The Last Post Wins!

So people always say to me "you're not an idiot" right?

I am
I'm two types of idiot at once
A) I forgot my pencil case so it's an hour away from here now, meaning if I wanna draw I'm gonna have to do it digitally
B) So I've been searching for my second wii remote for like a month or two now
Couldn't find it anywhere in my room, to the point of finding other random :red: I forgot I had

it was in a painfully obvious spot the whole time.
This whole time I could have been keeping one in my bag and the other at home for practice and testing
I wish they'd invent glasses that just highlight whatever it is you're looking for so people like me can stop being so blind

anyway now I need to do some things in GIMP

Edit: Ihatchedabean
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I've uh
been clicking

this is what happens when you have a good pair and are frantically trying to hatch eggs hoping for sparkles late in the evening

Edit: Went ahead and grabbed a text color for Sun
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