CC Creation Compendium #50

Discussion in 'Community Projects' started by darthmorf, Jul 1, 2017.

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    Got it, thanks!
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    This Thread is for discussing this current month's entries that are part of the CC. Posting your creation like this when it isn't part of the CC is considered off-topic.

    If you mean to submit this as part of next month's Creation Compendium, you may do so by posting a link to your creation on @QuackersDelta 's Profile. And it will be part of next month's CC.

    If you want to share your Creation with other Forum Members overall, the proper way to do so will be to create a Thread in this section here: Posting creations in this manner when they are not related to the Thread Topic is considered Off-Topic and advertising in this context.
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    Speaking of, @anton.kurkin Is there any possible way I could get a map download?
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    Oops my bad. I got confused lol. I'll delete it
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    Aaaaaah. The master finally falls. Rip. The number one art.
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    It will return next month!
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    so, who decided all of those?
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    The ones from #1-49 were decided by me and QuackersDelta.
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  10. This is one of those moments where I wish I wasn't so artistically challenged.
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    im a sucker for anything christmas so that christmas one was the best
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    its really nice to be up there
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    Cool! I might try to make something for the next CC....
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    you could give more space for begginers rather than experts like daimera, I saw too many from daimera
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    You're welcome to share which ones you thought were best from each one (I provided a link to each Compendium to make this easier!).
    These were just a selection of our favourites, and so of course are opinionated.
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    Just means we keep practicing and getting better, right @darthmorf ?
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    As they say, practice makes perfect!
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    Happy 50 Month anniversary Creation Compendium!

    I love these CCs. So many talented builders and players; it really is inspiring to see what this community makes! :dryadpassionate: