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Hey folks! For those of you who don't know I joined TO in November 2013. Originally I discovered Terraria years ago (before 1.1) through Tobuscus's Tobygames LP, watched every episode! Then I bought it as soon as it came out for Xbox and logged tons of hours. It wasn't until the 1.2 update that I snagged it on PC and then discovered the TO forums. Anyway, I've always done my best to bridge the gap between the PC and Console community and I hope I can do an even better job at it now with my new position here on TCF. Feel free to contact me if there's something I can help you with on the forums and I'll do what I can, but may not be all that quick about it considering my duties XP. Well enjoy the forums my friends!

I need this here for posting use Xp :


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    Adorned in Dazzling Crystals

    Bouncing and stomping through the forums for nine years, your heavenly presence now soars and sparkles.
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    Living Tree

    You stayed true to nature, let your roots grow and branches spread wide. Long live the Trees!
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    The Axe

    You elected to wield the blade against the arboreal horde...
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    Sovereign of the Swarm

    Like a true regent, you’ve been buzzing through the forums with your honeyed goggles for eight years.
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    The Master and Core

    Hungry for ancient spirits, you’ve sacrificed and been a guide here to others for seven years.
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    In a swirl of Prismatic Bolts

    Within the six years you've everlasted here in our hallowed halls, you've sun danced from a small lacewing into a true Empress.
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    Like a plank of driftwood tossed on the watery main...

    You've been here five whole years drifting and growing, surely you've become quite the big Fishron in the pond?
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    Putting Down Roots

    You've been here four whole years and, like a flower, made the forum more beautiful with your presence.
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    I Have Many Leather-Bound Books....

    1,095 days is a long time, indeed....and that's how long you've been a member of our Community!
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    The Fabric of Our Lives...

    Two years as a Terrarian! Thanks for your continued support!
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    Happy Paper Anniversary! You've been a member of the Terrarian Community for a full year!
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    Content you have posted has attracted a positive reaction score of 100.
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    One of Us! One of Us!

    1,000 messages. 'Nuff Said. Thanks for being a loyal and active Terrarian!
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    Alert the Paparazzi!

    Your messages have been positively reacted to 25 times.
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    This is....Terraria!

    500 posts, huh? Your fingers must be pretty tired by now....
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    Certifiably Terrarian

    You are a True Terrarian! (Awarded for indicating that you own Terraria)
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    Like a sauna in here....

    Link your Steam account to your forum account.
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    You like really, really like me....

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    Terraria: The world that has been pulled over your eyes...

    The Terrariatrix has you! With 100 messages posted, it's too late to turn back now!
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    Out of the Shadows...

    A lurker no longer, you have posted your first message in our community forums!
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