PC 1.3.1 : Mechanics and Controller Support!

Discussion in 'PC - Re-Logic' started by Cenx, May 20, 2016.

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  1. Leinfors

    Leinfors Quality Assurance Staff Member Moderator Re-Logic

    Would like to take a moment to point out one thing that's gone under the radar for quite a while;

    This update includes the grand prize for the 3 winners of the Halloween Contest.

    @Esreadel, @Gotcha! and @TheRetroDonkey have each added an NPC name of their choosing to the pool of possible options!

    Keep an eye out for Abram the Wizard, Esreadel the Painter, and Mika the Skeleton Merchant while playing! :D
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  2. ToP

    ToP Terrarian

    Finally! Was getting all my other stuffs done so I could play this without worry. Alas, I won't be able to touch it during the week. SadPanda.png
  3. Tsuki

    Tsuki Terrarian

    Have fun :)
  4. Ghostar

    Ghostar Quality Assurance Staff Member Moderator Re-Logic

    Might be from a distant land. Could require a bit of searching.
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  5. Gotcha!

    Gotcha! Pumpking

    Yay! Again, thanks for your help with this. :happy:
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  6. Wilson

    Wilson Plantera

    Travelling merchant
  7. AaroSA

    AaroSA Cultist

    It's only disappointment if you don't want to play adventure maps. It doesnt cost anything to try them.
  8. Sabrewulf2

    Sabrewulf2 Terrarian

    I waited this long, I can wait until tomorrow :) Thanks for letting me know.
  9. DexixCz

    DexixCz Steampunker

    OMG Finnaly is here !! :D
  10. Proxy

    Proxy Spazmatism

    Look at this... this is crazy...
  11. samufinland

    samufinland Terrarian

    Medusa has been nerfed again.
  12. Cansin13

    Cansin13 Terrarian

    Just amazing
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  13. Derpinator-9000

    Derpinator-9000 The Destroyer

    Will the server client update?
  14. PieOfCthulhu

    PieOfCthulhu King Slime

    You can no longer catch statue critters... ...IN THE SAME UPDATE THAT I FINALLY GOT THE LONG AWAITED DUCK STATUE?!?! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!
  15. ArticReaper

    ArticReaper Official Terrarian

    Can't wait to see this stuff on console :D
  16. Lazure

    Lazure Artist Re-Logic

    You like? :D
  17. MinieK

    MinieK Plantera


    Anyway, awesome update! It will be awesome to play around with wiring stuff. :D
  18. lionater5

    lionater5 Terrarian

    • Improved melee hit detection around slopes.
  19. Leinfors

    Leinfors Quality Assurance Staff Member Moderator Re-Logic

    @Derpinator-9000, there is a link to the dedicated server download at the bottom of the intro post. Is that what you are referring to? Could probably be made a bit more obvious I think. :)

    Technically . . . she's been buffed. ;) She just shows up later as well.
  20. Derpinator-9000

    Derpinator-9000 The Destroyer

    Yeah. Thanks a lot!
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