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Musical Section
(First Musical Entry?)

It's a remix of the Moon Lord theme, made to sound more sad and desperate.
I do hope I didn't stray to far from the theme, it's surely in there, but I'm not so sure about "clearly distinguishable".
And OMG Terraria songs are hard to remix, they're REALLY complicated.

EDIT: First time I've ever released any music, I've had practice in making it, but never actually spent a lot of time doing things like this, really proud of myself.
Good Luck to everyone else!
Based on a story of when a crawltipede followed my friend and I home and killed the guide.
There is a tune to this, but you can't really write down tunes.

We're gonna save our NPCs,
Oh crap, a giant centipede,

Don't fly or he will see,
That is the giant centipede,

He lives by his pillar,
The pillar of the sun,

You tried to shoot him with your gun,
but you couldn't hit his bum!
In 1.2, when I discovered Rainbow dye, I made it my mission to cover myself in it. When !.3 introduced living rainbow dye, as well as the new torches and weapons, I was ecstatic. I created this to express my love for it.
Capture 2015-09-27 16_06_51.png
Here's a little something i just conjured up. I'll try to make it brief:

My Experiences with 1.3

Ever since i defeated Duke Fishron in my world, King of Terraria got stale, no dangers. Even the Frost and Pumpkin mooons grew boring. I hosted my land with friends. though it kept us playing, we wanted a new challenge. That's when i read the forums. finding out about 1.3 got my motor running. I eagerly waited during the spring / summertime. The pain of waiting was too much, but to put salt onto my many wounds i have suffered, was the day 1.3 was meant to be released. I should of known US players receive the update first. But when i got into 1.3...

Everything was different. these, mages... chanting. I swung my Terra Blade at them. ripping through them like i would a Slime. But the last one got back up on their feet. Chanting in some sort of cultist language. He started to attack me, i utilized my arsenal, fighting with all my might. i did as much damage as i could, the cost of using my healing potions was great. After his defeat. I saw four pillars, with all new celestial enemies. I feared for the most. I gathered my friends. We took the storm together. Taking down each pillar, we lost many times. But we still got back up. After the last pillar was destroyed;

"Impending Doom Approaches..."

I healed up as fast as i could. awaiting for the "Doom" to arrive, my friends all prepared. a couple of mins after;

"Moon Lord has awoken!"

This was like no boss i ever fought in Terraria, he was massive! He fired lasers, had many parts. he even could kill us with ease. It's good i use a softcore character for ease. But i tried it with Hardcore, from start to finish. And man... was that heart crushing... The feeling of becoming so powerful, and falling to the Moon Lord was... just soul crushing. Especially if you grow attached to your character.

I defeated the Moon lord with my friends, we cheered. and, i picked up a portal gun!? I was hyped, i found it so much fun that they did that. But Moon Lord on expert is a challenge only for the brave. To sum it all up. 1.3 is one epic final hurrah to Terraria, bringing so much to the table. so much stuff. i still play it! I can only imagine what Terraria Otherworld will bring us. All i can say is, if Moon Lord was that tough, i want something so powerful that its oblivious to fight!

"Challenging me is marking your own funeral."

-Venrock 2015
Terraria 1.3

The new skins are pretty nice,

Even though not the best,

We have some new things

That will not let us rest

There’s Meowmeres, the Moon Lord

and Marble and Granite too,

We have some lowers prices also,

And the Crazy Cultist, oh poo!

