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  1. Omega Derpling

    Omega Derpling Spazmatism

    The first platform I played on was mobile, but I didn't get very far... I only got a full set of platinum before the owner of the phone replaced it!
    I next played Terraria on the 3DS version. I made it much farther this time, tunneled through my world to the point the entire map was filled, found a whole lot of bugs and crashes (which may be the reason I made this account, I don't actually remember), and found every item (except for one, which I'll get to in a sec).

    Eventually, my younger brother told me he had looked on the wiki and had learned of the existence of one final artifact I didn't have... The Rod of Discord. I eventually learned where to get it and built a farm in a small swathe of crimson surrounded by hallow... And began the farming.

    I sat in the crimson for 7 HOURS just grinding chaos elementals... I got 12 rainbow rods and at least 5 banners (the 3DS version still had it where they were a drop chance) and eventually gave up...

    I dejectedly picked up my water candle and cleared out the last few enemies to leave... and I had just pulled out my magic mirror and was about to use it when a chaos elemental teleported right next to me and aggroed my raven... AND DROPPED IT AS MY MAGIC MIRROR WAS STARTING UP!

    I journeyed back down, grabbed the treasure I had sought after for so long, and decided that I would shelve this buggy mess (a very fun buggy mess, mind you) and journey to the PC version... which I now have over a thousand hours on.

    I can't imagine my life without terraria anymore... and I am incredibly grateful for it's existence.
  2. Dune Jumper

    Dune Jumper Terrarian

    I was 15 when the 1.3 trailer was released. I had Terraria on Steam but never played it. I was super excited to finally try it when the update came out. Me, my older brother, and our childhood friend who had recently moved to the other side of the country & bought a gaming laptop decided to try it. They bought us a private server, and it ended up taking about a month to get to the Moon Lord, and even after we reached the endgame we kept playing for months. We even made a new world or two with our characters. Ended up with over 200 hours on my character from that. This is seriously one of the most nostalgic experiences I have--we had so much fun. A few highlights I remember:
    • My really conservative religious brother mentioning Master Bait before my friend and I knew it was an item and being like "what did he just say???"
    • I made one of those boring space towers that is just a giant thin rectangle. I decided to put some sort of roof on it to make it not completely bland, so I put a circular shape that ended up looking like a "head." It was just a giant shaft with a circle on top. While my brother and I were gone, our friend started building the outline of two giant half-circle rooms at the base of the tower. When I got back I was like "dude what are you doing to my tower?" Then I looked at the map. You can probably guess what it looked like. I helped him finish it before my brother got back on. I had the great idea to make the interior of the rooms super fancy with chandeliers, nice furniture, pretty walls, and nice floors. We called it the ball room. Once my brother got back, he was really confused about why we would build these weird additions so suddenly. After far too long he looked at the map, and out of nowhere my friend and I heard the biggest and most disappointed siiiiiiigh ever.
    • I was a melee-yo-yo character with everything that class could possibly have at the endgame, including a Terrarian. Every time we turned PvP on, my friend would end up incoherently swearing because I was literally unstoppable lol
    • Our friend decided to rush ahead without us and kill the Lunatic Cultist even though we didn't want to yet. Karma ended up spawning a pillar on top of his castle.
    • Every time we moved onto a new world, we just used explosive weapons to blow up all our buildings
    Some screenshots of our world(s)

    DEADLION Terrarian

    Я впервые увидел эту игру на xbox 360 в демо версии и решил запустить, игра мне понравилась уже было наиграно около 20 минут, но проходить только обучение мне не понравилось, хотелось больше действий и возможностей, тогда я пошел и скачал террарию на ПК тогда я уже сыграл свыше 5 часов, и так играл по часу или два каждый день строил дома убивал боссов и так далее, не обращайте внимания что этой игры нету у меня в steam я ее люблю но скачал я всё-таки пиратскую версию, извините)))~:D
    Мне кстати понравился кримзон тем мозгом Ктулху я его в хардмоде проходил часа 4 ( я имею ввиду если сложить время всех моих боев с этим боссом )
    Вот такая кратенькая история);):sigh:
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  4. Ezel

