Destroy the Godmodder: Last Stand

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    Minus came from nowhere, wiping the forests and deserts alike with a power known to very few.
    His armada of monsters, eldritch identities, and rogue humans wiped the map clean of all sentient life.
    It awakened a power of unknown origins: Guardian Spirits. By merging with the last humans, it gave them very powerful abilities, capable of making even the likes of Minus think twice.
    Humanity rebuilt. But Minus was still at large, eluding all our efforts to locate him, and likely to repeat his feat again.
    To prevent this, the base was built. Its main purpose: to use a clever machine to generate humans from a genetic database.
    And so humanity felt at peace.

    That was 50 years ago.
    Today, the last of us remain, again.
    Today, we must test the Base.

    Destroy the Godmodder: Last Stand Destroy the Godmodder: Last Stand! As you might have guessed from the little story blurb up above, the main shtick is that you are regenerated humans infused with Guardian Spirits. Your goal: Make more humans, and defeat Minus! Maybe you can even get a coherent explanation while you're at it.

    You are expected to have read at least the rules if you want to play.

    1. As the GM, if I make a mechanics or rules decision, it's final. That being said, I'm not infallible--if I mess up, inform me and I'll fix my mistake. Also, I will inform you before changing already codified rules.
    2. You can do up to two things per turn without penalty. Any more, and their effectiveness will be...reduced. They can be in the same or different posts.
    3. You can also have up to three charges, which work pretty much exactly like in other DTG games. When complete, you can make a charge attack or entity (which must be decided beforehand). They can only go up twice per turn, even if you take more actions than that. The charge cap is currently 30.
    5. Once someone posts ahead of you, you can't edit your post. If you forgot to do something, do it in another post.
    6. Do not attempt to determine how much damage/health something has. That's my job.
    1. Normal DTG mechanics are used unless otherwise noted. (Entities have HP totals, Minus dodges and counters everything, etc.)
    2. The base has machines, which are entities with a specific purpose. They usually can't attack. If a machine's HP reaches 0, then the machine is not removed, but it won't work until it is repaired fully.
    3. Humans do not have a defined mechanical purpose, but are a general measure of manpower that will be applied to anything which would reasonably require that. They have classes which specify what they can do, and these things are often useful so make as many as you can! PG players and entities can kill them as actions, and you can specify a class.
    4. Players have health bars and can die. See the cloning pod for more details.
    5. You can make fortifications. You probably should, in fact.
    6. You can upgrade the machines with charges. They should be fairly sizeable or it might not work.
    7. Anything OP will fail spectacularly and hilariously. A similar result will happen with undercharged entities.
    8. Expect this list and the following lists to expand over time.
    Cloning Pod
    This is the thing you're trying to protect. It is highly recommended that you not let it get destroyed.
    HP: 30,000
    Genetic Copy: If active at the end of a turn, 100 humans are created.
    Genetic Repeat: If any players are dead at the end of the turn, the Cloning Pod revives them all at full health. If it does this, it can't use Genetic Copy.
    Class Facility
    Imbues humans with knowledge. Not a lot, but still enough to be useful.
    HP: 15,000
    Allows humans to class as long as this is active. The amount per turn increases with upgrades, and is currently 50. If the machine is inactive, humans remain classed.
    Super Cloner
    By using improved technology of the normal cloner, it can make a wide variety of things, although much slower. It uses a magic circle to locate souls for these creatures.
    HP: 20,000
    Can make an entity every turn. Two components can be upgraded:
    Pod: Slightly increases power.
    Magic Circle: Slightly increases generation rate.
    AG: You are most likely on this side. Lives in the Base, which is a stronghold intended to protect against Minus. Wins when Minus dies.
    PG: Most of the things that I summon will be on this side, and there are likely to be a sizable amount of players here, too. Can be either outside or inside the Base, depending on what you're doing and the state of the battlefield. Wins when the cloning pod is destroyed and there isn't any feasible way it could be repaired.
    N: Why you would be apathetic about EVERYONE DYING is beyond me, but here it is. Some of my entities will be on this side. No real win condition, unless you specify one.
    GM: Not really a faction, just a way to identify Minus. Generally outside the Base. Wins with the PGs.
    M: Only machines are in this faction.
    Each human with this class repairs one damage point. They can be directed to focus their efforts, otherwise it'll be (mostly) random.
    If a machine or other shared construction project appears, these people can be used to help.

