Official The TCF 1st Anniversary Contest!

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Sorry, we'd ask that it be under 600 words. There are a lot of writers on this forum, and every judge will have to read every single entry.

As for music . . . well, if no one enters, no one wins. We don't have a minimum number of entries though.
Is there a winner for each category or is it overall?
Enter anyway, you get a spiffy Trophy and title even if you win nothing.

I should not have done my entry on day 1. The urge to do something different for it will plague me for the entire month.
@FSG Gaming

So after discussing with each of the judges involved, making sure the workload would not be problematic, and considering the feedback from the thread, we've decided to increase the word count limit on the Writing category to 1000 words. We hope that will be satisfactory in alleviating the concerns of those who thought the word limit would somehow undermine the quality and/or quantity of the Writing category, but I'd also like to point out that thus far, there are more Writing Category submissions than ALL FOUR other Categories combined (there are 9 writing submissions and 8 total of the others). So I believe that Writing is destined to thrive in this contest. :)

And of course, for those who have already made a submission, you are welcome to edit your story to take advantage of the increased limit.
I love you guys.
Just looking through the entries, and I've seen that one of them doesn't include any 1.3 elements.
So, here is my plan: Keep my current entry up until the last few days, then change it to something much more epic. Surprise attack, and all that.
I don't know about this, I would think this is more aimed at the popular members.

It's not even a competition.
I might be entering this. Just want a word from the community though.

3D art, pixel art or chiptunes?
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