What is the easiest boss in the game? (Mobile, PC, and Console)


Prehardmode : King Slime. A hole and a pickaxe is everything you really need.
Hardmode : Golem. He's basically a scarier King Slime.


Any hardmode boss in mobile. Adamantite armor, ironskin potion, and two warding accesories make any mech boss a cakewalk. I beat plantera in 2/3 part dragon armor just by standing in him and swinging my Excalibur.
Golem was the exact same.


Duke Fishron
Easiest pre-HM: King Slime and EoW are tied. For a beginner, EoC can actually be a challenge. In hardmode, skeletron prime, with wooden platforms. You just need adamantite armor or better with some heart statues :p


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Prehardmode: Lepus (seriously, I could beat him with a broken copper shortsword...)
Hardmode: Plantera (I had gotten dragon armor... So I just tanked)


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King Slime. I can use a copper shortsword and poke it all day.
EoC and the Twins. I can't beat Destroyer on a server but I can beat the Twins.


I know this sounds strange but i feel Skely Prime was the easiest for me :p only boss that only took one try to kill.


The one that gave me less troubles was skeleton prime, mainly because i killed it after the twins.
Never died against it, that guy is a total joke.
The Destroyer, for some reason, is the only one i never really understood how should be dealt with, except for the kind of weapons i'm supposed to use.
The Eye and it's easy to manipulate AI. Seriously, I had no mobility items, arena, and just a lead bow with Frostburn arrows. All that considered, I beat it.


Pre-hardmode: King Slime. By the time you actually have the materials required to craft a Slime Crown, you've either already beat the Eye or have gold/silver equipment.
Hardmode: Skeletron Prime, if fought last. If you fight him first he's rather tough, and in that case the easiest for me would be the Twins.

Personally, I find the Destroyer to be incredibly difficult without piercing weapons (which are hard to come by as a Ranger, who needs to kill him to get the Megashark, which makes fighting him much easier.) As a Fighter, you do a lot of damage to him and have lots of defense, but I think that's offset by the fact that you have to be so damn close to him that it makes dodging lasers nearly impossible, and makes dodging him and his probes slightly less difficult. It's far easier for mages because of the Golden Shower/Nimbus Rod/Magic Daggers.


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Of all the Hardmode bosses, Plantera gave me the least trouble, being the only one I won on the first try, and have never lost to. All the others are even harder IMO. People always say Golem is so easy but for me he was harder than Duke Fishron, I couldn't beat him until I returned with a Bubble Gun.


king slime, purely because of the fact he doesnt go through blocks. you can trap him, then use a small hole to kill him with meele weps and you can even do it with a copper pickaxe again, due to that. for hardmode i have to go with the twins. while they do give you a intense fight, a clockwork assault rifle with crystal bullets and some wings and dodging skills and a nurse room to magic mirror to simply... makes it extremely easy. im actually exaggerating because i usually have around 56 health and a hand having a seizure each time i finish off 2nd stage retinzar but you get the point.


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On every playthrough I beat Eye of Cthulhu, first try.
The easiest hardmode boss for me would be Plantera, bcuz I just tank her :red: with the Scourge.
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