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    I'm now part of the 1,6% players who completed this achievement. It was quite annoying though, because I was missing a few spots.
    TerraGuardians has some things you can do, that the mod just doesn't tell. One trial I'll have is finding a way of showing what you can do, without annoying or hindering the gameplay.
    New TerraGuardians update is out. Enjoy having an open field raid.
    Oh wow. I mean, Wow! The comment you guys gave to your favorite guardians are awesome. Except for one bad mouthed person. Also, the current race for the popularity is also intense. But I'm itching myself to see who will win. We'll have to wait, anyway. Hehe.
    Having 3 companions following me made the game somewhat easier. I'll have to think how I could make the extra companions make the game tougher somewhat.
    Uh oh, as I keep adding new companions, the game is using more and more ram as you have them as town npc, or your characters have at least one of them recruited.
    If I want to keep adding more guardians, I'll have to find ways to make their base infos lighter.
    For normal players, I guess that ram usage isn't that much, but for me, It's like a heavy bite on the pc memory.
    I predict that February pc news will feature Chippy Games video talking about master mode.
    After this advice, I guess I'll be a bad influence on the eyes of a number of people:
    If you have a good idea but is thinking that It would be way too much work or not worth it. Don't think, just do it!
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    I mean, the first rule of any good rule or guide book is that there will be circumstances where the advice does not apply. You can't plan for everything.
    That's about right.
    New TerraGuardians mod update is out, Nemesis got some fixes and changes. Protect Mode AI added.
    I wonder, should the popularity contest remain monthly, or just be a voting with updates from time to time with new characters, and no reset?
    The result of January's TerraGuardian Popularity contest are up: Blue wins. More info here:
    New NExperience Mod update is out. And It's now back to mod browser. Enjoy.
    Today might be the last day to vote on TerraGuardians popularity contest. And I say "might" because that will depend on when since February 1st the votes countdown will happen. Be sure to vote on your favorite TerraGuardians. And If you want to change your vote, be sure to do so before tomorrow. See ya!
    New TerraGuardians mod update launched. Bree arrives.
    Brutus is questioning himself If he should visit the Stylist, so she could check out his hair. What do you think?
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