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Single Thread RP The Ultimate FNaF Theme Park

What direction should we take this RP?

  • Make it more serious, it's too lighthearted as it is.

  • Make it more dramatic, it's unexciting to spectate or even RP in.

  • Make is more comical, I get depressed when spectating or RP-ing in this thread.

  • Make it scarier, this doesn't give off enough FNaF vibes.

  • Make it less scary, I get terrified when spectating or RP-ing in this thread.

  • Make it less dramatic, everyone in the thread is a huge drama queen.

  • Give it more action, everyone seems to be lazing around in the RP all the time.

  • I want less action, the characters can never seem to catch a break.

  • I want more romance, I love my FNaF ships.

  • Less mushy romance, it grosses me out.

  • It's just fine as it is.

  • Other (for whatever reason the other options aren't what direction you feel this RP should go).

Results are only viewable after voting.


Skeletron Prime
2nd round:
a. Name: Zelda
b. Appearance:View attachment 341579
c. Abilities: Has the same ability as Grizz
d. Strengths: Crowd control, memory, and reflexes
e. Weaknesses: Technical tasks, and being alone
f. Personality: Very passionate, and is a flowercollecter
g. Extra (Optional): Is Kara's daughter, and is Grizz is his brother, younger than Grizz. (likes to make friends as well!)
Also accepted!
You could have posted them both at the same time btw


Skeletron Prime
(Well I have 10 ocs lol. you think that u have a lot, but i've got more, and i've seen people with more than both of our oc totals combined!)

"Well, have you learned your lesson after these hours of hitting yourself?"
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