1.3.6 Background Preview

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  1. Safeman

    Safeman Community Manager Staff Member Re-Logic

    Happy Friday Terrarians!

    I can't think of a better way to start the weekend than sharing a new background with all of you! We don't have a release date yet, but the team is working hard to bring you 1.3.6 soon :) Check it out and let us know what you think below!

  2. darthmorf

    darthmorf Party Girl

    Darn, that's creepy.
    Still looks awesome!
  3. ppowersteef

    ppowersteef Paladin

    Oh boy...

    Is that skeleton block structure generated too? It would be awesome if it would be.
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  4. Aurora3500

    Aurora3500 Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    That is an epic Skeleton in the distance!

    Brings a whole new element to spice up the Crimson from just the background alone. It's fantastic to see the work of Lazure and Crowno with these backgrounds.

    I should play Crimson Worlds more often, to get a better different taste of the bloody goodies in the Crimson.
  5. SnailsAttack

    SnailsAttack Dungeon Spirit

    That looks awesome! I just feel like the trees in the background should have more than a single color.
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  6. AntithesisEK

    AntithesisEK Golem

    Ah, I see we're entering the Kaiju phase. Wonderful!

    I'm curious though, it's probably been asked, are these new world backgrounds or are some possibly retroactive for old worlds?
  7. FlyKip

    FlyKip Retinazer

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  8. Myu

    Myu Terrarian

    Oh. My God. That's amazing, and it just makes me love the Crimson even more.
  9. Neoshadow Ω

    Neoshadow Ω Steampunker

    Hot damn!

    It'd be a nightmare to meet whatever creature left that skeleton!

    ... or even worse, what killed it.
  10. Daimera

    Daimera Terrarian

  11. Dg-vr

    Dg-vr Dungeon Spirit

    Is that a freaking DRAGON skeleton?!!! :eek::passionate:
  12. Dragonsnatcher6

    Dragonsnatcher6 Terrarian

    These new backgrounds are great! That background is 9001x better than the old one!
  13. Leinfors

    Leinfors Quality Assurance Staff Member Moderator Re-Logic

    The background is selected at world gen, and applies to the entire world from that point on. So these backgrounds won't be visible on old worlds (which only display 1 background per biome from the set options anyway).
  14. Scarlet Hunter

    Scarlet Hunter Retinazer

    That is absolutely great!
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  15. ChaoticFlame 多情

    ChaoticFlame 多情 The Destroyer

    Terraria will be one of the most atmospheric games by 1.3.6, I swear to God
  16. TheGreenTruffle

    TheGreenTruffle Terrarian

  17. Koopahunter197

    Koopahunter197 Spazmatism

    wOAH!! That looks awesome! A dragon skeleton sitting in a lakebed... Geez, wonder how it got there... (shivers)
    Keep up the great work as always! And I've checked it over, no sneaky extra spoilers left in there... Unless that cavern with the bone fossil is a new generated structure?
  18. Jofairden

    Jofairden Golem

    Wasn't this already in the game files? It seems familiar.. Good to see it put to use ;o
  19. ToP

    ToP Terrarian

    More content I won't have access to without dropping my FPS by 20. All of the envy.
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  20. ppowersteef

    ppowersteef Paladin

    Age and time kills everything. :p