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tModLoader Critter Craze!


Empress of Light
Oh another ambience mod! This one has neat little critters!

EDIT: I don't suppose it's too much trouble to ask that the plants either be farmable, or otherwise respawn ovr time?
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Does there happen to be a wiki for this mod?

I was wondering what the Blood Lurker (not to mention a bunch of others) did. It shows as a consumable and is not used in any recipes, per the recipe browser, and I couldn't find it in any of the first page spoiler lists.

(For reference eating a Lurker appears to give you a short (~3-5 seconds) weakness debuff)



It's a nice mod so far. One itty bitty thing I've noticed, though... Grey Moths blink yellow light like fireflies do. I'd assume the other moths do the same.

Purple Flames

When I try to place down any cage (critter in a terrarium), a dirt block is placed down instead of the cage. Is this a bug, or is it just some other mod conflicting?
this happens to me but although its not quite the same you can place them in item frames still. obviously males them a lot smaller but for collection purposes it kind of works.....just need a mod now for larger item frames.
I'm also just getting dirt blocks when placing cages.
I've been getting the same bug.

Jars and Bowls are apparently good to use, except the uhhh... lanternfish bowl.
(Apparently it turns into something from Starbound)

Here's the rest of the cages shown off as proof.


I think this mod that adds a lot of cute creatures is a very great mod that makes the Terraria world gorgeous, thanks for the mod I love!

well, there will be a big update to the Spirit mod coming soon, why not update this mod to match it?
If you've installed it with the Spirit mod, you'll find that the same critters are duplicated in both mods.
The screen is getting cramped with critters, so I would like to request that if both mods are installed, there should be a feature that allows you to omit one of the critters.
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