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Official Terrarian
what kind of class is it, pixel art or art? It think blender would be a better program
It’s just for research. We had to do a drawing, poem, essay, just whatever you wanted to do. The person we are doing is Henrietta Swan Leavitt, and she studied/her big discovery was pulsating stars. (Their brightness changes.) I asked because I thought something looked off, but I couldn’t tell what.

Animus Viral

After catching 2 fish, Fred comes home with 2 packages, a big fish and a small fish, which you and someone else will eat, you're getting first pick, he then says about them both:
"now when I approached this one, it didn't attack at all, it was actually not hard to catch"
"This one was massive, it attacked with shields, teeth and huge fins"
Now fred gives you first pick so to be safe at what fred will unleash by opening the packages, which will you choose?
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