1.3.6 Preview: Block Swap

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  1. Xylia

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    Yeah, that too... my surface mushrooms tend to be flat and blocky because I don't feel like randomly hammering blocks, lol. That, and if you have one layer of mud and you stick mushroom grass on that, it creates this annoying gap between it and the dirt underneath... unless you do 2 blocks thick of mud which is yet more work I usually don't feel like doing...

    This will help so much with that.

    EDIT: Also, making tiny jungle biome for a jungle fishing hole, etc. Same thing, it's a lot less work than having to manually remove and replace blocks lol.
  2. OneOnlyDan

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    I could actually expand upon my original statement and say that this will make it easier to make custom biomes in general, and that's awesome.
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  3. nightlock

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    is 1.3.6
    going to go to console
    after its done and switch and mobile get 1.3
  4. Aurora3500

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    Correct, the Console and Mobile versions will eventually get caught up to where the PC version currently is, which will include the current update and upcoming 1.3.6 update.

    There is no estimates on when the updates will happen. Right now Pipeworks is working on Console Patches for 1.3 and then will release the 1.3 Update for Mobile and Switch versions at a later time. From there, they will be able to update all versions of the game to eventually reach where PC is.
  5. nightlock

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  6. Unftf

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    What happen if you replace e.g. Chlorophyte Ore and have a Picksaw and Shroomite Digging Claw in bag back. Will it use the strongest (Picksaw)? or the fastest which can mine it (Digging Claw)?

    Could you approximate an upper limit until release? :)
    e.g. in 6 month, with a chance less than 10% that it will take twice that time or more.
  7. temery2383

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    There are just so many great applications for this feature! I almost can't believe that this is just now becoming a thing, honestly.
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  8. SteelStar7

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    Thank you for this improvement it will really be useful for everyone (especially for builders) !
    PS : I use the same colors for my cursor ;)
  9. M4D-4LI3N

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  10. Just Monika

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    I think it should only work for building blocks, and nothing else. Not even ores. Just imagine this scenario.
    Bob and Jim have just entered hardmode. They find this cool blue ore in the depths of the caves
    Bob: Whoah, what is it?
    Jim: Not sure, but let's mine it and figure it out.
    Jim starts swinging dirt at the ore, collecting it, replacing it with dirt.
    Bob: what about your pickaxe? Do you use your pickaxe?
    Jim: Not anymore. I can just block swap it all.
  11. Sigma90

    Sigma90 Brain of Cthulhu

    Note that the OP says it uses the highest pickaxe power of the pickaxe(s) in your inventory. We can safely assume that you won't be able to mine Cobalt with a Copper Pickaxe, for example. The current pickaxe power progression should be preserved.
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  12. TheNamelessFace

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    Been waiting on something like this since I started building in Terraria :D Thankyou Terraria Devs :):):):):)
  13. Just Monika

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    I'm talking about even if you have the molten pickaxe. If you have a molten pickaxe, why use it at all and just block swap it?
  14. Xylia

    Xylia Terrarian

    Because there are times when you need to remove a block entirely?

    If I want to tunnel a hole that I can move through, I can't block swap because I'm replacing one solid block for another.
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  15. Voyager

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    I think this is going to alter the game in major ways
  16. Just Monika

    Just Monika Skeletron Prime

    But just for mining an ore. In general. You wouldn't swap it out immediately. It looks weird. You would only use a pickaxe for making passageways now?
    Also you can use platforms. Or torches. Or other things you can pass through
  17. Rough Draft

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    I don't really see how this is a problem, it doesn't imbalance the game at all. Besides, using a pickaxe is more convenient for mining anyways: It's infinite-use and accessible through the shift key without deselecting your weapon. Compare that to blocks, which have a limited count, aren't brought up by a context-sensitive button, and aren't already something you have to have with you to mine either way.
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  18. Xylia

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    And not to mention, did we not face a similar thing with hammers?

    Now that we have auto-hammering of walls when we place walls, now hammers are only used for changing shape of blocks. No reason to hammer out walls unless you wanna remove them entirely.
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  19. pbq

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    Just to clarify, replaced block will be placed in the player's inventory ignoring item pickup range?
    It was really annoying when using extendo grip to mine one clay block away, replace it with something, and having to dig down to it anyway to pick up the item.

    And can we replace grass blocks without breaking plants on them? Including plantera bulb?

    Blocks below trees are probably unreplacable, since you can't mine those, but what about sand under cacti/cactuses?

    edit: Can we replace hive blocks without creating bees/honey, and hellstone without creating lava?

    edit2: Can we replace thin ice and have it as a placeable item?
    edit3: Actually, just make a freeze gun, visual effect like clentaminator, but creates thin ice on water surfaces. Pretty please? :)
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  20. ALmaZss

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    Yes! Yes!