    This game is dynamic, and thus will expand over time. Don't discount it because it is simple; a lot of good things are simple.
    But really, you should be more focused on bashing Minus than complaining. So get bashing!

    Humans: 0
    Cloning Pod [M] HP: 30,000/30,000
    Minus [GM] HP: 100/100

    DTG:LS OP v2.1
    Last change: Added the Super Cloner
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  2. JOEbob

    JOEbob Terrarian

    1/30 Dara
    1/20 We Live in a society
    1/10 Basic Fortifications
    [1] I wake up.
    With a motion of my hand, I teleport out of the cloning pod, and quickly enhance my density, sinking into the floor. Gravity pulls me down, then Telekinesis pushes me forwards. Soon, I exit the base. someone needs to distract minus long enough for the cloning pod to finish making things.
    Minus is floating around, perhaps approaching the pod. suddenly, a spot on the ground glows, a beam of light shining out. Minus doubtlessly evades such a simple attack. Still, it halts his advance for a moment. A moment is long enough for more spots to glow, holding him back another few moments. These moments are enough for me to set another spot aglow, beneath the floor and far from sight. As Minus moves into a likely-practised stance and scans the surroundings, I burst from the earth, striking a punch directly into his stomach. As he reels back in surprise, I push off the impact point to slam a wide blow into his head with my left hand, just above his ear. Not giving him a chance to stabilize, the pushback from that attack is woven into a twist, bringing my knee straight up into his nose, where a wave of telekinetic magic redirects all my forwards momentum into a sort of kinetic bullet, concentrating the force onto a rather small surface area somewhere inside his brain.
    At this moment, I jump away from Minus,landing a fair distance from him.
    [1] With a wave of my hand, glowing lights shine from the ground between Me and the Base- rather closer to me.
    Moments later, a crystaline structure expands from the ground, first up, then from the tip towards Minus.
    one of the crystals begins to glow more strongly, and fires a beam of light approximately 20 degrees to the left of Minus. the structure begins to rotate accordingly with a grinding sound.
    The Crystal Array finishes powering up, and begins to fire beams at Minus at an accelerated rate. This should keep him distracted until its destroyed, as long as something else helps us hold his attention.
    (no rule stated against 1-post summons)

    1/30 Dara > > > > > > > > 2/30
    1/20 We Live in a society > 2/20
    1/10 Basic Fortifications > > 2/10
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  3. Winkins

    Winkins Terrarian

    2/12 Colored Ranger Red!
    2/12 Colored Ranger Yellow!
    2/12 Colored Ranger Green!
    (Action 1 & 2)
    I wake at the sound of blows being thrown and the whizzing beams shot. I shakingly get off the grounds and watch as someone fights a being that my head registers as Minus. Noticing the machine that happened to be nearby to where I was standing, I figure that I should get around to making a basic base, In which I do.

    With a few whispered words and a palm strike towards the ground, trees surround the machine and I as it serves as the first step to making the defense. Next, I shift the earth to move the trees, allow them to bunch up together as so there's no gap or opening, aside from the one that I deem the gate. and finally, I root them deeper into the ground and call it quits for now. (Tree Palisade constructed)
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  4. The_Two_Eternities

    The_Two_Eternities Terrarian

    Doctor Charles Ogden Gears rises from his position on the floor almost mechanically. He quickly takes stock of the situation. Two allies, one enemy, and one location in need of protection.

    [2] The tree palisade turns grey, changes texture, and hardens; petrifying into stone and defending the Base further.

    First comes immediate protection.

    2/10 Encasement
    2/20 Population Explosion
    2/30 Scranton Reality Anchor

    Then comes preparation for the future.
  5. Ender_Smirk

    Ender_Smirk Terrarian

    Another clone shifts out of the machine, although this one looks different. As it gets out, it begins to morph, until it doesn't look quite human anymore. It looks like a human dragon hybrid. It breathes in, before saying, "That's better. Now then, time to get to work."
    As his first attack, he unfurls large wings, and shoots into the air. As the laser light show goes off, he watches, and as soon as Minus seems off balance, a roaring fireball erupts from the dragonman's mouth, flying straight into Minus from the side.
    As a second action, he does something fascinating. Next to the present cloning pod, he makes a similar machine's starting framework appear. It appears to work on similar principles, but appears much larger.
    2/10 A technological marvel
    2/10 An incredible genome
    2/10 A touch of magic
  6. O.R.I.G.I.N.

