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Can the Desert Tiger be available as a pet?


The Destroyer
The Desert Tiger Staff Minion is a good minion when you get (I think, I haven't tested out the most recent version of it because I don't own but around Moon Lord it's not very useful compared to the Stardust Dragon or the Terraprisma or even the Stardust Cell Staff. However it's very cute (especially the first tier) and it would be perfect as a pet. Maybe the summon item for the pet version could be in the Desert Chest in the dungeon as well as the Staff?


The Destroyer
It would be awesome to just be able to set minions as pets. It’d be neat to have a pet cosmic dragon without it attacking or using a minion slot.

What if minion staves could be put in pet slots?
Yeah that would be great! But what if you put a Finch Staff in your pet slot and used another Finch Staff for the minion?
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