Official Get Wired For Terraria 1.3.1: Calling All Terrarian Mechanics!

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Greetings Terrarians, from the other side of the 1.3 update!

Thanks so much for your enthusiastic response to the update thus far - as well as your assistance and patience in catching and squashing so many nasty bugs. With Mac/Linux launching this week, Mobile/Console update news in the air, and the exciting announcement around the new Nintendo versions, it is safe to say that it is a fantastic time to be a Terrarian!

With all that in mind, the team sat down and started to lay out some ideas around what we may want to explore for future updates. We have a handful of ideas and a general vision for where we would like to take things coming out of that - and that begins today with our announcing that Terraria 1.3.1 will be focused around upgrading the wiring & mechanics systems in Terraria!


(Image courtesy of @ajidot)​

Though simple on the surface, the capabilities of Terraria's mechanic system are deceptively complex - as evidenced by many of the amazing creations our fans have developed over time. From the Fountain in the 1.2 Trailer to the more-recent computers (and blackjack machines! ;) ) of 2015, you never cease to amaze us. That got the team thinking - what if we expanded upon that toolbox of capabilities? Even better, what if we asked you guys for your ideas in doing so?


Well, that is exactly what we are going to do in this thread. You get a sense for what we are trying to do with 1.3.1 - now we need your ideas for how wiring and mechanics can be taken to the next level. To submit your idea:
  • Simply post your idea in this thread which as much detail as you can provide.
  • Anything is fair game: new items, new switches, more wire colors, etc.
  • The team will read through all of your ideas along the path to development for 1.3.1, and incorporate any new ideas that seem really cool
  • Of course, we already have our own internal list of "stuff", but we will keep that a secret for now.

Ok, we will let you get right to it - we look forward to hearing all of your amazing ideas.

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Ha! That Ajidot is amazing! Woop woop! More wiring =/= More FUN! I will suggest some things soon!

My ideas edited into this post:
More (Colored) wrenches and Colored Wrench Changes:
Wrench (Material)
Black Wrench
White Wrench
Yellow wrench
CHANGES: (I hope this is not already implemented, I don't think it is)
Mechanic now only sells blank wrench for the price of a Red Wrench. You craft any colored wrench by hand with a Wrench.
Old "Wrench" is now "Red Wrench." (Wrench doesn't feel like a word anymore...)

More (Non-colored) wrenches
Antlion Wrench:
Crafted with 5 Antlion Mandibles, 50 sand, and 1 Wrench.
Reaches 8 additional tiles, 25% faster placement speed. Uses up Sand Wire.
Shadow/Bloody Wrench:
Crafted with 12 Corrupt/Crimson bars, and a Wrench
Reaches 12 additional tiles, and 12% faster placement speed. Uses Evil Wire.
Holy Wrench:
Crafted with 12 Hallowed Bars and a Wrench
Reaches to the edge of the screen, and has 25% faster placement speed. Uses Holy Wire.
Lunar Wrench:
Crafted with 14 Luminite bars and 1 wrench.
Reaches to the edge of the screen and has a 30% faster movement speed. Uses holy/regular wire.
Ultimate Wrench:
Crafted with every wrench, colored and uncolored, and the material Wrench (Wrench)
Reaches to the edge of the screen and has a 75% faster placement speed. Uses any wire, and you can change it by right clicking it (It changes through the sprites, if that's possible)

More wires:
Sand wire: 40 sand, 200 wire - 200 Sand Wire - Used by Antlion Wrench and sends connections 10% faster
Evil Wire - Crafted with 1 crimson/corrupt bar, 100 wire - 100 Evil Wire - Used by Corrupt/Bloody Wrench - Used to make Evil Connections
Holy Wire - Crafted with 1 Hallow bar, 100 wire - 100 Holy Wire - Used by Holy Wrench - Used to make Holy Connections

More actuators:
Transporter - Crafted with 50 Actuators - Makes solid walls, but still actuated (They appear solid, but you can go through them)
One-way glass - Crafted with 50 actuators - Makes non-solid non-actuated walls (They appear nonsolid, but you can't go through them)

Evil Connections:
Evil switch - Works like regular switch, but gives you Shadow Dodge for 20 seconds. Works every 15 minutes (You can use it as much as you want, but you only get the buff every 15 minutes) - Crafted with 20 switches and 1 Crimson/corrupt bar - Makes 20.
Evil lever - Same as evil switch, but a lever. - Crafted with 20 levers and 1 crimson/corrupt bar - makes 20

Holy Connections:
Holy switch - Same as evil switch, but buffs you with lifeforce for 5 minutes and you can only use every 20 minutes - Crafted with 20 switches and 1 hallow bar - makes 20
Holy lever - Same as holy switch, but with levers - Crafted with 20 levers and 1 hallowed bar - Makes 20

Wireless Stamp
'Stamps in wireless transmitters'
Uses wire
When placed, a textbox (Similar to that of a sign, but smaller) that has 9 spaces. You then copy that into another one and they're connected.

Mechanic's Workbench
Sold from Mechanic for 2 gold.
Crafts all mechanical items except color wrenches.

You can now craft wire at a Mechanic's Workshop for 1 tin/copper - Makes 50.
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Cool! I think it would be amazing to have Snickerbobble's florescent beams as another option to use in place of wires. If done right, they could be used to make simple logic gates since they have clear on/off states.

Edit: I guess I'll add my other ideas here too:
  • A device that creates fluid when it gets a signal (and another that can drain fluid)
  • A silver wrench that places silver wires and consumes 5 silver coins for each wire. Cutting the wires would give you back the coins you used to place them.
  • A tool that could easily change blocks to their inactive states, and an accessory that could let the player place inactive blocks.
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It would make the system better if you added wireless connections. That way you wouldn't have to spend ages building a line of wires to the other side of the map for teleporters. You could use specific codes to link wireless points. It would be better if you made them too expensive to be worth using on a small scale, so it can't be practically useful for building a wire across a single room.
Ooh, wiring stuff!

Well, the first things that come to mind:
- At LEAST 2 new wire wrench colors (yellow and pink? Fits the Team Colors!)
- A multi-color wrench (right click to "click" through color options)
- Wireless transmitters to convey wire signals over difficult to wire locations, or long range (And for wireless teleporters, please!)
- A variation of Snickerbobble's florescent beams
- Some new functional mob statues, perhaps other functional statues with misc. features
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