Your necessities for every (vanilla) playthrough


Finally, I'm doing a vanilla playthrough again. After such a long time of playing purely modded, I have yet another vanilla adventure, and finally on expert mode.

And there is one thing I have noticed: There is always - always - that one item that is necessary for every playthrough, regardless of class. Or even some items. I actually have 2 Items, technically 3 but two are basically connected.

Unless there is already a thread for this kind of thing (in which case, please lock this one and link the other one, and apologies for the spam), perhaps you could share your own personal Item(s) that you Always need in your Terraria playthrough. If you want, you can also separate PHM and HM. And even better, give a reasoning why.

To make the start...

My personal necessity for every playthrough:

Spelunker Glowsticks/Magic Lantern.
I'm going to be straight up honest... The Spelunker glowsticks and the magic lantern are my top-1 thing to go for. I am exploring a lot, and with that, having those two items in my inventory at all times is absolutely great.

Staff of Regrowth
And with this one, this is my top-notch Alchemy item. I create a ton of potions, and especially right now that I do my first expert mode playthrough, it has become the biggest necessity for me in terms of potion creation, even deep into hard mode.

Well, your turn. What is your necessity for every playthrough?
Miner helmet (the one from the merchant) hermes boots and rocket boots for pre hm titanium/adamantite sword leaf wings and megashark for hardmode
For me the necessities?
1. Bug Net - with its upgrade, Golden Bug Net, it's pretty much what you need for kickstarting the playthrough in Hardmode. Doubled usefulness with Flare Gun, Jungle Grass & Flower Boots combo.
2. Staff of Regrowth - For potions n' stuff. Actually, I can say, the ranger run I did after Thartler run didn't finish did use the duo, and hoh boy, you'll love how the two are in synergy!
3. Piggy Bank/Money Though - Actually, the latter gives you the 40 portable and safe slots.
Starfury, usually to discover caves and other things. Because of it's unique effect and purpose. It stays loyal even post-mechs.
Hol' up... @TheWorfer27, are you Huzzbubber Tim? Havn't been active for like a year...

My necessities are 1) Magic Mirror 2) Obsidian shield (and later ankh shield) and 3) Spectre/lightning/frostspark boots.

I'm mobile btw.
My way of living: at the beginning of every new world, a magic mirror, Hermès boots, and a cloud in a bottle must be found before any bosses are killed.
Once hardmode rolls around, I like to try and get an emblem so I can craft an avenger emblem later. I love that thing.
wings. thats it. WINGS. and thats because. something you want to avoid? Just fly over it. and i think they can make you go fast when you use them
Copper Axe and Copper Pickaxe. Why? Without them you couldn't mine to make better pickaxes/axes (and no, unless you get a fiberglass rod, fishing is out of the question too)
Ice Rod, Money Trough, Master Ninja Gear, Celestial Stone/shell, Shrimpy Truffle, DD2 armor, Staff of Regrowth, and fishing rods for me...
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