We take our swords

Or whatever we want

To fight a Flying Dutchman

And wormhole back

If we can’t figure out

What the heck ends in -utchman

Then we take off our armor,

And settle for the night,

Then go to TCF

Tell our stories

And make a poem, that’s right!
This is my poem. I liked the little humor in the middle, so yeah.
I might not win, but that's ok with me. It's a joke between me and my friends about the solar flare armor's shield exploding when you charge it and you touch an enemy, and when that happens, we say BODY SLAM!!! And its a guy body slamming a toxic sludge. I hope Crowno and other developers will still enjoy even if I don't win. :joy:
WIN_20150927_172041 (2).JPG
So I had mine on the writing section, and I have a story about awaiting for 1.3 while in the world of Terraria.
As I prepared to leave the garden, I felt a strange presence, like something was watching me. I shrugged it off and continued. But I felt compelled to go back. As I turned around, a gigantic gaping maw swallowed me whole. I screamed in terror as I lost all sense of being, the world changing around me...
I woke up in a strange place where the blossoms bloomed, the trees grew all around me. I soon learned that I was in the world of Terraria, a world with many hidden dangers and evils...
Now I stand as a hero to this world, having beaten unimaginable terrors and horrible monstrosities. But something is changing. Something worse than ever before. As I stand here waiting, I know it is my destiny. I am an immortal, living and dying with no end. I will protect this world's inhabitants and do my duty to this world.
Now I must wait here, wait for adventure to call.
im going to tell a happy little story about terraria building
So one day, I said to myself, well, I like building in terraria, so im going to make a huge town! I got to work right away, flattening out the ground, and making a basic ground texture and road. I started with making cute little houses, and little trees with apples. hours passed, and my work was nearing completion...

oh, by the way, the game crashed, for some reason nothing saved, and that was that. GG.
Hi! :nursewink:
My name's Annie, I've been playing Terraria since high school (a few years back). Really love this game and hope it'll continue to update!

My entry would fall in the Screenshots category.
(Description in spoiler!)

Just in case the image doesn't show up, here's the direct link to it.

There's story after story in everything you can find in this image. The first time I played Terraria was when my boyfriend'd convinced me to play it with him back in high school -- I had to say, boy, was I impressed by this game. Not too long ago, we thought we'd take an adventure down memory aisle, so we redownloaded the game back and started exploring away, beating the game once more. Soon after, the 1.3 update hit and we were head over heals excited for it.

The Moon Lord/Battle Arena
This screenshot was captured during the first few times of battling the Moon Lord. The first time we faced the Moon Lord, we were super duper excited as we teared down the last Celestial Tower of the four, but it didn't end up pleasant, for we had no clue how to fight the Moon Lord at that time. Soon after, my boyfriend Googled up ways and tactics to defeating the Moon Lord. Well, I guess you can tell what he'd found from the screenshot. Don't fret if you can't tell, basically we built an arena above our main house and designed a special room for the nurse to live in whilst the battle happens, that way we can heal any time needed. And of course, just in case any of us die, it'd be convenient if we could spawn close to the battle, that's why you see a bed there. :dryadtongue:

The Meowmere
My boyfriend only obtained the meowmere after countless times of battling the Moon Lord. He was disappointed after nearly ten rounds of killing the beast, watching it drop mage weapon after mage weapon. "Two more times," he'd said, "and I'm giving up." The Jesus or God of Terraria must've heard my boyfriend's desperation, for as we teared down the next Moon Lord, the magical meowmere finally appeared before our eyes. Ever heard a man scream with joy? Well, now you know what to do.

The Banners
Before the Celestial Sigil came to be, the only thing we could do to summon the Moon Lord was to defeat the Celectial Towers. Judging by the amount of banners you see in the screenshot (along with countless more hidden in chests), you can tell how many times we attempted the tedious task. My boyfriend and I used to find these banners really annoying, but after we made use of it (decorating the battle arena), we never looked so forward to getting banners before.

Of course, there's much more than what I've written above, like me riding the UFO mount, the happiness and excitement it brought me, the amount of graves on the arena, my boyfriend's studies in the new weapons and armors, and so much more... just from a simple screenshot.​

Thank you, Terraria! :dryadpassionate::dryadpassionate:

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Chose the writing category, mostly i know art and screenshot will be overloaded with all the amazing artists here! :D

Well, where do i begin? Well, i guess we could start at the new world creation. Such amazing thoughts in my head at that time. The new character screen, the new steam multiplayer option, heh heh, even the new loading bar for world creation. And then it happened.

The world loaded in, and started.

