Lunar Drop/Tier Ideas - Laser Glaive, Black Hole Gun, and Meteorfury

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  1. SzGamer227

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    Just a few Lunar-tiered weapons I came up with.

    Many, many thanks to Brutallama for the absolutely amazing sprites. Please, go like his post! :passionate:

    Laser Glaive.png
    Laser Glaive
    * Penetrates and ricochets between enemies that are close to each other.
    -- After hitting an enemy, it will bounce off and home after another enemy within 15ft (7.5 blocks) away.
    -- Hits 5 enemies before returning unless there are no more targets within reach.
    Base Damage: ~105
    Knockback: 7 (Extremely Strong)
    Velocity: 12 (Same as the Possessed Hatchet)
    This is a reference to the game "Risk of Rain."

    Here's a Lunar magic weapon that would deviate from the current "high fire rate" nature of endgame Magic:

    Black Hole Gun
    'Wash away the rain.'
    * Operates like the Inferno Fork.
    -- Projectiles explode into a void of shadow which sucks enemies in.
    -- Knockback counts against enemies in the opposite direction it normally would.
    Base Damage: ~90
    Knockback: 10 (Insane)
    Mana Cost: 15
    Use Time: 26 (2.3 uses/second) (Average)
    Velocity: 10 (25% faster than the Fork)
    Black Hole Gun.png

    Now for a sword that would act like a super-powerful Starfury upgrade. Because, really; it would be awesome.

    Causes meteors to fall from the sky.
    * Drops a large meteor at the cursor when recharged, dealing 125% original damage over an area.
    -- Each meteor explodes into 1-3 smaller bits (like Stynger shrapnel), which deal 80% original damage.
    -- Leaves burning flames (like Molotov Cocktails) at the impact site, which constantly deals 60% original damage to enemies in contact.
    Base Damage: ~90
    Knockback: 7 (Extremely Strong)
    Use Time: 17 (2.5 uses/second)
    Recharge: 59 (same as Starfury)

    This was part of another thread of mine, but since it applies to this topic, I'll include it here.

    Hitscan technology enhances ammo used.
    'Bullet-firing technology at its peak.'

    Uses bullets for ammo.
    * Fires hitscan projectiles with extra abilities. (See thread for details.)
    Damage: 275
    Crit Chance: +15%
    Use Time: 43 (1.4 uses/second)

    Feedback is never not appreciated. :)
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  2. skyblade57

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    actually this could be cool if there is a lunar-themed event I would get these along with the S.D.M.G. and other items
  3. Cozybozy

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    This is a good suggestion, however. The Lunar Boss has like 100K health :/
  4. Wow this is pretty good And add this to scarecrows lunar suggestion there would be suggestion heaven
  5. MegaSDMGShark

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    I would have like a skyfury "sword" that drops moons, and a a staff of moons that fires homing moons.
  6. SzGamer227

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    :eek: HOW DO YOU EVEN KNOW??
  7. Cozybozy

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    Just a guess :p
  8. DXExiled

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    I like it, I'm up for any space content suggestions. :D
  9. Matt (DailyHop)

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  10. skyblade57

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  11. Baconfry

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    They may be subtly different, but one is implemented in a way that would actually make sense from a programming perspective. And it ain't yours.
  12. SzGamer227

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    I find it funny how we seem to have switched roles... :p

    Normally, I'm the one bashing and your the one who tries to be nice and helpful.
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    ;) I got it. Hehe.
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  14. Wisp

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    Puny meteorfury can never stand to the stormfury! syke, yours is stronger :(. Anyways, great suggestion! I support :)
  15. Persecutor

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    Black Hole Gun... I smell Saint's Row IV.
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  16. SzGamer227

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    Coincidence. I am well aware of the SRIV Black Hole Launcher, though. This one guy on TO would always post the image of it. :p
  17. ethanciavo

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    FYI, glaives are not even close to boomerangs. Glaives are basically a cross between a sword and a spear. Nitpicking aside, I like this suggestion. I want a meteorfury so badly!
  18. SzGamer227

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    1) It's a common misconception that is held by pop fantasy culture, and Terraria loves misconceptions.
    2) It's a reference to Risk of Rain, so I had to keep the name anyways.
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  19. Pwnester

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    The Laser Glaive might be a problem for the devs, but its from my favorite game (Other than terraria) so I hope it gets added
  20. stormconure

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    My favorite pre-HM sword: starfury. My favorite pre-HM overall weapon: thorn chakram. That laser glaive and meteorfury... Me must have.

    The black hole gun seems cool too
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