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Drawings & Paintings Cheerio's Avatar Thread!

Discussion in 'Non-Terraria Creations, Art, & Literature' started by Cheerio, Oct 28, 2015.

  1. Cheerio

    Cheerio Golem

    Since my other thread went so well, I'm making a new one! (That's sarcasm, by the way.)

    Hello one and all, and welcome to Cheerio's newest disaster! -- I mean, what? I have decided that big projects aren't for me. So since I still want to contribute to Terraria Forums, I am opening this thread. The main goal of this thread is to dominate Terraria forums with stylized white avatars. *cough* Sorry, what was that?

    As in the past, I will take ten requests at a time. In order for me to complete a request I will need a description or image of you character. Eye color is especially important, since that it the only color on the avatars I will make.

    If you want your avatar colored, simply request it, and @Krasunir will be happy to do that for you!

    And now, what you've been waiting for: the avatars themselves.

    Cheerio.png Szaila.png Jetstream Infinity.png Dreadful man.png Matsu.png TheBezixx.png Freenight.png Brick Creeper.png azumarill64.png Krasunir.png ppowersteef.png Treesmasher.png RoboTTrustworthy.png Privy.png Milt69466.png Artie.png Shadow_Mantis.png XenoCat.png CraftedNightmareHere!.png Temmie.png gallantEclipse.png zeskorion.png Cryx.png EpicCriddle.png TheQuietBisharp.png Arpiter.png king40606.png Vizron.png Di.png Myu.png Rastriavis.png TheBezixx2.png

    And because the hyperlinks de-link everytime I try to add a new one...
    Last edited: Feb 26, 2016
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  2. Matsu

    Matsu Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Oooo...I'll take a request.

    Here is the image:
    Eye color is gray.
  3. Bezixx

    Bezixx The Destroyer

    It would be a sin to not make a request here.

  4. LoveSpreader

    LoveSpreader Terrarian

    image.jpg Let's see what you can do with this. :dryadsmile:
  5. Brick Creeper

    Brick Creeper Skeletron Prime

    I have been summoned by your profile. I will cure your boredom.

    Would you mind making me a Halloween avatar? It would be the clothier's red hat with a glowing Jack 'O lantern face on it, possibly with a black background. Thanks!
    Last edited: Oct 29, 2015
  6. Azu

    Azu Retinazer

    Could I get a spooky Spinda dressed like this chap?
    Thank you!
  7. Cheerio

    Cheerio Golem

    Thanks for all your requests everyone. When I come back from lunch, I will continue drawing. In the meantime, anyone know how to perma-link the images to the profiles so that I don't have to go back and link them everytime I edit the post?
  8. Bezixx

    Bezixx The Destroyer

    Right click on the image and pick "copy image" instead of "copy image address". It will make you paste the image immediately instead of having to go through with link. If that's what you mean.
  9. Krasunir

    Krasunir Terrarian

    Alrighty then...

    Could I get:
    krasunir shade nofill.png
    please? (Eye colour is cyan and mint/turquoise/whatever it is)
  10. Cheerio

    Cheerio Golem

    Not exactly, but that is helpful. :dryadwink:
  11. Bezixx

    Bezixx The Destroyer

    Well, there's nothing I heard of, the best way to go is what I said. Glad it helped a bit.
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  12. ppowersteef

    ppowersteef Paladin

  13. Treesmasher

    Treesmasher Golem

    I would like your version of this please as my request!

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    • gjth.jpg
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  14. RoboTTrustworthy

    RoboTTrustworthy Spazmatism

    Maybe an avatar of this ol lad

    (eye color is grey)
  15. Bluegreen

    Bluegreen Skeletron Prime

    If it be not a bother, I'd like this one to be done.
    Basically, as depicted in the picture, except for the snow.
    Eye color is blue.
  16. MiltVala

    MiltVala Plantera

    I am posting here

    this girl as to be expected XP
  17. Bezixx

    Bezixx The Destroyer

    No, totally not expected. :v
  18. Dreadful man

    Dreadful man Cultist

    Wow, your thread is already booming with business. Congrats! And that's some great art indeed! Thanks! Well do you mind if I can request something more?
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  19. Cheerio

    Cheerio Golem

    Sure why not?
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  20. LoveSpreader

    LoveSpreader Terrarian

    You could've posted each completed request instead of just editing it in your OP. It will bump your thread(without breaking the rules), and in turn, gain more views for thread. Some probably haven't realized their requests have been finished.
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