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Calling all Terrarians - DR Studios Needs your PlayStation Saves!


Staff member
Greetings Terrarians!

As we close in to the last few things needed before submission, the team at DR Studios could use your help in testing the save transfer system for Console 1.3 > 1.4. While we have and will continue to test our own internal saves, we would love to expand to a wider array of saves in order to be able to cover as many bases as possible. So, what do we need from you? We need your saves!
The link below will take you to a form that will show you how to copy and upload your Terraria PlayStation saves to DR Studios for further testing. PLEASE NOTE: Due to save file restrictions, we can only use PlayStation files.

The team will only utilize your saves and any information provided in testing.So – consider this a call to help make sure that the upcoming console launch goes as smoothly as possible. Thanks!
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