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    Play as Link and fight your way through nine dungeons. Bring peace back to the land of Hyrule and save the princess Zelda!
    04/07/19 - A Link to Terraria 4.0 has been released! Version 4.0 contains new mechanics, new secrets and a fresh coat of paint across the entire adventure.
    • A fresh coat of paint. Three quarters of the map has seen a visual update with different materials, paint and more sloped blocks added.
    • The Seven Medallions(Souls of Might) have been replaced with The Sacred Jewels(Large Gems). New secrets are opened up by using the various Large Gems.
    • Because the large gems drop when killed, various piggy banks have been placed around Hyrule to safely store your Large Gems.
    • The starting dungeon has been updated with new mechanics.
    • The Seven Sages each have their own unique style of robes and hats.
    • Mundus Village has been redesigned and the Mayor's Vault now contains even more loot.
    • Hyrule Castle has been expanded. Introducing the Wizard's Tower, Library, and drawbridge with the Royal Forge getting an upgrade.
    • The Town Well has been revamped with new mechanics.
    • The Sky Temple has a new beginning section.
    • The Earth Temple has a new entrance, making the trek in and out much faster.
    • The Elder's Temple has a new Test of Wisdom, replacing the boring maze section.
    • Ganondorf's Ship has landed on the map, shattering the Glass Maze it replaced into sand. Ganondorf's Ship is anchored in the new desert, just east of the mountain.
    • King Slime has a new arena.
    • The Water Temple also has a new entrance and a new beginning section was added. Thanks to Vessyl for pointing out how easy it was to sequence break the Water Temple.
    • A large part of the Underground Jungle has been taken over with an Underground Mushroom biome lighting the way for you and giving you a reprieve from jungle enemies.
    • The Fire Temple has various improvements and balancing tweaks, making some sections harder.
    • Ganondorf's Lair has a new entrance.
    • The section to get the Temple Key has been reworked.
    • More secrets including more magic weapons for all the mages out there.
    • Added a secret quest to use biome keys that starts in the Wizard's Tower. Much like a classice Zelda trading quest, search Hyrule Castle between dungeons for biome keys that will unlock a friend in Ganondorf's Lair.
    • Star World 2 is now replayable thanks to a tip from TheWorfer27. Thanks man!
    • Thanks to Terrarian Legends for helping me troubleshoot falling trees in Mundus Village!
    • Thanks to the folks to helped beta test version 4.0, your feedback is incredibly helpful. A HUGE thanks to TheWorfer27, Terrarian Legends, Vessyl & Izzy!
    • 4.0.1 - Fixed a typo on a sign in the Elder's Temple referencing the wrong sword. Thanks to booklover666 for pointing it out!
    • 4.0.2 - Fixed a typo on a sign in the Fire Temple referencing the wrong key. Thanks to CatNinja for letting me know!
    The Elder's Temple

    The Town Well

    The Earth Temple

    The Elder's Temple 2

    The Water Dungeon

    The Fire Dungeon

    • Throw away your starting items.
    • You can only buy ammo, throwable items like shurikens and potions from the vendors.
    • Single-player should grab the chest from the bottom center when 4 chests are in a triangle.
    • If there are two or more signs next to each other, always read left to right.
    • You also can't take the clothes off of the mannequins.
    • Explosives may only be used in Gannondorf's Lair.
    • No breaking blocks, except in Gannondorf's Lair with the explosives given, but you will need to place blocks to proceed after defeating the Eye of Cthulhu.
    • The full rule-set is explained in-game.
    • Up to 4 players can coop through the adventure!
    • There are dyes in the first golden room with your Hero's Outfit, so all the Links can be different colored!
    • The rules are the same as the single player rules.
    09/13/15 3.0 UPDATE! - A Link to Terraria 3.0 has been released! Version 3.0 brings updates to a lot of dungeons, and smooths out the item rewards for a bit more challenge, plus the following:
    • Every dungeon has been reworked to some degree. From the Earth Temple's complete overhaul to the opening dungeons new mechanics.
    • All mazes have been completely changed in all dungeons. Plus, new maze puzzles included!
    • New mini-dungeon post Eater of Worlds.
    • Exciting new escape area, no longer will you be relying on Gravity Potions!
    • Fixed King Slime not properly spawning in his designated area!
    • Even more complex wiring mechanics!
    02/16/15 2.0 UPDATE! - A Link to Terraria 2.0 has been released! Version 2.0 brings a bunch of updates thanks to Terraria 1.2, like more complex wiring! More secrets thanks to teleport pads! Plus, did I mention more secrets? Some dungeons were completely revamped, while all the dungeons got a nice facelift with colored glass, paintings and other random useless background stuff! Plus, there's even more bosses! Fight minibosses like the King Slime and the Queen Bee! And I've also thrown in the Brain of Cthulhu!

