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Discussion in 'Community News & Features' started by Aurora3500, Nov 29, 2018.

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  1. Sockmonkey367

    Sockmonkey367 Official Terrarian

    Probably yes, and if yes, In Game Creations would be in the category, but, i'm not a mod and i wont pretend i am one.
  2. Aurora3500

    Aurora3500 Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    It is acceptable to use an Adventure Map as an Entry.

    If you intend to post a screenshot from your adventure map, use the In-Game Creations Category.

    Otherwise, if you upload the Adventure Map itself, the Other Category would be best.
  3. FalloutCraftr

    FalloutCraftr Steampunker

    Can mobile users enter?
  4. Gotcha!

    Gotcha! Pumpking

    Of course! It doesn't matter what platform you're on.

    If you're talking about yourself though, I'm afraid you can't enter due to this rule (taken from the main post) :
    You must have been a member of TCF for at least 3 months prior to the date that this contest starts. (must have registered by September 1st 2018)

    Sorry. I was happy to scream 'Of course!' at you, but had to add this as well, since I didn't want to get your hopes up.
  5. FalloutCraftr

    FalloutCraftr Steampunker

    That stinks that I can’t. Thanks for the help, though! Maybe next year, I’ll join...
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  6. temery2383

    temery2383 Skeletron Prime

    I'm thinking about making a solo ukulele arrangement of the frost moon theme. I almost certainly wouldn't be done by the deadline, but it will be a fun challenge nonetheless. It won't exactly be easy to condense the song down to work on a four-stringed, two-octave instrument lol.
  7. FalloutCraftr

    FalloutCraftr Steampunker

    That’s awesome.
  8. temery2383

    temery2383 Skeletron Prime

    I know, right? I'm excited to try my hand at it. It'll be pretty tough though, so no guarantees that it will turn out any good lol. I'll probably make a profile post when it's complete if I don't finish before the contest ends.
  9. Cee

    Cee Steampunker

    Hmm, I'm gonna have fun with this one! :D
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  10. FalloutCraftr

    FalloutCraftr Steampunker

    I’m sure you will do great! If you need any ideas, you can go to There are a lot of comics there!
  11. temery2383

    temery2383 Skeletron Prime

  12. StipulateV

    StipulateV Steampunker

    Since this contest is Christmas and/OR Winter themed, a winter house (with no Christmas decoration at all) would be admitted, right?
    I've already sent a Christmas build as entry on the previous CC, and I'd like to do something different this time.
  13. FalloutCraftr

    FalloutCraftr Steampunker

    It’s a comic series. You can grab ideas for edits n stuff.
  14. Tunnel King

    Tunnel King Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Yes, that would be fine

    Copying artwork etc. from other artists is strictly prohibited.
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  15. FalloutCraftr

    FalloutCraftr Steampunker

    Of course, I didn’t mean to plagiarize... That’s illegal, anyways.
  16. TerrarianX

    TerrarianX Terrarian

    Does anyone have a way to rec their Xbox 360 screen to rec my world when im done I'm getting a Xbox one on Xmas so can rec on there to

    I'm gonna need a judge to contact me on my Xbox 360 @yok1lla at around 10-14th January around 12:00 NZT. I don't have a tripod or a way to record the tour of the world so I need someone to get a video for me

    Anyone who helps can have 999 truffle worms from my farm or 999 platinum coins from my afk farm

    Also it needs to be a video and you need to join my party so I can give the tour

    Thanks in advance and I can't wait to see all the wonderful creations!

    Also congrats to the winner!

    Is this every year BC I just realised I haven't been apart of the community for long enough

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  17. Unit One

    Unit One Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Hi @TerrarianX, as you’ve seen you must be a member of TCF for at least 3 months prior to the date that this contest starts. (must have registered by September 1st 2018). Since you joined after September 1st you’re not eligible for this particular contest. It’s not guaranteed, but yes we do normally have a contest around the time of the forum’s birthday which happens at the end of September.

    However, even though you’re not eligible for this contest, you can still share your creations with the community on your own profile, in the Player Creations section, or joining in monthly Creation Compendium (not a contest, but a collection of member creations - make sure you read the rules about how to join the Compendium before submitting work).
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  18. Chips

    Chips The Destroyer

    Are love stories allowed? (PG, of course)
  19. Aurora3500

    Aurora3500 Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    As long as it relates to Christmas or winter, and has content appropriate for the forums, that would be fine.
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  20. InstaFiz

    InstaFiz Slime Collector

    I would love to see stuff like that! You gotta submit it when it's done!
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