What is your favourite class?

What is your favourite class?

  • Warrior - Melee

    Votes: 22 28.2%
  • Ranger - Ranged

    Votes: 18 23.1%
  • Mage - Magic

    Votes: 19 24.4%
  • Summoner

    Votes: 19 24.4%

  • Total voters
Mage because:
  • Endgame Pink and Purple color
  • Nebula Blaze it fgt
  • Nebula Arcanum kills Towers and celestial monsters quickly. (spam for high dps)
  • Lunar Flare for invstigation underground too
  • Last Prism. >:D
  • No ammo
  • Is ranged
  • the more damage, the better. (I have 62 def in normal mode)
  • why do people even pick the other classes
Ranger all the way, because:
-Crystal Bullets
-More Guns
-High DPS
-Crystal Bullets
-and the fact that you don't have to fight enemies up close
Warrior, because I use meele weapons very often. Swords, spears, yo-yo's and Boomerangs are stuff I use the most.

The 2nd one would be mage. Some magic weapons are very effective and really help.
Ranger master race is over, it was nice during, but the glorious times are over, Terrarian and Last Prism beats the crap out of our crappy dolphin... xD
Yeah, I changed to mage, but I think I'll switch to warrior, because mage is just too easy of a faceroll... s:
At the moment I can't find my way in the game. =^-^'=
I personally used the Vortex Beater instead, but I've heard good thing about Phantasm, even after its nerfs.

And also, call me again when you realize just how much all those Super Mana Potions you're gonna be using cost.
I personally used the Vortex Beater instead, but I've heard good thing about Phantasm, even after its nerfs.

And also, call me again when you realize just how much all those Super Mana Potions you're gonna be using cost.

If you're chugging Mana Potions with Nebula armor and a Celestial Magnet or item derived from it, you're doing it wrong.

Also, S.D.M.G. is perhaps the single most boring-yet-practical weapon in the game. No flashy effects, but can deal tons of damage.
I found myself playing as a Warrior most of times. I kinda suck at keeping distance, so I prefer tanky builds.
Mental Ranger. Though I have worlds with all classes, I feel most comfortable with ranged.
I personally used the Vortex Beater instead, but I've heard good thing about Phantasm, even after its nerfs.

And also, call me again when you realize just how much all those Super Mana Potions you're gonna be using cost.
I just have feeling that at some point this thread is going to become battleground for class fanboys. Wait a bit, I'm going for popcorn.
Sit down for a moment, my sword-wielding friends.
Lemme tell y'all a little story about the Summoner.

Out there in the world of Terraria, it gets rather lonely, oftentimes even scary. Especially when you're alone. That feeling will never be felt by me again.
I started out like the rest of ya. Melee weapons had the highest base damage. If something had defense, I would take it. I experimented with other styles back in 1.1, but whether I used a Megashark or the Crystal Storm, I always had the Hallowed Mask on because I needed that defense. I was curled up in my own little shell. Afraid to go out into the world. Afraid to taste the pure fresh air that was just beyond the layer of protection on my face. I used to hear the term "Masking is golden" being thrown around.

1.2 comes 'round. I see something that catches my eye; the Spectre Hood. Now this was something I could get my head around... or rather, get around my head. The ability to heal yourself and stay alive through the use of magic spells was very encouraging to me. I was almost at the strength to take on the Pumpkin and Frost Moons. But all good things come to an end, don't they? The Hood was nerfed heavily. Well, okay then. I'll just use the Spectre Mask. More damage for me.
But a mask is still a mask.
When I play through the game a few more times, I'm leaning back towards melee weapons. That Terra Blade and Paladin's Hammer looked so delicious. Who needs magic gimmicks when you have raw damage and absurd defense? This made it difficult to transition into my new Ranger. Sure, I could fly fast, but farming for Shroomite was tedious, and the game of point n' click just wasn't my style.

It's 1.2.4. The terror of the seas has risen from the depths to cause havoc upon all my characters; none of them were ready for this threat.
And then, that one fateful day. With a new character, I trekked across the forest alone. That morning, I came across a Baby Slime. It was unlike anything I had ever seen before. With a happy look on his face, he said to me "Let's go, my friend! This world is ours to explore!" I almost didn't want to believe him, but I followed his lead anyway. I already knew of this world; a world full of terrible monstrosities and face-chomping plants. Just what was he trying to show me?

Well my friends, he showed me a world unlike any other. It was the exact same world, with its jump-scaring explosive traps and murderous angels. But it wasn't the same feeling of dread that I always had when faced with these challenges.
Most importantly, I didn't feel alone. The Baby Slime led me through darkened caverns and into deserts that could swallow me whole, and all the while, I wasn't afraid. I had a friend, and it made all the difference.
This little tyke opened my eyes.

Together we overthrew a Queen Bee who abused her power, and we freed her servants from the jail cells of Bee Wax.
Together we created a staff that would conjure a Fire Imp from thin air; one that was actually on our side and fought for the greater good. For the first time, I was able to take down the Wall of Flesh without high defense and on my first try. Our teamwork proved most excellent against the keeper of the Underworld.
Together we rescued the Queen Spider and her loyal subjects from the outbreak of invasive, rebellious Black Recluses, and she crowned me her best soldier.
Together we put a stop to an attack by Pirates, convincing them to join our cause so that the treasures they seek will no longer be in short supply.
Together we released the Twins from their spell of terror and hatred, and in return they promised to watch over us throughout our journey to purify this corrupt land.
Together we put the Jungle back into rest, halting Plantera's aggressive onslaught and retrieving an ancient staff from her that would bring clay figures to life. The Witch Doctor, knowing very well what this was, saw me as the successor he had been waiting his whole life for. He bestowed his most valuable possessions upon me, charms that would allow me to gain a stronger bond with my many friends. With these, my troop of clay figures and I marched into the Temple and shut down the berserk Golem who had lost its mind indefinitely.
Together we trudged into the Dungeon and freed the Frost Hydra from the staff in which it was imprisoned, preventing it from spending all of time in its cage of eternal frost.
Together we protected our precious world from a war waged by creatures of the night, relieving a corrupt scarecrow king of a staff that magically drew the attention of Ravens.
And together, we stood up to the dreadful usurper of the ocean, and by the power of our unbreakable bonds, we ended his reign of terror, settled the water of the seas, and gained the ability to control his pure rage in the form of watery vortexes that conjured angry sharks through the power of his hatred and spite.

I stood there, atop a tower at the entrance to the town I had built with my own two hands. As I looked over the horizon, it dawned on me that this world was entirely mine. Ours. At last, I feared nothing; we feared nothing. No evil could stand in our way. We are one. I gave all of my friends a very warm hug, and I realized then and there, that this is who I am. A valiant guardian of nature created to protect the world we love so dearly. Yet the only thing that drove me forward was the power of friendship. It was a beautiful feeling that took my breath away.
The truth hit me like a ton of Rainbow Bricks.
I am the Summoner.

And the best part was, this was only the beginning.
Nice poem, bro.
I personally used the Vortex Beater instead, but I've heard good thing about Phantasm, even after its nerfs.

And also, call me again when you realize just how much all those Super Mana Potions you're gonna be using cost.
Phantasm is awesome.
On the other hand, in practice the ammo for Phantasm costs way more than the amounts of Super Mana Potions you have to chug for spamming the Last Prism for days. The Last Prism is just much more damaging, has a better practical range, pierces and it's ammo, the manapots cost a lot less.

Anyways, I'm a cat person, so I think I'll go with a Meowmere-swinging cat-eared-clawed champion of justice theme. That's my style. xD

Summoner on the other hand is pretty nice now, if we could paint them summons I might just play it more. If there was an endgame cat summon, I'd choose it over every other class. =^-^=
Melee ---> Magic ---> Ranged ---> Summoner

There are melee and magic weapons walking around you and are so fun to use.
Ranged weapons are fun and all, but I just don't find it exciting
Summoner? You mean the class with 17 weapons? I'll pass.
I would have to say Mage here. Mage's can perform special attack patterns which you can almost never obtain via the other classes, such as the weirdly attacking Shadowbeam Staff, the mouse controlled Rainbow Rod, and the fast homing attack of the Razorblade Typhoon.

My favourite Magic weapon, which is why Mage is good pre-hardmode, is strangely the Water Bolt. It can be generally obtained above 0 depth on the dungeon shelves, requiring you to merely get there. And now you have yourself a devastating weapon that can last you into Hardmode.

Mages also have very good range as well, allowing you to attack from a distance. With Magic Armor, celestial cuffs, and mana flowers you can make your mana last a very long time, too.

And the Last Prism. It's powerful as hell :dryadcool:

~ Pinky Slime
Back in Terraria 1.1 and early 1.2, I played mostly magic. At the end of 1.2 and in 1.3 I started playing melee more, and I love it. Especially the Vampire Knives. The only times I've used guns are to beat Skeletron with no armor/100 hp, Destroyer on Expert, and the Moon Lord on expert. I don't often use magic either. In fact I don't think I used magic for any of the bosses in 1.3 on my playthrough. As for Summoner, it's my second favorite class. I played a playthrough of the game with Summoner in 1.2.4 and I absolutely loved it.
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