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Casual Unpopular Opinion Thread


I. Like. Candy corn. Maybe this ones too controversial for being similar to pineapples on pizza, but I swear to god whenever it comes to candy corn people with gatekeep the living hell out of you as if food preferences aren't one of the most subjective things on the planet. People say it tastes like wax, but, it doesn't? It tastes sweet, like, y'know, candy? Not like real corn of course, but it's tolerable for me. I detest olives, but my brother likes them, but we respect each other's preferences because people just... like different foods. But when it comes to candy corn, liking it is inhuman or something. I can't figure out why.

This and black licorice. Black gummies best gummies.
i agree, though i like candy corn because its the perfect size for a small catapult.


Skeletron Prime
Moon Lord theme is nice. It just doesn't fit with the flow of the boss fight. If we got a track that represents the impending doom about to destroy the world, that would be very nice.

Omega Derpling

Flying Knife and Raven Staff are actually pretty good. Some jank was discovered with them recently that turns both of them into surprisingly unique weapons.


Duke Fishron
Humans are weak. We were evolved to be smarter anyways. So stop trying to get as buff as The Rock because we're not meant for it.
Humans aren't honestly all that smart either.
Sure, compared to other creatures with a known existence on Earth, they're generally considered to be the smartest, but that's not a very hard contest.
Besides, just to prove how stupid they are, there are non-rich people who actually think capitalism is a good idea.
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