed to harvest any blocks apart from wood
    You have to rely on mob drops and Chests.

    Handle your money challenge:
    You start with a coin gun (Hacked in or given by another character).
    You may only use the coin gun.

    The 1HP Challenge:
    You download a terraria character editor and change your characters max HP to 1.
    He must be hardcore.

    How long can you survive?

    Total Tool!
    You are only allowed to use tools (Axes, Pickaxes, Etc)


    Victory ore defeat: This was recommended by Black and White, Thanks for the input!

    This is my weapon, there are many like it, but this one is mine: This was recommended by Milt. Thanks for the Challenge it sounds like fun!

    The Handle Your Money Challenge: This was recommended by Roxoz, Thanks for your Challenge. Looks like hours of fun!

    100HP challenge: This was recommended by Elk, Thanks a bunch!

    The Purification Challenge: This was recommended by Elk, Another great contribution!

    The Mineless Challenge: This was recommended by Elk, One of the more interesting ones on the list!

    The 1HP Challenge: This was recommended by Elk, For more advanced players, Thanks Elk!

    Total Tool!: This was recommend by Milt, Thanks Milt for your contribution!

    That's all i've got for you! If you have anymore challenges be sure to recommend them to me here or message me about them! Tell me what you think in the comments and talk about your experience with the challenges.

    Ask any questions below.[/spoiler][/spoiler]
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    Victory Ore Defeat
    You may only use items made of ores, no special items from chests, special armors, ect.
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    Wow that's a great one! Thanks for the input i'll add it in with credit to you :dryadsmile:
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  4. MiltVala

    MiltVala Plantera

    This is my weapon, there are many like it, but this one is mine
    You may only use one weapon (rarity of red max) throughout the play through
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    Hmm I also like that one Milt but would you be able to upgrade the weapon after certain milestones?


    Starting weapon - Whatever you pick

    Kill the EOC - New weapon of your choice

    Kill the EOW - New weapon

    Kill skeletron - New weapon

    So on and so forth
  6. Elk

    Elk Terrarian

    100 health challenge
    Im sure thats pretty self explanatory, but no health upgrades

    Purification challenge
    Cleanse the world, remove all corruption, crimson and/or hallow

    Mineless challenge
    This ones a doosey. Don't mine any blocks, you can only get items from enemy drops, chests, and you can cut down trees.
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    Sounds good!
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    I love them! I'll add em now thanks a bunch :)
  9. Roxoz

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    These are quite nice, I saw a nice one myself once:

    Handle your money challenge
    Beating the game with only the coin gun as weapon (You're allowed to get it at the start).
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    Alright i'll add them now thanks! :)
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    Another great one, thanks for your support everyone!
  12. Elk

    Elk Terrarian

    1hp challenge
    Once again, very self explanatory. You'll need some kind of mod for this. Create a hardcore character and set your max health to 1hp
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    Okay i've added them all in, thanks guys!

    Tell me if you notice any spelling or grammar mistakes please :)
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    Well, if memory serves me correct there is no front moon, so this must be a spelling mistake :dryadtongue:
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    Nice list, might give a few of these a try to add some interest to my next new world :D
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    Haha, thanks! I'll change it.

    I hope you enjoy em! :D
  17. MiltVala

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    Here's another one

    Total Tool
    You may only use tools to attack mobs (axe, hammer, pickaxe), no weapons allowed!
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    Ohh I like it :p Thanks :3
  19. Folder

    Folder Skeletron Prime

    Here's one
    The Engineer Challenge
    You are allowed to use only traps and Boulders
  20. Pixel

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    The Drow Elf is a significantly difficult challenge.

    At least for everyone who's name isn't Pixel. :cool: