What type of gamer are you?

I'm a hoarder type. Usually adjusting my gameplay style to the genre, recently was preferring rogue/stealthy style, now going with swordplay mostly. Almost not going multiplayer because I have trouble adjusting to other people's pace and style.
My tolerance for games is quite small, therefore I only play a few at the same time rather than having a whole collection to choose from on my normal evenings. If I latch onto a certain game, I will play the heck out of it until I exhaust all the replay-ability it might have. You give me a co-op game that I will play, I'll surpass you in experience before night falls.

I'm also the type that strongly appreciates and feels quality. This ranges from general gameplay to story to graphics and sounds. Much of it is based on personal preferences such as well-thought out weaponry and a dark yet realistic story instead of a cliche-filled mess.

I hunt down tactics when required, skillful when needed and am realistically resourceful (as in, I don't save a specific item for ever waiting for the right time to use it).
I'd personally say, I'm the type of gamer that is pretty much everything and nothing, depending on what I'm playing.
For example in Diablo 3 - I organize my bank and Legendaries and try to calculate the most DD-Output possible.
In Terraria - I try to explore or just try to rush the highest Tier items obtainable. (That's why I can have anice things ;_;)

Mostly I play:
- RPG's
- Pixelated games (Overture, Super Meat Boy, Terraria and so on..)
- Casual games
- Sandbox
- Simulation (Anno 2070 mostly)
and last but not least - Racing games of all sorts.

That pretty much sums me up. xd
I'm generally a bad gamer so my choices tend to be limited.

One thing is pretty certain when playing with me, though - due to my unnecessary paranoia/anxiety of everything I tend to not play anything until, well, i know the basics of it and have leveled up considerably. I'm really fkin scared of being called a noob someone help Or have killed every pre-hardmode bosses, which is the case in this game. Separating games by its genres.

Sandbox games (Starbound/Terraria/Etc) : Builder [I will make a thread for it soon], doing things just because it's fun, cheating and killing every bosses gg ez, mod everything.
Rhythm games (osu!, stepmania, Pump It Up, MaiMai, etc) : That one mid-range player that can't get any further, also a gimmicks fan and I'll learn how to read most of it sooner or later.
RPG games : Easiest difficulty because I'm only playing it for the plot. Whines over characters and save-scums until I get a favorable result. For MMORPGs, I only play it when there's someone else playing with me.
RTG games : Big-:red: cannons. That's all. Oh, and a lot of meatshields.
Tabletop RPGs : I have no idea what I'm doing here. Makes extensive lores for one-time NPCs. Usually going with one or two attacks every session.
FPS : Bad aim, bad anxiety, bad everything, yet I still play it for the fun.

My characters tend to be female and has white hair.
I Always Play On The Easiest Difficulty, Until I'm So OP Nothing Can Even Dent Me.
If I Stop Playing A Game I'm Incredible At For A Long Time, I Suck Again. Severely.
I'm a casual gamer, I usually don't hunt achievements.
I select only a few games from the countless available, preferably with the highest user reviews and I still read the most helpful user reviews before finally buying a game, I can't remember the last time I bought a game I didn't enjoy because of this.
I'm sort of a budget gamer, I don't spend much on my games as I almost always buy games on sale, I can wait for a sale.
I don't like violent games, but I love to blow :red: up, so I like machine based games more.
I'll admit, I usually chose female characters when available.

The list of what type of games I like:
Bullet Hell/Shoot 'em Up: You're controlling one fighter jet or a flying character and trying to avoid a rain of bullets while trying to get the highest score, they don't seem to be very popular, but I enjoy them. [Examples: DoDonPachi Resurrection, Danmaku Unlimited 2/3, Crimzon Clover World Ignition, Shogun: Rise of the Renegade.]
Sandbox/Machine Building Sandbox: I really enjoyed Terraria, but, I'm not good at building, I'm more of a PvE person, though, I was actually getting better at building recently, the second sandbox type is where you can build any vehicle you want, not like the static vehicles in Minecraft, something that can move and shoot, it feels satisfying to see my very own vehicle destroy enemies. [Examples: Besiege, From the Depths, MachineCraft, Terra Tech]

Neutral Opinion:
JRPG: Well, the inventory and character management feels the same in multiple games to me, and sometimes, you don't need to focus on multiple characters, because of this, I feel that some characters are basically useless. Some of what I played have some unbalanced DLC (offering OP weapons/armor) [Examples: Hyperdimension series, Fairy Fencer, Mugen Souls]

What I don't like:
Free to Play: Don't yell at me, I'm not going to stop you from playing those, I just don't find them enjoyable.
But from my experience, most are designed to get you to spend money using psychology, like by having significantly increased grind times.
[Examples: Elsword, Fractured Space, Warframe, War Thunder]
Games with Loot Crates: I got 15 kills and 0 deaths, what do I get? A few commons.
Mobile Games!: Countless pay 2 wins, shameless ripoffs and rare originality, Shogun: Rise of the Renegade is the only one I found enjoyable.
FPS: Despite having a good aim, I feel I should stay away as it affects my real life behavior, I try to keep it a secret though, I actually liked Robocraft, well used to, they added loot crates (RC is a third person shooter).
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