    Ezel Brain of Cthulhu

    I've known Terraria pretty much since its release, as I've known about Super Mario Bros. X which was Redigit's other project before he moved on to Terraria. At first I wasn't very interested with it, as it was still fairly early in development. I started playing it for real when 1.2.4 came out, both in Singleplayer mode and Multiplayer with a few friends. My experience was pretty much similar to a lot of people - trying to break wood with an axe like I was doing in Minecraft, dying by staying on Meteorite and getting destroyed by bosses over and over. It was an interesting experience and I've completed the game a few times...

    Suddenly, 1.3 has been released and the game absolutely exploded. The hype was real! I launched the game again and started another run in 1.3, experiencing new features and Expert Mode as well. It was quite the challenge, I died a lot in my first playthrough. The Lunar Events and Moon Lord were pretty challenging for me, but eventually I beat them after several attempts. A friend asked me if I could play with him too, so he could experience the new features with me. We beat the game after a week or two, and I remember that back then we could cheese the Moon Lord because he wasn't teleporting to other players after someone dies. Haha, the memories!

    I've done many playthroughs, different classes, various Multiplayer servers and other challenges. I eventually got burnt out and took a break from the game, however I returned to it quickly when I found out about mods somewhere in early 2017. I played through some popular mods (Calamity mostly, Thorium later, etc.) and they felt like a fresh start. They also were challenging and offered a lot of new features.

    Nowadays I mostly play modded Terraria, but I occasionally also try vanilla if something new comes out or when a friend asks me to introduce them to the game. I just never get bored of this game. Sure, I take breaks as everyone needs, but when I come back to it, I have a lot of fun again. It's amazing how I've been playing for real since around 2014 and I still enjoy this game.

    REDGANS Terrarian

    I remember back in 2012 when I first got the game after seeing my friends play it. By that time my family had financial problems and my birthday was coming up I never expected a gift or anything because money was tight we had just recently moved. My father would always be stressed and so would be my mother when the bills ever came up. When my birthday came up my father got me a computer. The computer wasn't all that great but it was something. I had no games in the computer but my father let me one game of from steam. I was happy so the first game I got was terraria because my friends played it and It looked fun. I had many memories with the game always coming from school to hop on terraria. I've never stuck with games for long periods of time but terraria was one of them I was just invested in the game. One day that I always remember was when my parents sold my computer because they needed money for rent I tried to reason with them but they just said we need the money and that I'm just a kid with 12 years of age, so I wouldn't understand the problems they had. So In about a week my parents sold my computer on May 10th 2013. I was mad and also said but I never hated them because I got a laptop on my birthday in 2014 when I turned 14 years old and got terraria as the first game in the laptop. Fast forward in 2019 I now own the game in many different devices like on my Pc, My old Ps3 sitting in the closet, on My phone, and on my Ps4. I played this game for almost my entire childhood and never quit playing.
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  6. Zach_

    Zach_ The Destroyer

    The year is 2013, I just downloaded this cool game called 'Terraria' on my mobile device. I find this weird looking structure towards one end of the world, with an old man outside it. He tells me something along the lines of "You can't enter". I, seeing that the door is unlocked, go into it and end up getting instagibbed by a flying skeleton skull, along with getting a minor heart attack.
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  7. Xerinc

