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Definitely A Epic Sylveon

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I like
bcs I’m on the other side of the earth from all my friends
I can’t talk to them unless I stay up until like 1am
or wake up at 6am

and idk wether to sacrifice sleep for talking to people
or get good sleep and just barely talk to anyone
Get good sleep, it's great getting to talk to you but you shouldn't sacrifice your own wellbeing to talk to us,


Stardust Pillar
At least I brought the big floof cat plush along
Along with my squishies and a few mario kart coins, and one Shaymin coin

Definitely A Epic Sylveon

Official Terrarian
Alright, so currently in my Pokemon Brilliant Dimond run I am at snowpoint city ready to fight Jupiter and then Candice, my team is Crobat, Turtwig's final evolution, Luxray, Houndoom, and Gardivor, I also have wooper but only because its adorable,

My mom only needs to see Palkia to complete the pokedex and she hasn't finished the elite 4 (she got to Cynthia and beat all the pokemon except Garchomp who swept my mom's team)


Official Terrarian
rhythm g-game attempt #2
Good luck
Also hai

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