Augmented TCF - A Chrome Extension & FireFox Add-on

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  1. Jofairden

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    Good to hear this, I'll keep an eye out :)
    aka I found it
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  2. Tunnel King

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    Just noting, to provide motivation :p

    The Release channel for Firefox is up to v.55.0.2, and is listing this add-on (actually, ALL add-ons) as Legacy and disabled by default. It still seems to work when enabled, as far as I can tell, but the clock is ticking, as it were.
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  3. Jofairden

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    Hmm I can't seem to enable the addon using the Nightly build (it simply won't let me), all it shows is a 'Find a replacement' button.
  4. Tunnel King

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    If your nightly build is v57+, then this won't work any longer. No add-on that has not transitioned to Web Extensions will continue to work.

    The Legacy tag for all the addons is only to give warning that they will stop working once v57 is out.
  5. Jofairden

    Jofairden Terrarian

    Yeah Nightly is on 57.0 atm, I can't wait for this add-on to update :D
  6. Tunnel King

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    So, we're a few days from official release of Firefox 57 - wondering if there's any news on compatibility for this?

    All my other essential add-ons have an update available, but I'll hold out on updating until this one is ready.
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  7. xXDiamondDogXx

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    *downloads extension and goes back to TCF*

    "Where's the effect I read earlier?"



    Well, this is pretty cool. Great job my dude. It brings something new to TCF, which is always nice.
  8. Tunnel King

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    Well, after hearing how much much performance improved with the Quantum engine, I disconnected/deleted my Firefox account (to prevent unintentional syncing) and updated my Win10 laptop to Firefox 57 (and yes, the performance improvement is quite noticeable). Still have 56.0.2 on my Win7 desktop.

    And with a little finagling, I got ATCF working in FF57. At least the main things I depended on work: the floating top menu and the tab alert notifications. I can't vouch for every feature working. Please view this as a temporary, potentially risky work-around until Everest can find time to make an official Firefox version.

    FAIR WARNING: do this at your own risk, I only know this worked for me
    1. Be running Firefox v57 or later,
    2. From the Mozilla addon site, install this extension: You might want to read through the description of what this extension does and why it might work
    3. Navigate to the Chrome extension site (yes, Chrome) and search there for 'augmented tcf'. The link is here. Note that at the top right is an option for 'Add to Firefox'. Click that.
    4. You now get a page with this on it: atcf.PNG
    5. What I did: Click the Save to Disk / Unsigned option, which will save the converted extension as 'Augmented TCF-1.2.10.xpi' in the location you choose. Remember where you saved it.
    6. Now open a new tab and enter this in the address bar: 'about:debugging' To the right at the top of the resulting page, you'll see a button labeled 'Load Temporary Add-On'. Click that, and navigate to where you saved that .xpi file in the previous step. Select it and click OK.
    7. This will attempt to load the extension. If you now go to TCF / refresh the page, it should be 'working'. You may see a few messages that appear to be errors, I just ignored them.
    8. You may well have to reload this manually every time you restart your browser. (eta: yes, you do). Just go back to 'about:debugging', and below the listing for Augmented TCF, there's a Reload button. Click that. Or repeat step 6.

    Again, I don't really know why/how any of this works, and I have no idea how to help anyone trying to debug any of the features that I don't use.
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  9. Everest

    Everest Mechanic

    It works because Firefox supports the APIs behind the chrome extension now (WebExtensions = chrome extensions api in firefox).

    As for the status of ATCF v2, I'm putting on.. uh, hold. I'd use hiatus but I really hate that word because projects die when people use that word and I truly am committed to working on ATCF, it just doesn't fit with my current life agenda right now.

    Essentially, I'm working on a different project right now (and every time I open that project up, I see ATCF, so don't think I'm forgetting ATCF; I'm not <3) and barely even have time for that.

    Again, disliking clichés, I don't want to say that the reason I'm busy is school, but I'd be a liar otherwise. To be fair, it's more-so the 4 to 5 clubs I'm participating in, plus classes that extend after school, and then the extra AP tests I'm going to take without their classes. I kind of brought it on, honestly.

    So I'm definitely in a bad spot. I'm hoping to finish this project some time this school year, then shift focus back to ATCF--not to say that it'll be fast, my current project only gets commits (work done on it) during weekends as is. Can't wait to get to work on it, just don't expect it to be done soon.

    In the meantime, I'm open to suggestions by far. Knowing me, I'll go against everything I just said and might spend 4 sleepless nights hacking away at ATCF v2 at some random point in time. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Sorry for the long, seemingly endless wait. Bear with me through it, though, and something great should hopefully follow <3.

    Edit: It's unlikely anyone's going to see this edit, but it's hard to put into words how amazing it feels to see some large names on these forums simply (usually) silently acknowledge every one of my posts in this thread. Thanks for the continuous support, y'all.
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