    Xerinc Terrarian

    I first started playing Terraria after seeing the minecraft text on the menu say "Also try Terraria" or something like that and for some reason... that just made my brother click and he got our mother to buy it. We played on the xbox 360 version and at the time hallowed armour was the strongest armour and there was no plantera. My brother slowly but surely got us connected to terraria and we played it daily, we our first world we spawned right next to the snow biome and the corruption biome which at the time we called the "Evil Biome" because it was purple and the eater of souls, large eaters and small eaters, were more powerful than any other enemy we encountered at the time. we eventually found a suspicious looking eye and with our gold armour and weapons we fought the Eye of Cthulu for the first time ever, we died multiple times to the first fight but due to at the time you could respawn intantly, the EoC never despawned and we killed it, the adrenaline of the fight, the satisfying ending of the fight, we knew at that point that we will love this game for years. We eventually accidentally spawned the Eater of Worlds and after being killed by the boss because we were not prepared for a gigantic worm outta nowhere, we then immediatly went out to go kill it and did, we made the demonite pickaxe and went down to hell which we found earlier and were suprised at how strong the enemies were, we thought that was the last biome of terraria. I was exploring around in hell one day when I then killed a Voodoo Demon directly over lava, We saw the text "Wall of Flesh has spawned" and i quickly use the magic mirror and retreated, We thought skeletron was the last boss in the game, who on earth was Wall of Flesh? for the next week we focused on killing Skeletron and were so proud of ourselves for killing him. our next goal now was to figure out who Wall of Flesh is, we eventually summoned him again and just thought it was gonna be very similar to EoC and Skeletron, just flying around us, but he wasn't we died in lava and were shocked to see the amount of tentacles this boss appeared to have. We then set ourselves the new task of building a platform from one side to the other in hell. We died countless times then to the WoF due to the boss not spawning in the direction you want him to spawn in, and eventually after 1-2 months of continously fighting him. We both kill him, The adrenaline was killing us, we have never ever felt so accomplished in our lives, We were upset to find that the corruption was now covering our homes. But then, my mother turned the electric off in our room as we were not supposed to be on the xbox 360 at that time, and we lost our progress... We didn't give up though, after another 1 or 2 weeks I eventually killed WoF by myself on our world. This time though, This rainbowy Colourful biome covered our spawn and we loved this biome. We immidiatly went to the corruption biome but were overwhelmed by this enemy named the Corrupter, What was the Corrupter? An extremly powerful enemy that we struggled to kill, and after struggling for a few minutes we destroyed most demon alters in the world. We then saw that these new ores named Cobalt, Mythril and Adamantite are now everywhere and we mined the Cobalt, and then the Mythril, then we discovered that we can make a "Mechanical Worm". We summoned the new boss in the corruption as we thought for a while that the destroyer was a corruption only boss until i accidentally summoned it, and we then defeated it. We eventually found wyverns and crafted wings, and because me and my brother had our own games irl where i was the main villain and he was a sidekick of the hero that was also me, I got demon wings and my brother got Angel wings. We then absolutely decimated The Twins with megashark, not even a challenge to us. But sadly, after i get full adamantite armour. Our world got a bug which mad eit so every single block and space in the world turned to dirt... and we lost everything, but at this point, we were addicted to this game, we bingewatched Yrmir and other great channels like ChippysGaming and TerrariaHelp/Edward and we just made a new world and got back to where we were easily. It would be another year before we kill Skeletron Prime as he was... Difficult. We never got to get Ocram as we got an Xbox One. But we after a week of playing only xbox one we got back to the xbox 360 and found out that 2 new bosses were added... Plantera and Golem... We got full Chlorophyte armor and not quite 500hp yet. We killed plantera and then went to dungeon again as we now got the crimson key since the new biome Crimson was added aswell... I got the vampire knives and... We killed golem on first try... Me and my brother have a deep connection with terraria... and like minecraft, terraria kept us together, kept us going and to this day i still play terraria, and although not as much anymore as I am all burned out of terraria... I still love the game and the community. Terraria just our lives.
  8. It started in 2012.

    My dad got this game, and he said it was 2d minecraft. Now, I'm more of a creative mode guy on minecraft, so I was a little disappointed when there was no such thing as creative mode.

    However, I was addicted the moment I saw the Eye of Cthulhu.

    I remember trying so hard to find out what mana was. At first I thought it was bragging rights, then I thought it was something that was never fully implemented in the game. I then thought It was related to meteors. I was right, just didn't know about the space gun.

