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Official The TCF Christmas Contest!

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Hi @TerrarianX, as you’ve seen you must be a member of TCF for at least 3 months prior to the date that this contest starts. (must have registered by September 1st 2018). Since you joined after September 1st you’re not eligible for this particular contest. It’s not guaranteed, but yes we do normally have a contest around the time of the forum’s birthday which happens at the end of September.

However, even though you’re not eligible for this contest, you can still share your creations with the community on your own profile, in the Player Creations section, or joining in monthly Creation Compendium (not a contest, but a collection of member creations - make sure you read the rules about how to join the Compendium before submitting work).
Thanks I'll make sure to join the compendiums and this...next year I'm guessing
Also, the compendiums every month right?

Sky High

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Category: Other creative expressions(writing)
Please let me know if it's too long.

The Frost Moon

Daniel sat back on the couch, hot chocolate in his hands, feeling the warmth from the fireplace. This was shaping up to be a good Christmas. There were tons of presents under the tree, lights lit up the whole house, and to top it all off, it was snowing.
Dante the arms dealer came down the stairs, flintlock pistol in its usual spot on his belt. "Finished your shopping?" He asked Daniel.
"If by 'shopping' you mean killing random monsters for the presents they inexplicably drop, then yes, i have finished my shopping. You?"
"Oh, i finished my shopping a long time ago," Dante replied. "It was easy."

"You better not have gotten everyone explosives again, Dante." Daniel said, sipping his hot chocolate.
"Oh come on, it only took a few minutes to fix the house," Dante said, waving his hand dismissively. "Besides, Kayla managed to patch everyone up quickly enough."
"It wouldn't have been so bad if you hadn't primed them all," Paul said from beside Daniel. "Besides, Dolgrim nearly died, you know he always keeps grenades in his belt."
"Nearly," Dante said with a wink, pointing a finger gun at them.
They were interrupted by an off-tune rendition of jingle bells courtesy of the wizard from up the stairs.
"Ugh, i wish Barkeep wouldn't sell heavy liquor on Christmas Eve," Daniel said. "It does strange things to the wizard."

"Hey," Paul said, looking out the window. "Is the moon supposed to look like a snowman on Christmas Eve?"
Daniel leapt up from the couch and dashed over to the window. The moon had changed from it's normal gray look to a white snowman's head, with coal for eyes and a carrot nose.
"Uh oh," he said, his eyes widening in panic. "Paul, get everyone into the safe room and bar all the doors and windows. It looks like we've got a frost moon coming."
Paul nodded as Daniel chugged his hot chocolate and pulled several potions out of his pockets, running out the door.

As he stepped out into the cool moonlight, Daniel took flight, snow from the doorstep trailing from his shoes. As he rose above the roof of the house, he saw giant gingerbread men and zombie elves approaching from the distance, red eyes glowing in the darkness. He needed to get to the enchanted sundial, to fast-forward the time to Christmas and end the Frost Moon. He headed towards the top of the clock tower, where the sundial sat.
Only it wasn't there. As he landed on the tower, he saw that the altar the sundial usually sat on was empty. Someone must have moved it. He needed to quickly ask Paul where-

"Looking for this?" Someone said, flying up past the tower with something in his hand.

"David!" Daniel said, looking up. "Where did you come from? You've been gone for months! Why-" He spotted the object in David's hand. "The sundial! What are you doing?"
David smiled, putting the sundial away. "I thought you might like something exciting to spice up your Christmas eve." He held up an empty blue present with a skull on it.
"You're insane!" Daniel said, pulling out his Terra Blade. The gingerbread men and zombie elves had almost reached the house. "Give the sundial back!"
"Nope," David said, grinning smugly. "You'll have to take it from me."
And with that, he dropped down and soared away.

Daniel gritted his teeth in anger and took off, flying towards David. He had to get the sundial before the monsters hurt anyone. David stayed ahead of him, swooping up and down, making it difficult to chase him. Daniel turned to the side to avoid a large tree, and saw something out of the corner of his eye.
An Everscream was making it's way towards the house. Daniel paused for a moment. They were getting far from the house now, and he was left with a choice. Should he pursue David and try to get the sundial back, or go back and defend the house? If he failed to get the sundial, the monsters would rampage over the house, possibly killing everyone inside. But if he stayed and fought, they would just keep coming, and some even more powerful enemies might show up.

Making his choice, Daniel swooped down by the Everscream and slashed it with his Terra Blade. "Hey, you!" He shouted. "Over here!" Hopefully he could draw them over to him and David instead of the house.
Up ahead, David had stopped. He looked at Daniel, and started approaching him. "Going to try and fight, then?" He called. "Great! Do you think you can kill them all until morning?"
He gestured below them, where masses of enemies now covered the earth. He was trying to goad Daniel into chasing him.

Daniel flew in between David and an elf archer, causing the elf to shoot at David.
"Hey!" David yelped, dodging it. Just because he had summoned the moon didn't mean he would be safe from it. Daniel flew around David, and flew at him, attempting to chase him back towards the house.
David saw Daniel coming, and flew off in the direction of the house.

