Map-Adventure The Curse of the Guide W.I.P.

So I’m thinking of possibly making an adventure map, maybe puzzle maybe not.
Sorry mobile users but I think I’m going to be doing it on pc so yeah....
It is a huge work in progress and I have no map or images to show I just have an idea to make one
Well with that it may take me probably 2 or 3 months, I mean I don’t really get that much time on pc so yeah, and I don’t want to interrupt some series on mobile I’m doing for YouTube.
But I’ll give updates on the map(like when I get some progress I may or may not add a world link, but I most likely will just add images)
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So umm I haven’t really been working on this map for a while but last weekend I got to doing it, got a little farther, man I don’t know what I would do without TEdit.
I'm gonna be taking a break from this map just because I wanna get into modding, so yeah I'm taking a break don't know how long, but i can say for sure that when summer comes I'll be working on it a lot more than now
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