    Anyway, we never got past the WoF and I kinda forgot about terraria for a couple of years.

    Recently I found it on my computer and got hooked on it again. and thats how I started terraria.
  9. wolfplaysgames24

    wolfplaysgames24 Terrarian

    I was at my aunts house. I was at the point of beating the wall of flesh for the first time. Finally I beat him after a hour and finally started hardmode, but nowadays beating the wall of flesh is easier now that I have a refined strategy but that first time felt great!
  10. Kexel

    Kexel Terrarian

    I first heard about Terraria shortly after its initial release. I looked at it and thought "this sounds like a 2D Minecraft", which I was obsessed with at the time. I gave it some thought and bought the game. Immediately I loved it and was glad to see it was so much more than my initial thought of Minecraft copy. It was so amazing! Fighting, building, mining. There was always something new to do, discover, and experience. I still remember my first Eye of Cthulhu fight. I was able to kill him after several tries. Eater of Worlds seemed absolutely impossible at the time. I tried so many tactics and strategies to kill him. It became a blur. But it was so worthwhile in the end. Blood moons and goblin invasions, wandering into the dungeon before killing Skeletron. So many things that make it such a joy to progress through. I've played through the game with a fresh character after each update that took place. I've played every "class" and used all types of weapons and armor combinations. Mods and Vanilla playthroughs. Expert Mode was one of the best additions to this game, adding a layer of difficulty and exclusivity to being skilled, and patient, enough to get the Expert Mode only items. It was amazing. I spent hours getting the last few fishing achievements. Even with all this, I feel like I discover a new item or block every time I play. I have spent probably days on the wiki reading different builds, item trivia, and farms. I love finding ways to automate farming of any kind, and its so easy to do with a little effort. I have over 1000 hours into the game now and will definitely be adding to that still. Terraria is my go-to. If I have nothing else to play I can always start up Terraria and have a great time even if I just finished a playthrough. It may seem odd to say, but Terraria has been an important part of my life during these 8 years. Whenever I was sad or upset, I could hop on and mine or build the night away. If I was mad, I could run some invasions and boss runs to take my mind off of things. When I was happy, I could test out new things - both wacky and weird - to see what I can find that someone else may not already know. Terraria has kept me going through some dark times... Thank you all for the time and energy you have put into this game. I am excited to see what comes next with this and future projects.
    With love;
  11. FrozenFireNinja

    FrozenFireNinja Terrarian

    I was really young, and my brother and I saw our cousin playing it on the computer, we watched him for a really long time and then, we bought it when we got home. That's how I found the game.
    I remember I repeatedly got into hardmode and quit at the mechanical bosses because they were too hard for me. And I remember playing with my brother alot. I hadn't played the game in years until just recently, and now my brother and I are both playing Terraria modded together, alone (we are sitting next to eachother and playing different worlds.)
    I remember that the game said we played 2k+ hours when we hadn't played even near that long, I remember that we joined our world once and someone had somehow gotten into the world and placed some letters (idk who or why). I remember I used to place snow blocks to stop the corruption and not get close to digging deep enough to stop it.
    I really wish I could remember more about playing it when I was younger, but I don't :/.
    Also, Twins are the hardest boss. Fight me.
  12. ZEkA10000

    ZEkA10000 Skeletron Prime

    In 2014 I tried to find game width sandbox mechanics like on Minecraft and in one site I found Terraria and this game interested me with pixelated graphics, 2d world and battles.
    My adventure started from version 1.1.2 and without help from wiki and forum I can made shadow armor. And I think "It's the end of game?". But I make mistake, on Wiki I known that you can go into hard mode with killing Wall of Flesh. And it's was hard for me, because I don't know strategy on that moment. And I start to collect explosives like in some traps. And it's help me with damage about 30-40% of his health.
    I was shocked when I can defeat Wall of Flesh but I have problems with craftings Holy Armor because mechanic bosses was very strong.
    In 1.2.4 updates I was surprised with diagonal moving. And l was no problem to walk on my brick ladder.
    It was nicely for me, new bosses, new armours and new mechanic.
    With it I loved Terraria more than Minecraft because Terraria have so much content and work without laggs.
    When my friend make me gift in Steam with Terraria I started to play with friends in online.
    We played so long and in Expert mode when I was showed like a noob.
    Now I still love Terraria because it was in my childhood and I can say Thank You for good game for us.
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  13. danisavi900