A Santa-NK1 was approaching the house, rolling forward on it's treads. Daniel swerved left and swung his terra blade at David, firing a bright green beam at him and causing him to turn towards the machine. As he approached, it fired several rockets at him, which he had to dodge erratically to avoid.
Angrily, he started firing at it with a Megashark, rising higher in the air as it started rolling spiky balls along the ground.
Daniel took the opportunity to ram him, and they spiraled downwards, hitting the ground.
"What are you doing?!" David said angrily. "You'll get us both killed!" He fired his Megashark at Daniel, forcing him to roll away to avoid the bullets.

They rose into the air as more projectiles flew at them. The Santa-NK1 rolled up to them, it's face now ripped open to reveal a gleaming metal skull.
They both ignored each other temporarily to focus on the tank. David fired his Megashark, crystal bullets tearing holes in the metal, as Daniel flew alongside the machine, his Terra Blade glowing green and tearing a long gash in the side as he flew past. The tank's light dimmed, and the two opponents flew away from it.

The tank exploded, frying several of the enemies nearby. When the smoke cleared, Daniel and David flew at each other, each intent on victory.
They rammed into each other, colliding at a speed that knocked the wind out of both of them, and fell to the ground again. Daniel tried to swing his Terra Blade, but David grabbed his wrist, stopping him. He then punched Daniel before he could react. Blood spilled from Daniel's nose, and his head spun.
"I didn't plan on killing you," David said, his voice an angry growl. "'But you seemed determined to attack me rather than trying to defend your friends, so i guess i don't really have a choice." He raised his Megashark and aimed it at Daniel's head.

And then a giant ornament hit him on the head and shattered.

He fell over, stunned, and Daniel turned. There was an Everscream only a few yards away from them. He struggled to his feet and quickly drank a healing potion. Then, he turned to get the sundial from David.
Unfortunately however, David had regained his senses by that time, and he kicked Daniel away, rolled over, and rose into the sky. Daniel quickly followed, and grabbed him with his grappling hook.
"Ow, hey!" David cried out in protest, as Daniel pulled him in. David struggled for a moment, then dislodged himself from his wings, which the hook had latched onto, dropping himself to the ground.
"Good thing i have Frostspark Boots," he said, running away.

Daniel followed him, tossing the wings away. Fast as the Frostspark Boots were, they couldn't keep up with wings, and Daniel quickly caught up to him.
David cried out in anger as Daniel grabbed him, and pulled something out of his pack. A Venus Magnum. Before Daniel could react, he shot him in the head.
Daniel flew backwards, his ears ringing. The turtle armor had stopped the worst of the blow, but it still hurt a lot. Above him, he could just make out an elf helicopter following David, and a yeti approaching him. Still dazed, he scrambled to his feet and stumbled after David.

Fortunately, the helicopter shot David as he was using the rockets in his boots to fly over a hill, knocking him to the ground. As Daniel followed, he tripped over a large green present that was lying on the ground. His face hit the snow, and as he tried to regain his footing, his legs were bitten by something sharp. A present mimic.
He cried out in pain, trying to turn and hit the mimic, but it kept a tight hold on his legs, keeping him from moving. He pulled his backpack up over his head, pulled a grenade out, and lobbed it behind him.
The explosion flung the mimic away, and Daniel crawled toward it with his hands, the heat of the explosion having completely disabled his legs.

The mimic lay on the ground, unable to pick itself up due to the position which it had landed in. Daniel crawled up to it, and slashed it with his Terra Blade, causing it to rip open and shatter in a shower of wrapping paper. Bright red lights rose from it's remains, and flew into Daniel, rejuvenating him. The wounds on his legs healed, he stood up and flew off after David.
David had been backed up to the house, shooting at all the enemies that cornered him. Without his wings, he couldn't escape. Daniel flew over him and landed right on top of him, shoving him to the ground. Ignoring David's protests, Daniel opened David's backpack and rifled through it, looking for the sundial.

He found it. Quickly, he placed it on the ground in front of them, and pressed the dial in the middle.
As the enemies closed in on them, the moon fell, quickly being replaced by the sun on the other side of the horizon. The enemies quickly retreated, some of them even smashing through the house as they went.

"Phew, that was close!" Paul said.
They sat in the newly rebuilt living room, surrounded by the other townsfolk. fortunately, the safe room had kept them all alive during the night, and was now being put to use as David's holding cell.
"Why do you think David left, only to return several months later and attack?" Paul said.
"I don't know," Daniel replied. "But at least everyone's safe. I'm going to go check on him, be back in a minute."
Steve and the townsfolk nodded and began talking among themselves as Dylan went to go check on David.

"Good morning, David. How are you?" Daniel asked.
David grunted angrily, arms folded at the table. he had been stripped of his possessions when he was locked up, to prevent him from escaping. "What do you think?"
"Well anyway, i don't know why you did what you did, but since it's Christmas, i got you a present." Daniel put a box on the table.
"Ohh no," David said, pushing it away. "I'm not trusting anything you give me. I'm not that stupid. Look, you even packaged it in the same box i used to summon the Frost Moon!"
Daniel shrugged and took the box back. "Well, when you're ready to tell us why you betrayed us, i'll come back. Until then, Merry Christmas."

He shut and locked the door, opening the box as he walked back to the living room. "Guess i'll just have to eat these cookies myself, then." He said, reaching into the box and pulling out a cookie.

The End
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Hi everyone, there have been some wonderful entries that have been submitted! I’m always amazed at the community’s talent and creativity, some really fantastic stuff.

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