It was a beautiful sight! Such nice biomes! Such grand creatures! But first, the trees must meet my axe. After some wood cutting, the crafting table placed, and the walls up, and a little bit of caving, i could do the one thing i have been waiting for for so long to do in 1.3
I started going to the west, as i always do. I still do not know why that is. Good luck, perhaps? So there i was, traveling around, looking for new things to touch, new things to slay, new things to discover. When i went to the west, i stumbled upon a desert. And in the middle of the desert, was a big, wide cave entrance, going straight down. I used a rope to go down, and i heard buzzing. Lots and lots of buzzing. I looked around once i was inside the cave, when out of nowhere a giant dragon-fly looking creature attacked me! I ducked right underneath it after i got out of the fear. It was at the other side of the cave right now, getting ready for its next attack. I smiled grimly, it would be its last attack.Once it charged again, i quickly pulled out my new yo-yo that i had found in a cave, and shot it out at it's eye! It was a dead-on shot. Once it was hit, it just fell down, still squirming around. I quickly drew out my new sword that i had made, and ran it through him. It was dead. But my adventures were not over yet. I turned around and looked into the darkness of the cave. Hundreds of red eyes were in there. I took a stance, and ran into the abyss.

Hoped you like that :)
Um, Writing? I guess?
A stray Laser hummed past Frædlòiu's head. Looking up to barely dodge a Prediction, he flipped himself up into the air, crushing the newly formed Floater to bits. Looking around, he charged at the glowing humanoid, who, helpless to run a way, was crushed by the Selenian's mighty blades. Then Frædlòiu was felled by a whistling Suicide Invader. The Clans were at war.

Floating majestically in the air, an Alien Queen narrowly dodged an Evolution Sphere, and sent a stinger flying into the back of the Beast's head. Then Hasmira proceeded to raise some other Hornets into Queens. With her new entourage, she flew at a group of Star Cells, shooting stingers all the way. Many of them missed, but slowly, the Cells were felled, but many Queens too, leaving only a couple left to defend Hasmira. Focusing her attention on a Drakomire, she popped it's fiery orbs with master precision, then proceeded to pop the Drakomire itself. Feeling confident from her victories, she foolishly charged a snarling Corite, who promptly cut her in half.

Dvgñkßœ the Predictor appeared beside his Tower. Looking up towards the skies, he released some energy towards a Flow Invader. Ducking to avoid one of its young, he fired again, this time killing it, and he ran to the side to avoid the Suicide Swarm it released. In front of him stood an injured Storm Diver, who instantly let a shotgun round blast Dvgñkßœ, who staggered in pain, but managed to finish the Diver off with a hastily fired Prediction. Waiting and nursing his wounds, he managed to regenerate. A Sroller, seeing his still somewhat poor health, came over to him. The Sroller pounced, and Dvgñkßœ, seeing his bunched muscles, had already dived down, and as the Sroller stumbled away, Dvgñkßœ, realizing the opportunity, fired off a Prediction, and charged the dazed Sroller, causing it to melt into nothing. Seeing his fallen comrade, a Drakanian who had been dismounted charged him, causing Dvgñkßœ to run away to the side. The Drakanian stopped, and flung his precious Daybreak at the Predictor. Dvgñkßœ, being able to see the near future, easily caught the spear, and threw it back at the Drakanian, along with a complimentary Prediction, making the warrior crumble to ashes. Throwing his head back, he went off to search for another enemy, when three Nebula Floaters appeared in front of him. Bowing a greeting, he only realized too late that they were shimmering blue, and, now, these Stardust Floaters shot the mighty Dvgñkßœ down.