    danisavi900 Terrarian

    Hi! I started to play Terraria I can't remember))) But you know what then I was hooked: pixel graphics, the variety of blocks for building , a variety of mobs and bosses , various weapons , armor and accessories. Started playing it about 5 years ago. And recently I bought a PC and bought a Terrarium on steam and now play with mods. I wish you success in project development.
  14. Books N' Swords

    Books N' Swords Terrarian

    This is my story, a story about reading the wiki, and a story about waiting.

    I first discovered Terraria back when I was playing a certain fangame(that got shut down).

    Back then I was just focused in playing the fangame, but after a year, I started to look into Terraria more and I got really interested in it. I read the wiki so much that I've basically spoiled myself with tons of information. All that while waiting to have the ability to buy the game on steam.

    It took years for me to just wait and finally be given permission to buy the game. And when I finally was allowed to buy it, I signed up on Steam and went directly on buying the game. It was very satisfying to have finally bought it. And I decided to play the game slow. And I played by using my wiki knowledge in full-force, and decided that i will get molten armor without even breaking a single shadow orb. Pretty fun that I have not used any heart crystals as well. It gives me this "Dark Souls" feel when fighting where all your decisions have a certain weight to them. It made me not just creative in making a simple build, but also creative on the aspect of survival.

    It's pretty neat that I like Red's games. They inspired me so much.
  15. Burst

    Burst Golem

    It began back in 2012, when the former friend of my mother searched for something related to Minecraft and eventually found, which was Terraria. Two of my brothers began Terraria earlier than me and I kinda began playing when I watched them playing this game. It looked fun, so I just...yeah, started it, too. I remember being a weakling, when I accidently broke a Shadow Orb and got a meteor, but also a goblin army. I used the character of my brother to fight them. Then, I kinda took a break from Terraria and then eventually, a year later, got back to it. That is when 1.1 was already released and 1.2 was just around the corner. I defeated the Wall of Flesh, entered hardmode, half of my world when corruption and I was like "how do I stop it?!". Eventually, I just gave up.

    What I really wanted to achieve was to defeat the Twins, but I always lost. That is when that nerf kicked in in 1.2, when I was finally able to take them down. I felt so satisfied when I took them down. A long fought enemy finally defeated. That motivated me to go after the Destroyer, which I managed to beat too. Skeletron Prime took some tries, but eventually worked out too. I remember fighting Golem before Plantera when that was still possible, hehe. And finally, thanks to a friend on a server, I managed to take down Plantera. After getting some strong equipment, I was able to take on her alone. Everyone starts weak, I guess?

    2015 was when I found the modding community, but that's a other story, we're staying at the normal game. 2016 was when 1.3 came out and I remember being excited and exploring everything and eventually taking down the Moon Lord. After 4 years, I managed to beat the game and I was hit with some serious satisfaction. That is when I ultimately got hooked on Terraria - and welp, I still play it. After 7 years. It was also 2014 when I joined the forums, as you know. And I'm glad to be here.
    Overall, Terraria has grown from "just a game" to a literal part of my life, I play it almost daily and it has grown to be my all time favorite game. I have over 1000 hours in this game. With that being said, I want to thank all the developers for their hard work they've put in this game.

