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1.3.6 Preview: Block Swap


Hello Terrarians!

As you have noticed from the recent slate of spoilers, our work on Terraria 1.3.6 is bearing some exciting fruit! This update has a lot more in store than we have shared, and with that in mind, we wanted to share one new quality of life feature that we find particularly exciting.

This new feature, which we are calling Block Swap, allows players to replace one block with another without having to break the previous block first! Tired of the way your house looks? Now you no longer have to tear the whole house down to change it. Need to clean up those random clay and stone blocks in your yard? Just swap them all out with your block of choice - much faster than mining them all individually!

Block Swap uses the mining power of the strongest Pickaxe in your inventory. Therefore, you will not be able to replace blocks that you cannot mine and it will take the same number of "swings" to replace a tile that your current pickaxe takes to mine the same block. Here are some additional fun features that Block Swap will bring to Terrarians everywhere:
- Block Swap can be used to change floor (and ceiling) blocks that furniture items are attached to, without breaking the furniture items
- Swapped blocks will keep the hammered shape that the previous blocks had
- Swapped blocks will be actuated if the original block was also actuated
- As an added bonus, you can now swap one chest for a different style of chest without having to empty it first!

Having played around with this feature for a while now, we can confidently say that this is one of those quality of life improvements that we have no idea how we ever lived without. We can’t wait until it is in your hands to see if you agree! Work on 1.3.6 is moving along at a strong pace – stay tuned for further details on what it will contain and when it might arrive. :)
This update is beautiful, my crops are growing, the sun is shining and the devs are doing DAMN GOOD

Just Monika

Skeletron Prime
And not to mention, did we not face a similar thing with hammers?

Now that we have auto-hammering of walls when we place walls, now hammers are only used for changing shape of blocks. No reason to hammer out walls unless you wanna remove them entirely.
If you click only enough to break the block, it doesn't quickly replace it. There is no "wall swap". It breaks the background and places it the next time you decide to. 'ts why it takes longer to replace walls with other walls USING the walls rather than just removing all the walls without placing anything down


Thank god! I've been waiting to replace that trash dirt house I have.
Nice job so far, and keep up the good work guys!

Starry Maiden

So just realized something. If the blocks under a demon altar is replaced with sand with no blocks below, so the sand is on air, would it float or would it fall and potentially leave a floating altar?
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