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To the Moon(Lord)! - Terraria Breaks the 35 Million Barrier


You never know

you realize if they succeeded with crossplay and updated the game, it'd BREAK the crossplay, right?

cause the platforms would no longer be on par with each other, meaning we'd lose crossplay for months until all versions of the game are exactly the same again.

the fact that they're trying to get all versions of the game exactly the same now, are hoping to pull off the most difficult challenge so far, and the team are working on expanding their skills, which was mentioned some time ago... means terraria has reached its end.

that seems to be the downside to how things have been done so far, some fans are so conditioned to expect more content, they are incapable of accepting the end.

there was a lot of fanfare around the finale, it's called "journey's end"... it's safe to say, this is the end.

adding more after this would just diminish everything 1.4 was built up to be.
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