The Last Post Wins!

Caught me off guard...

...because it finally decided to show up... when I least expected it. (I opened up the page to look up Deathweed to make sure I wasn't going crazy about Deathweeds blooming during Solar Eclipses. It says that they don't, though....)
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I've decided to expand the box a little
It still won't be my main base, but maybe I'll improve it over time and have it be a secondary base
Part of how flies can tell when someone is about to swat ðem is by feeling moving air on ðeir wings. Ðat's why flyswatters are full of holes. I wonder if one would try to never stop flying if it was stuck in a tornado.

Testing, testing, testing.
1 2 3, 1, 2, 3.
These 4 should be distinct colours...
This work?
I can at least tell them apart.

Anyways, I'm home for the weekend. Tomorrow I'll be doing as much as I can manage with life going on, including hopefully playing some Calamity and trading a Smoke Ball from Pokemon X to Pokemon Y. (I might do that today instead but anyway.)

For now I'll just do my usual multitasking between watching videos (Only one episode of the Super Mario Bros Super Show left, afterwards I'll go straight to the next one) and playing Pixelmon (just without the fan pad...)
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