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Alright, time to list the stuff that should be in the game.


The dungeon guardian should have a theme, (NOT THE UNDERHAUL ONE) there should be a moon lord music box, the lunatic cultist treasure bag, ocram on PC, mobile, and console, and.....


Loony Cultist

Corrupt/Crimtane Grass on mud so that the Jungle biome doesn't get completely destroyed when the Corruption or the Crimson takes it over. There's Purple/Red Ice and Corrupt/Crimtane Sand, so this only makes sense.


Skeletron Prime
The dungeon guardian should have a theme, (NOT THE UNDERHAUL ONE)
I don't want to hear a song on loop for 20 minutes, I'm sorry, but I don't like that idea and that guy can't be considered a boss. He has the simplest AI in the entire game and it's just not fun to fight against.
there should be a moon lord music box

Ok but seriously, why is it called Lunar Boss and not Moon Lord. :p
the lunatic cultist treasure bag
The Lunatic Cultist has exactly 1 functional drop, so a treasure bag wouldn't change or solve anything. You'd have to give him an Expert drop to justify adding this.
ocram on PC
Just mod the eye of cthulhu to have higher numbers and lasers. Done.
We have so many references, but it's not like they're a bad thing, so sure, I guess?
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