    Version 2.0 Released!
    • Added more secrets thanks to awesome new mechanics from 1.2 like teleport pads and all the inactive and active blocks!
    • Added more magic! See if you can find all the magic weapons in the secrets!
    • Balanced some areas, including dungeons, and completely reworked some of the dungeons! While all dungeons got a face-lift!
    • Did I mention more secrets!
    Special thanks tothe beta testers Vessyl and TheWorfer27!

    My other maps:
    Revenge! - An epic adventure map.
    Escape! - The Necro Knight's Castle
    Adventure! - An Adventure Map Inspired by Zelda.
    Maze World - A puzzle map of just mazes.
    Maze World 2 - More mazes!
    Floating Fortress - A fortress to call home.

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    this looks cool
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  3. ahamling27

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    I've updated my adventure map! A Link to Terraria 2.0 has been released! :)

    Let me know if there is any problems at all! I'll get a fix up ASAP!
  4. Drok

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    This looks awesome although im not a big adventure map guy. Maybe this will get me started?
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  5. ppowersteef

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    does that mean it's now 1.2? AWESOME

    you should change the title ASAP
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  6. melzaru

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    I tried this long time ago. I guess it's time to redo it now that 2.0 it's out.
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    I've reported the post, hopefully a moderator will change it soon. :)
    You won't be disappointed! Promise! Just follow the rules though. :p
  8. ppowersteef

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    You wouldn't mind that i'll make a playthrough of it, right?
    I'll give credits
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    Of course not! Go for it!
  10. [Torn]Skippito

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    This afternoon did an almost-full play-through with my buddy. We are currently at the Fire Temple Entrance.

    First off, really nice job! A lot of work has clearly gone into this map. Secrets in lots of places. I love the NPC naming, and all the backtracking for secrets :)

    I have found a few issues. --MINOR SPOILERS BELOW--

    1. When going through the Water temple, By quickly flipping the second correct switch for the three "Triforce Switches" repeatedly (Accidental, maybe 2-3 times?) The dungeon broke. We went to the hall where the swords where supposed to go inactive, and one of them wasn't. We proceeded to flip every switch in the room once (to make sure we covered every switch) with no change. We ended up going to the top of the sword, and using the Ivy Whip to spam through the 2-block-tall area and glitch our way past.

    2. The optional cordoned-off chest in the water temple (just before the end of it) can be accessed by grappling to the roof of the floor beneath it, negating the need to do the extra bit of puzzle/brute force. (On a non-bug note, at this point in the game the dart traps only do ~15 damage, while you have ~430 health, making there be no reason not to just flip every switch.)

    3. The Fire temple can be completely skipped. By using the spectre boots found in a secret area, along with any grappling hook and a cloud in a bottle, you can grapple the spike wall, double jump before reaching it, and then fly some more. You will mess up occasionally, but there is nothing stopping you from flying over the entire dungeon. I did this and grabbed the armor in advance, and plan to go through the dungeon legitimately. I'm not sure you should remove this, in the spirit of all the Zelda sequence breaks :)

    4. The first time we summoned King Slime he did not spawn in the giant room, but the one below it. We had to restart the server.

    5. The Water pumps in the Water temple didn't work well, had to force the water to settle a lot before getting any progress, got bored and proceed to simply fly around the spikes.

    6. Completed the Ivy Whip Required bonus without an ivy whip. The Dual Hook is sufficient, just be prepared to take a lot of damage and have to wait it out.

    7. The Eye of Cthulhu fight was the only Difficult Boss fight thus far. Everything else has been creamed. You might consider making the arenas less favorable to the player. ;)

    8. In the temple of the Elders, we never found the lever, and had to use the secret one to progress. Is it supposed to be in a chest somewhere?

    9. Not an issue, but Raincoat Link is awesome. You can get one off of a zombie, but one in a chest somewhere would be really cool!

    That is all for now, one again, amazing work! I plan to finish the map tomorrow afternoon.

    Quick Edit: Oh, your rules are a bit unclear. What is a "block"? Do Cobwebs count? Plants? Mushrooms? I crafted some fishing rods at one point using the demonite and the blacksmith. Also, as a request, add bottles and mugs! How are we supposed to save the world without any ale to celebrate? ;)
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    1. I've look at this in TEdit and everything looks fine. Did you flip all 9 switches? There are 3 sets of 3 switches and it sounds like you didn't see the one up above. And which specific sword didn't switch over?

    2. Fixed and will be uploaded soon!

    3. There isn't much I can do about this but that's the reason there's some big shields made of spikes to make it really hard to get over. We'll see how I can make this a non-issue in the next fix!

