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Things that you didn't realize were in the game for the longest time?

Exodus Starlit

Dungeon Spirit
You can put baits on ammo slot. I just found this by seeing random person mention about it on the forum.

The obsidian armor is merely vanity item.
I don't think, when you can use bombs and dynamites. I think it is more easier make Obsidian armor than silver and gold (of course their alternates too).

When I.read again this thread I didn't know about Ancient Vision, wiki say he isn't dangerouS,*looks at damage*, when he/it is MAYBE slow, so they don't just simply edit it?


I didn't know the cultists and their boss can just kind of... always exist on multiplayer. That is, of course, until I used /butcher twice on TShock.
(Hint: It summoned the m'f celestial events)


The obsidian armor is merely vanity item.
4, 5 & 4 defense for a total of 13
Doesn't seem like vanity to me

It took me the longest time to realise that you could hold down left click to auto throw bone javelins and bone knives.


I didn't know the paladins hammer and shield was in the game I thought the paladin was just one of those enemies that were tough to kill but didn't give any loot so I used to run away from them since I didn't want to waste any health or ammo on something that would drop just a few coins


I didn't know the Ice Rod was a magic weapon, I thought it was just for building, and infinite "flight".


Skeletron Prime
i did not know the slap hand has TWICE the knockback than the weapon with the second highest knockback in the game (if used with a titan potion and/or mechanical glove can and will knock almost any mob off-screen like the k-o bat from smash)

but apart from that I already new about placing coins and bars, the Rudolph thing, binoculars and cogs being able to be placed
(I spend a lot of time checking out stuff on free item servers so I know these things)
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