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tModLoader Terraria: Endgame Content

Hello, I have just made a pretty epic mod called Endgame Content. It is a mod that adds several boss fights, weapons, accessories, enemies, and more!
Basically the purpose of this mod is to add a bunch of endgame content for the sake of either messing around with friends, or adding a ton of collectiblity to the endgame.
Here's a small taste of what is in this mod:

Here's a few of the bosses:



What I have done with the boss fights was took fun fights from earlier in the game (like the mechanical bosses and Plantera) and have made them much harder versions that are fought at slightly pre-Moon Lord or post-Moon Lord. I have also re-added Ocram as an endgame boss, as an all new experience, while still having elements from the old fight from old-gen console.

Here's a small fraction of the weapons in this mod:

The weapons in this mod mostly consist of either Old-Gen Console exclusives, Mobile exclusives, and old original sprites for weapons that have been repurposed to be at the endgame, as mostly new weapons. Of course, not to say that there aren't unique weapons scattered throughout as well. There are also some upgrades to weapons earlier in the game, like the Razorpine and the Megashark to name a few.

Here's what some of the summons look like, too. Why not, right?

Here is a showcase of some of the banners in the mod.

These are some of the banners that can be found in this mod. All of which are from enemies that spawn in various biomes after Moon Lord is defeated.

You've probably been waiting to see EVERYTHING this mod has to offer, as I said a lot of collectibility, and I have referenced the screen shots being "some" or a "small fraction"
Well wait no longer, as here's a list of everything the mod has to offer.
-41 new weapons (13 melee, 12 magic, 9 ranged, 7 summon)
-12 new enemies, all with respective banners
-5 new bosses, all with respective trophies
-11 new materials, for many crafting recipes
-2 new paintings that were made by my good friends, Telemeid and Jah-Amad.
-3 new bombs (Infinite Dynamite, regular, sticky, and bouncy)
-4 new armor sets
-13 new accessories
-1 new tool (pickaxe)
-1 new grappling hook
-Placeable demon/crimson altars
-Placeable plantera bulbs

And yeah, I copied most of this from the mod description.

Like the mod description also says, I will be updating the mod frequently. I am already working on the next big update.

(Right here was formerly a sentence stating I needed spriters for the mod. This is no longer the case.)

Also apologies if this thread looks crappy or unprofessional, as this is my first thread.
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Official Terrarian
where do you download this mod? i don't see the download link. sorry realize that its on tmodloader i was think of texture packs. this looks cool tho! i like how you reused old sprites for new weapons
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