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PC The Funniest Way to Die in Terraria

So, here is a funny story that happened to me. At this time I just got in hardmode and had an adamantite helmet (melee) and molten armor. I found out that you can get some leafy wings from the Witch Doctor if he is at a jungle at nighttime for 1 platinum coin. I moved him to the jungle and waited for it to be night. However, It was a blood moon so I yolo-ed my way to the forest (I didn't have teleporters cause I was starting hardmode) I didn't die from a single crimson or bloodmoon enemy. I got to the house to buy the wings only to find out that I forgot the platinum coin. 2 seconds later a stronger Maneater (I don't know the name of it) came and killed me and the Witch Doctor. The End.
Moral: Bring the proper amount of money to buy things or DIE!


Brain of Cthulhu
I'm sure I've had some funny death's but I can't think of one right at the moment. Here's a tip though, instead of moving him to the jungle, bring the jungle to your town. That might at first sound like a terrible idea, but it actually isn't because a group of NPCs will prevent regular biome enemies spawning.

Oh wait, I've got one. How about falling into lava more or less immediately after finding a Lava Charm... but not putting it on. I did that a couple weeks ago. :(


Falling onto the dungeon through a living tree and getting killed by a dungeon guardian. Didn't happen to me, but was pretty close for that to happen. Would have been funny though.


I was playing with some friends and i enables PVP and began to taunt them with the confetti things and my bud just got irritated and popped into PVP as well and shot me in the face with the Tactical Shotgun and killed me in like 1 hit :|


Duke Fishron
Here's another thing that works for me: bring a piggy back and put it in the witch doctor's house. Then you can just pick up your coin once you get there because of how piggybanks are linked.

But yeah, funny story lol


I was playing with a friend and we were fighting duke fishron. When he died the death message that showed up was "TimBuz's entrails were ripped out by a detonating bubble". :joy:


Sticking your head in a fishbowl and drowning in it. Such a majestic way to go out, I hope it's the way I do.
That happened to my friend in our playthrough together.
"Gray! Gray, I'm drowning!"
eodsnow2 ran out of air
"Oh wait, it's the fishbowl. I had it in my helmet slot."


Here's a funny death that I had once while traveling through the corruption when I was terribly under-geared. At first everything seemed to be going well, but then an Eater knocked me into a chasm and it looked like I was going to fall to my death. But wait, there's water at the bottom to break my fall! Except the water is too deep and now I'm going to drown. But Wait! There's a water chest down at the bottom! Except inside the chest was a :red:ing beach ball... BUT WAIT! There's bombs in this chest as well! I can use them to reach a shadow orb and get a musket before I drown!

In the end I still drowned, but I also respawned with a cool new gun.


Skeletron Prime
Some of my worst deaths include looking in a water chest not knowing I was drowning (hardcore), and getting killed by Plantera when it had just 19 HP left. (mediumcore)
But one time I was fighting Duke Fishron, and both me and fishron died. (softcore)
And there was a time I fell in lava. I managed to get out before it was too late, but I end up stepping on an explosive trap. I don't get killed by it, but I was knocked down to under 10 HP, and the "On Fire!" status took that to zero. (mediumcore)
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Dungeon Spirit
I must tell this story:
Alright so when 1.2.4 hit and the hypercart glitch was a thing still a thing I was learning how to do the glitch. I finally did it and went flying. I went "omfg" right as I landed and died. It was a hilariously timed accident and was the best thing that had happened.
Me and my friend were fighting prime. So he landed on the floor and died from a bomb his death message was.(im not saying his name) player was chopped up by a bomb

Mille Marteaux

The Destroyer
We set up an orbital boulder cannon once. My idea, of course. Tried using it on Ice Golems, forgot to get to my hidey hole when it was fired.

"MOULDER THE BOULDER was removed from BOULDER LAND by Boulder."

Much later on, we just set up an asphalt runway to our dungeon instead of a teleporter like sensible people, and to test it out we held a boulder chase. My idea, of course. It was at night, so mobs were spawning. My friend got past them just fine due to having knockback immunity, but I wasn't so lucky.

"MOULDER THE BOULDER was removed from BOULDER LAND by Boulder."

Honorable mention goes out to "MR. FUNK forgot how to breathe." which lead to a ban for "hacking." Best death ever.
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