Diving down underground after being created by her Tower, Šdçfgbhhå tunnelled around under the ground, waiting for the moment to strike. After a small while, she burst out of the ground, causing a startled Drakomire and rider, to be felled together by her mighty bite. Šdçfgbhhå noticed, bemusedly, that the Drakomire had made a futile attempt with its spheres, easily absorbed by her indestructible tail. Diving back underground, she heard a cry in the distance. Popping out of the ground again, a Stargazer accidentally mistimed its laser, making it reflect off a spinning Selenian, straight into her upper core, wincing from the light but still painful pain, she charged the aforementioned Selenian, causing it to fruitlessly attempt to cleave her in half, before she swallowed it whole. Looking up, she saw a giant fiery worm, who she immediately pursued. Aiming for its head, she was extremely surprised when its pinching jaws struck her head, and her attack failed. Reeling away, she aimed for its tail instead, and before the Crawltipede could turn, it had dissolved from the large bite mark on its now nonexistent tail. Spinning around in midair, she decided to find the Vortex clan; she wondered wha they tasted like. With the lust of battle within her, she swooped up behind a Vortexian, cleaving him in half, and, unaware of their tactics, she promptly was met in the face by his bolt of revenge. Clever, she thought, as she dove underground to seek refuge. Biding her time, she swooped up above again, cutting through some Larva on her way to find the apparently shieldless Nebula Tower. Speeding past attacks, she finally reached the defenceless Tower, and she wasted to time to begin carving it. Tearing through its energy easily, she only stopped basking in her glory when the saw yet another of those darned Crawltipedes. Charging after it, for it had attempted to reach the Tower, it whirled around in midair, diving at Šdçfgbhhå's tail. Foolish creature, she thought, and spun away, turning her jaws towards its tail, and it jolted in alarm, but she still managed to tear the orb off its tail, killing it. So she continued to chew through the pillar, never ending her nibbling, until finally, it burst into fragments. And a stray Laser hummed, and Šdçfgbhhå was cut to bits. And so the war went on, between three clans now.
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Before Terraria, there were two great beings. They were the Sun Queen and the Moon Lord. The two were in love. They ruled over the cosmos with their tremendous might. They were happy together.

They were, that is, until one day, when they attempted to create a world. The two created a new planet together. They called it Terraria. The Sun Queen made the sky and the earth. She made a peaceful forest, a beautiful Jungle and a breathtaking tundra. She filled the sky with floating islands. She made the sea and the caves. She filled the caves with shining minerals, and the sea with calm waters.

The Moon Lord filled the world with creatures. His monsters infested the land with evil. The monsters were everywhere. However, there was one place that the Sun Queen forbid the monsters to inhabit: the jungle. The jungle was always the Sun Queen’s Favorite. She would not allow the Moon Lord to fill it with his monsters.

The Sun Queen hated what the Moon Lord had done with the world. Terraria was never meant to have hostile creatures, rather just have small wildlife, like bugs, birds, and bunnies. The world was supposed to be peaceful. She confronted the Moon Lord about it. She told him that the world was supposed to be a world of peace, their world of peace. The Moon Lord was angry with the Sun Queen. He had created these creatures to bring life to the still world. He stated that there would be nothing to do without something to interact with.

The Sun Queen and the Moon Lord argued on for a while. The arguments slowly grew violent. They fought. Through an unfortunate course of events, the Moon Lord ended up killing the Sun Queen. The Sun Queen’s blood covered an area of the forest. All of the land turned a dark shade of red, and thus this area was named the crimson.

The Moon Lord buried the Sun Queen’s body in a patch of land under the forest. The forest soon became infested with evil parasites. Those parasites dug pits into the ground. They slowly ate away at the Sun Queen’s body.

The Moon Lord built a shrine deep in the Jungle to the Sun Queen. He protected the jungle with strong creatures. The jungle was always the Sun Queen’s favorite place on Terraria.

The Moon Lord hated what he had made. He built a dungeon to house all of his failed creations. He secured the dungeon with a powerful guardian. He made an entire world underneath the ground. The world was filled with fire and ash. He sealed away many secrets within that world.
My personal take on the lore of Terraria significantly changed after the 1.3 update. This is actually a portion of a longer work I'm writing. I'm not putting the whole thing here, because of the word limit, also I'm not done with it
I have been playing this game since 2011 and I really enjoyed it up to now. It is a really great game and is probably one of the games I play most.
My video submission:
It took a day to make this video and edit it. It is 1.3 focused and is my main survival character taking the moon lord down. It was really fun to make this video and I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it! :)
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