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Me(Healer) and my friend(Bard) are having a lot of trouble beating Skeletron Prime on our expert mode world as we are unable to do enough damage to the before morning, does anyone have any advice
You are both playing support classes, so don't expect the best killtimes against bosses. I suggest you to look at our wiki which has progression guides for all classes.

Because any posts you look at since the last time you replied or viewed are considered new.
Also is 1.4.4 port ready?
The OP mentions 1.4.4 port being a thing.

What are those green T items? I got them using a mob and chest loot randomizer mod.
I assume they were replaced with the green T items to prevent other mods using those items' data erroring out in NullPointerExceptions.
I have encountered an error, it seems, because TModLoader has updated:

[23:02:48.876] [.NET ThreadPool Worker/ERROR] [tML]: An error occurred while loading ThoriumMod v1.7.1.2
It has been detected that this mod was built for tModLoader v2023.6.25.31
However, you are using tModLoader v2023.8.3.0
The mod will need to be updated to match the current tModLoader version, or may be incompatible with the version of some of your other mods. Click the 'Open Web Help' button to learn more.
The mod(s) have been automatically disabled.
In ThoriumMod.Items.Sandstone.SandStoneHelmet.UpdateArmorSet, Field not found: 'Terraria.Player.hasJumpOption_Sandstorm'.
In ThoriumMod.NPCs.BuffImmunityGlobalNPC.IsBuffInImmunitiesOf, Field not found: 'Sets.IsAnNPCWhipDebuff'.
In ThoriumMod.NPCs.BuffImmunityGlobalNPC.AddBuffToSpecificImmunities_Add, Field not found: 'Sets.IsAnNPCWhipDebuff'.
In ThoriumMod.Items.BossQueenJellyfish.SeaBreezePendant.UpdateAccessory, Field not found: 'Terraria.Player.accFlipper'.

   at Terraria.ModLoader.Core.AssemblyManager.JITAssemblies(IEnumerable`1 assemblies, PreJITFilter filter) in tModLoader\Terraria\ModLoader\Core\AssemblyManager.cs:line 398
   at Terraria.ModLoader.ModContent.<>c.<Load>b__43_0(Mod mod) in tModLoader\Terraria\ModLoader\ModContent.cs:line 292
   at Terraria.ModLoader.ModContent.LoadModContent(CancellationToken token, Action`1 loadAction) in tModLoader\Terraria\ModLoader\ModContent.cs:line 377
   at Terraria.ModLoader.ModContent.Load(CancellationToken token) in tModLoader\Terraria\ModLoader\ModContent.cs:line 282
   at Terraria.ModLoader.ModLoader.Load(CancellationToken token) in tModLoader\Terraria\ModLoader\ModLoader.cs:line 126

I'm sure y'all are aware and working on a fix while we speak, but just in case nobody showed you one of these, here it is! Just started getting it today.

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Well hello there, and welcome to the third installment of the Thorium Mod, with magnificent sprites by our very own BrutalLama, AdipemDragon, BluNinja, Durrani19 and Exodus Starlit and crisp code by Dark;light and direwolf420! The Thorium Mod is a content pack that adds a massive variety of items, weapons, armor, NPC's and even Bosses to the vast world of Terraria! With a new modding api comes various changes and tweaks from previous versions. Have no fear though, as all of these changes are for the better! With all this in mind, I hope to make the modding community happy!

On the fence about getting the Thorium Mod...?

  • Thorium Mod is compatible with Terraria v1.4 and multiplayer!
  • Clients need TModLoader and servers need Thorium Mod which gets sent to Clients! Get tModLoader here!
  • Thorium Mod includes the following:

  • 2700+ new items!
  • 60 new armor sets!
  • 180 new enemies and banners!
  • 600 new tiles, blocks and furniture!
  • 10 new Town npcs!
  • 11 new bosses and 3 mini-boss encounters!
  • 2 new biomes, the Aquatic Depths and Natural Graveyard!
  • 3 New classes, the Thrower, Bard & Healer!
  • Extensively balanced content!
-Noteworthy happenings will be presented here-
| tModLoader 1.4 Stable - Updated to |
Ported to Terraria 1.4.4: Some additions, changes, bug fixes, and more!
Last updated October 1st, 2023
-Be sure to download the mod from the Steam Workshop-

- The Thorium Mod Wiki

Quickly access information related to the Thorium Mod on the official wiki!
Click here to check it out

- Discord Channel

Leave feedback, ask questions, and talk with other modding players here!
Click here to get an instant invite

- Example Videos

You can find some really old examples of the content in effect on my lack-luster youtube channel!
Click here to go to my Channel

For a more formal (but really out of date) presentation, you can check out HappyDay's let's plays!

- Credits
  • AdipemDragon for an incredible amount of sprite work, such as boss visual overhauls, a large amount of donator items, the entirety of the bard classes sprites, etc.
  • Uncle Danny, Darklight, Hayaku, EveryoneWasDragged, Barometz, Krispion, and Catchy for creation and completion of our magnificent wiki.
  • BrutalLama, BluNinja, Exodus Starlit & Durrani19 for many sprites, sprite ideas, and suggestions.
  • Darklight, Direwolf420, Zero-Exodus & Grox The Great for some advanced coding assistance.
  • SkippyZii for the Buried Champion, Granite Energy Storm, Star Scouter, Lich, and Abyssion boss themes.
  • Smxfoxtrot for the Grand Thunder Bird, Borean Strider, and Primordials boss themes.
  • Yoraiz0r for the generation code on the Aquatic Depths.
  • Vladimier for the original Dark Nexus vanity sprite.
  • Donmor for the Terraria styled 'Thorium logo'.
  • Sergo for the Ninja Rack and Fallen Paladin's armor sprites.
  • Scophax for immensely helpful feedback on the Healer Class.
  • SnugBoat, PhoenixBlade, Illuminati, zoroarkcity, Eli10293, and Ignus for a variety of sprites and ideas.
  • Sapharan for the basis of the Soul Forge sprite and the Warg Sprite.
  • MetoolDaddy for heavy inspiration on The Queen Jellyfish boss.
  • Shiki Sakura and Fargowilta for a variety of suggestions and ideas.
  • SzGamer227 for allowing the use of his hardmode throwable suggestion.
  • Milt69466 for allowing the use of their mimic pots suggestion.
  • Endling for allowing the use of his Pumpkin Lich design.
  • bluemagic123, jopojelly, Eldrazi & Gorateron for some groundwork coding help.

While the mod is completely free, a lot of work was put into its creation.
Donations of any amount are appreciated, immensely. :happy:
Donation items are unfortunately on hold for the forseeable future

Click here for a paypal link

Click here for a Patreon link
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