    4. The King Slime situation is as good as I could get it. It may just take two tries to get him to summon correctly. He's probably the hardest boss to summon cause you never know where he'll actually summon at and usually doesn't summon in the same area. :/

    5. The water physics are just not reliable 100% in multiplayer. In single player, the water tends to lag, but not too bad and it's just takes patience to wait for it to catch up sometimes. In MP though, it can just straight up stop moving and there isn't a ton I can do about that other than NOT including a water temple or completely revamping the temple to not use water to progress, but that's not very Zelda-like. :)

    6. Good for you!

    7. I'll take that into consideration, but difficulty balancing is almost impossible in adventure maps. Unless you go the modded way, which I tend to stick with vanilla Terraria. It may be easy for you, but to someone else playing single player, it can be impossible to them. But thanks for the feedback!

    8. The lever you were supposed to get was in the Earth Temple at the end. It's in the center bottom chest and if you read the rules you know at least 1 of you has to always get their loot from the bottom middle chest. ;)

    9. Again, I'll consider it! Thanks!

    10. A "block" is something that has to be broken with a pickaxe. Cobwebs are unavoidable to miss, so gather them all if you wish! Just don't break blocks with a pick. And I'll see about bottles and mugs. :p
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  13. ppowersteef

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    lol, you've spelled "Ganondorf" with two 'n' everywhere. :p
    also some of the signs needs updating, you forgot by some signs to save the text, and it seems that the the signs aren't changed to some graphical things (like in the fire temple that you've a crimson key, but a sign says a golden key)

    I was confused at the end, that it says the temple key was in the lower section, while it was at the rightmost part. so i fell in the lava right under Golems arena

    also, i believe the map was easier than the 1.1 one, but i can't really see in what way. i really love the new design over the whole map.
    Anyway, i've finished my playthrough and i've recorded it too.
    Here's the playlist, for those who want to see, remember that i WILL find secrets in it:
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  14. [Torn]Skippito

    [Torn]Skippito Terrarian

    Thanks for your responses! I have really enjoyed playing through this so far.

    As for #1, yes, we flipped all nine switches. It may have just been a server glitch.

    @#7 response, Yep, I understand. I can't really see an easy way to balance it either.

    Another request would be to add a tinkerer's workshop somewhere. I know you have some upgraded accessories hidden around, but there is a upgrade system in skyward sword. If you don't want to, that is completely reasonable. :)
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  15. melzaru

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    Everything that I had problems at has already been said.
    But seriously, the difficulty lowers from the beggining. I defeated Duke Fishron in another world with that player and preWoF (not preHM, I mean the equipment I got before reaching WoF). All of the warding stuff makes you inmune to mosts enemies and hazards, and Razorblade/Staff of Earth are REALLY OP for such a playtrough.
    I played this solo and followin the rules. You should include in them that once you get an upgraded item, you have to throw away it's materials. Otherwise, having cloud in a bottle + cloud in a ballon (and/or white horseshoe on a ballon) can let you skip many parts of the map.

    Anyways, I'd suggest you to do part 2, as the gameplay in overall was great. Maybe you could take it from the point where HM is activated.
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  16. 6359_

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    I'll test this with a friend later, seems nice!
  17. Wrulfy

    Wrulfy Terrarian

    Is the staff of earth supposed to be accesible so early? I think I only needed the cloud in a bottle to reach it. And is pretty overpowered so early. But is fun to use.

    I think getting and using the 2 fishing poles from demonite/crimtane is okay. after all link has been out of his adventure to go fishing. I don't know if there is any exploit there aside from getting the frog legs and crossing the moutain earlier.
    after all, you can still get bait though buying the bug net, which is a really zelda item, and get worms and snails from dungeon. the earth temple has quite a lot of worms.

    I got the traveling merchan on the first morning. I really hate I had nowhere to craft silk from cobwebs and make some money for food or the sitting duck pole...
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  18. Piggie

    Piggie Terrarian

    Soooo,with 240 health after beating the sky temple,you can go to water temple,hug right and get a Horseshoe ballon,and i think you can simply go to the boss of water temple this way,but not sure.
  19. Daroo

    Daroo Terrarian

    I finished map in less than 4 hours and had a lot of fun. WOF was bugged 2 times(he didn't has eyes and face only wall of meat) In my opinion map should be a little bit harder. 0 Deaths except wall of flesh bugs.
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  20. ahamling27

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    Just cause you can break the map, doesn't mean you have to. I've done a lot to not force people one way or the other with the major exception being the dungeon progression. But that doesn't mean you can't break it if you want to. But I'll see what I can do in an update, thanks!