    Seriously, thank you for everything. I love this game. And I will continue playing it for years to come.
  16. ASG_102

    ASG_102 Skeletron

    ( I typed this on a tablet so expect many mistakes)
    I remember years ago I started watching PaulsoaresJr's videos on Terraria after he got me into Minecraft. The game looked good so I decided to get in in 2012~ when the game was on verison 1.1.2. When I first played I was awful at the game, dying to demon eyes and building terrible wooden boxes as a home. I could never get into hardmode and instead had to use an inventory editor to give myself hardmode items :dryadcry:

    I went on several hardmode servers and we all used to show off our rainbow rods, magic harps and fairy bells. After a while I got the game on PS3 and started to improve a bit, the house I made was somewhat decent, and I was able to kill the Destroyer but still not the other 2 mechanical bosses. When 1.2 was released for ps3 it destroyed my world, (anyone else remember that glitch?) So I had to make a new one and was able to play with a friend to get all the new content and defeat all the bosses.

    I eventually stopped playing the ps3 verison and went back to PC, where I did a 1.2.4 playthrough, and when the 1.3 update was released I tried the new events and was killed by them so many times, so I had to revert to an older save with no pillars and prepare for the events. Afterwards I was able to fully prepare for the events and defeat the Moon Lord for the first time. Afterwards I did an expert mode run but it really was more tedious than fun so I gave up post Golem %-_-

    I did a few mini hardcore playthroughs with some friends and I was always the last one alive. Since then I've done a few more full Normal playthroughs even managing to defeat the Moon Lord without any deaths in the entire playthrough, even though I was still using a softcore character.

    In the future I plan to do a modded playthrough, maybe Calamity or Thorium along with some other minor mods, and when 1.3.6 comes out (hopefully soon) I will definitely do another playthrough to experience all the new content.
  17. PhoenixMaster

    PhoenixMaster Steampunker

    My story sadly begins with piracy. I don't remember how I found out about Terraria but I know that I found a cracked version and started playing a short time after it released. I was ~13 years old at that time.
    It didn't take me long to realize I really like this kind of game and started regretting not spending money on it, however as much as I loved it I did still grow bored and eventually forgot for a few years.
    Around the time 1.2 was announced I happened to have enough money to afford it and pretty threw it right into my steam account. Bought it, played it again, have not regretted it since.
    I am now at 1157 hours played and am patiently awaiting every update to come.
  18. This is a story from very early in my terraria career. I was a complete noob at the time, copper gear and all, I had never looked at the wiki or heard about any of the bosses in terraria. I suddenly got the message "you feel an evil presence watching you". I had no clue what was going on so I just kinda ignore it, a little bit later the eye of cthulhu spawns and I am in my house with no idea how to fight it, so I go down my mine shaft (which was a straight hole directly beneath my house) and I start throwing bombs at it, which I did not know effected blocks. Long story short, the eye completely wrecks me, I have made several large holes in my mine shaft and I now know that bosses can spawn naturally.
  19. Ematio

    Ematio Terrarian

    I remember when I was a kid and I had first seen gameplay of Terraria, I wanted it sooo badly. I believe it was in version 1.0 at the time. The only computers we had were apple computers, and Terraria wasn't compatible with Apple. Still, I bought the game on Steam hoping to play it. When it didn't work, I stupidly tried to pirate the game over to Apple so that I could at least try it. That failed miserably and I couldn't play the game. That was until I got my first PC for Christmas. The second I hooked up that PC I was playing Terraria. That entire Christmas day was spent playing Terraria (And many more days after that.)
  20. Charlimon

    Charlimon Terrarian

    So my best friend at the time showed the game to me on mobile. He had build a little gut in the desert and was facinated by the design of corruption enemys. He talked something of Beck walls and Made me Download it aswell. So i started playing and built a wilden cave in a mountain side. I found a table in the underground and considured myself very luckie. But i couldnt craft anything difrent with it. So i started a new world and then started to understand the game. Note that this was a good year before hardmode was even a thing on mobile and magic boomerangs could go through blooks.
    No i have play eazely more than 500 houres on mobile and 800 on pc. Still love the game.
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