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The Last Post Wins!

*Colin has joined*


Stardust Pillar
I was just writing down an idea I was considering for something
and I check the page of the move I'm very loosely referencing for it
and of course, it can also do that thing I was going to kinda do
guess I get to figure out how to be unique again :/


Stardust Pillar
Where does your name come from?
Mine or Evi's?
If you mean my username: Literally just my first name and nothing else
If you mean Evi's name: comes from evil because she's a more evil version of me/Esther(OC)

how the hell did I get here

(Specifically the top path)


Eater of Worlds
Ðere's a game based on what you're doing now. Two people go to ðe same random Wikipedia page and race to get to a specific page usiŋ only links present in ðe pages.
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