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Terraria State of the Game - June 2020

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I can't play this. The only way i play is with my child. So everytime we turn on the switch it says it cannot do split screen.

I bought terraria because it said it can do local/multiplayer split screen. Yet the software says otherwise.
I bought this in December 2019 and it is now July 2020.

The console is just gathering dust. It can't be played by 2 players at the same time, 2 players that want to play terraria.

Where do I send the developers a notice that I and others intend to take them to court for failing to live up to their promise of making this game work please? Is it the developers I take to court or 505 games?

Anyone else want to get together to get something back for being taken for granted? This carrot on a stick advertising is illegal, and seems to be the way programmers are gaining a fan based, albeit one that thinks there is no recourse through judicial means.

Pm for contact and details.
Jesus get a grip and read all the facts, before you embarrass yourself further


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The newest State of the Game is now available for your reading pleasure!

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