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So, due to the gratuitous amount of threads popping up across the Forum Help & Feedback section, I'm making a single thread where TCF members can talk about all the problems they have with getting trophies, allowing for easy following and support for those members experiencing difficulties. Individual threads about title and trophy problems will be locked and redirected here.

For a list of all the available trophies, how to get them, and which title they reward, please click here.

Will update the OP with frequent problems and fixes as they occur.

Frequent Problems/Fixes:
  • Steam trophies not being granted
    • Fix 1: Give it time, the Steam profile checker only checks profiles about four times per day.
      • Skiphs reported that there is a problem with the system automatically starting, and is having to manually start the checks for Steam accounts.
    • Fix 2: Make sure your Steam profile is public. Private profiles are not properly receiving trophies.

*Edited title so that people will see this thread when looking for information about "ranks" which are actually titles.
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ooookay, so in a nutshell, what your outlining for us is, the process is automated and it scans our profiles on average, 4 times per day and we need to be patient whilst directing problems here in a civilized and organized fashion? gotcha! sounds reasonable to me :)
Am I supposed to get a notification when/if the trophies unlock?
You should get an alert when you receive the trophies. I finally got the trophies for Steam after several weeks of being on the forms, so it may take some time.

As an update from Skiphs in another thread, the Steam checker is not going off automatically as programmed for some reason, so he's manually starting it a few times per day.
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