What's your favorite Terraria music track?

Fav Track?

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Living Tree
Vote on 4 of your favorite music tracks From terraria. Personally, I don't know whats mine.
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I also like Underground and Windy Day but I can’t vote Underground because I can only do 2 votes and I can’t vote Windy Day because it’s not on the vote list.
i have more than two, in no particular order:
  • Space Day (iirc that's the new one)
  • Ocean Night
  • Morning Rain
  • Twins theme (1.4.5)
  • Boss 3 (honourable mention, used to be my favourite but i kinda got bored of it)
  • UG Crimson (honourable mention, very funky but not my fav and also kinda got bored of it)
It is an absolute crime that Deerclops isn't on here. You think I'm kidding but no you're an actual criminal bud have fun in jail.
Alright, what's everybody's least favorite on the list. I'll replace that one with Deerclops.
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