PC 1.3.1 Release Date!

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Can we get Engineer as a fifth class this update? Rather than Weaponry it's the class that utilize turrets/sentries such as the Rabbit Cannon/Snowball Cannon/Etc. :)

Probably a little late to be asking for new suggestions for this update at this point, but you are always welcome to make posts in the Suggestions section for future updates!
Woohoo, my friends have been wanting to do a new play through. I can't wait to play with all the new stuff with them!
WOO WOOT! Can't wait for some great adventure maps


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I probably will have no idea how to do any of this wiring and engineering stuff, BUT THAT'S NOT GOING TO STOP ME FROM TRYING!
Bizarre how in main news, moderators are the first ones to post.
And I wonder there be new traps and things spread through the world.
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