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Whats a good mod combo? In terms of the big mods.


Topic, Looking to combine some of the bigger mods with some quality of life mods on top. I heard Calamity kinda is balanced around itself, so it doesn't really play nice with other overhaul mods due to the fact the stuff in Calamity will almost always be stronger than stuff in say thorium.

Heard Spirit mod+throium is a good start what else?


Spirit Mod + Calamity + Terratale(sans fight) + Aerovalance + World Gen Previewer(the title says all for that one) + JoostMod + Swords Overhaul Mod

Hope that helped


Mine is : Thorium + Spirit + Split + the antiaris + Element Awoken + grealm.
Add In : Various weather + chad furniture and you got a pretty well mod balance.

(, i got exodus but it hink items in it is a little bit too strong)


Official Terrarian
Calamity (With the music mod)
Grealm (BaseMod needed)
Ancients Awakened (BaseMod also needed)
Antisoctial (Tremor instead if too cheezy)
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A good mod selection for a multiplayer session would be:
calamity(Music or no music, music is just much better to have, especially the abyss music, thats a treat)
DNI Equipment upgrade(You can upgrade an items stats with the correct gem and the Reli- Reliqua- That rainbow staff thing thats NOT the rainbow rod, easier to aquire gems and more options due to more players = more weapons/items)
Vitality tools
Imk is a bit cheesy, and only these 4 mods won't cause much lag, plus there is plenty to do with just thorium, so put calamity and vitality and Dni and you got a pretty good amount of content and you can collect a weapon of each level with DNI. Collecters rejoice!


Calamity+Thorium, Calamity+Spirit, Calamity+Tremor, Calamity+Thorium+Tremor, Thorium+Tremor+Spirit.
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