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All my suggestions and future suggestions.


Hello guys! This is my suggestions thread that I have already done and the suggestions that I intend to make:

-The power to control honey and lava as well as water:

-For 1.3.6 a new NPC called Architect:

-A new mount:

-New armor:

-Trees that give fruits:

-Make it possible to choose the color of the Dungeons:

-Why not make sand with ground stone?:

-New functionality for acorns and etc:

-A Tuturial for Terraria PC ( an option that you can skip if you want ):

-One thing I'd like to see changed:

-True Terra Blade:

-More Paintings:

And here are the threads I intend to do (all of them are biomes) :
- The Swamp.*
A muddy biome with a lot of water on its surface and plenty of water in its underground.
It replaces the jungle biome and has its enemies, ore, water color, music, background and so on.

- The Savannah.
A dry and arid biome that contains few puddles of water and has grass with a yellow-orange coloration. Its trees look like baobabs. Its enemies are characteristic of Africa.
Doesn't replace the Jungle, doesn't contain its own underground.
It's a biome that can spawn randomly occupying a bit of the forest place.

- The Camp.
A biome that does not contain underground however has some characteristics of rural areas. The grass has a very light green color and its trees have a very dense foliage and the same color as the grass.
Some things can be found in this biome as an abandoned and ruined barn or some animals like cows, pigs and chickens.

- The Moon.
To reach the moon the player doesn't go to the space. The player needs to get a drop from Moon Lord: the Portal Gun.
With Portal Gun the player makes a Portal Gun to go to the moon (whose recipe I have no idea yet) and that when used shoots a portal in the same way as the normal Portal Gun and the player enters the portal and leaves in another on the moon.
- Mars.
It's pretty much the same way, but the player needs to get another Portal Gun to make the one that took him to Mars.

*I've seen that there were threads about this and I'm going to base myself on some ideas or quote them completely but I want you to know that my idea is going to be different from all the others and that it will have wonderful sprites made by @Huzbubber Tim.

And that's all folks, thank you very much for the attention.
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