    O.R.I.G.I.N. Terrarian

    Another seemingly innocent clone pod. Another player waiting inside. Another problem for Minus to solve. The pod slowly depressurizes, allowing it to open. However, the front doesn't open. The clone inside rests there, as still as stone. Then, his eyes open. He immediately is filled with fear, terror. His breathing is too fast for the pod's oxygen mask to keep up with. He begins to thrash around, not knowing what to do. He tries to thrust his fist through the door. He tries to kick it, even slams into it. His lack of oxygen catches up to him. His vision blurs. Nothing makes any sense. He starts to collapse, leaning against the pod door. He sees a control panel in the back of his pod. Slowly, he reaches forwards. Everything is spinning. He starts to loose hope. He sees his life end. He pushes against the pod door, launching himself at the panel. He hits it hard, breaking open the control panel. Sparks fly. The body inside collapses. However, the man isn't dead. On the outside of the pod, a tendril of electricity leaps out of the outer control panel. A being forms. The creature formed seems to be made of pure energy. It shifts and takes a humanoid shape, staring around at it's surroundings. It stands there for just a second, and it's gone.
    Action 1: Upon the battlefield, the being zaps into existence. A sense of duty seems to build with it. It sees Minus, fighting its fellow clones. It points its makeshift hand at Minus. Suddenly, the energy being is gone, changed into a stream of energy flying at Minus. Just before it hits him, it shifts back into a humanoid shape. Before he can readjust from fighting a beam to fighting a human, the energy shifts again, this time into a web of energy. It expands out around Minus, covering every angle of his potential escape. It then contracts, closing in around the Godmodder. The strands of energy sear his skin. The energy being then explodes out, releasing huge amounts of heat into the area near where the net once was. The being disappears again.
    Action 2: It reappears in front of the Cloning Pod. As it turns to look at it, it sees the pod of which it was born. Painful memories strike at the creature. Determination continues to build. It raises its arms in a dramatic fashion. Electricity flies from his fingers and onto the Cloning Pod. The Cloning Pod acts instinctively and starts to shift. The Cloning Pod grows slightly, just enough to add more pods, allowing more humans to be cloned per round.

    2/10 Override
    2/20 Protector
    2/30 The Living
  7. Tarhalindur

    Tarhalindur Terrarian

    Minus quickly recovers from his surprise and jumps over you, in the process throwing you back into the base.
    The Crystal Array has been added.

    The Tree Palisade has been added.

    Tree Palisade --> Stone Palisade. +HP.

    Unfortunately, you never get that chance, because Minus dodged that attack.
    The second action looks like a charge, so I'm not going to add it unless you ask me to.

    You surround Minus dramatically, but quick-thinking he is, he realized that there is one direction an energy being could not possibly cover...down. He tunnels through the ground, supernaturally opening and closing the earth to prevent him from being followed.
    Unfortunately, one-shot electrifying machines is not enough for a permanent upgrade, but you do manage to overcharge it, allowing it to make +50 humans this round at the cost of 350 damage to it. (Permanent upgrades require charges.)

    Entity Turn
    Crystal Array attempts to attack Minus, but Minus is still underground.
    Cloning Pod uses Genetic Copy and makes 150 humans.
    Minus pops out of the ground and SMAAAAASHES the Stone Palisade for 250 damage!

    JoeBOB [AG] HP: 20/20
    Winkins [AG] HP: 20/20
    The_Two_Eternities [AG] HP: 20/20
    Ender_Smirk [AG] HP:20/20
    Humans: 150
    Crystal Array [AG] HP: 800/800
    Stone Palisade [AG] HP: 1,250/1,500 (Reinforcement)
    Cloning Pod [M] HP: 29,650/30,000
    Minus [GM] HP: 100/100
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  8. JOEbob

    JOEbob Terrarian

    2/30 Dara > > > > > > > > 4/30
    2/20 We Live in a society > 4/20
    2/10 Basic Fortifications > > 4/6
    [1] JoeBOB sees Minus attack the fortifications he was thrown back into. As Minus tries to pull back his fist, leg, or other SMAAAAASHing implement, he finds it is stuck. While he could doubtless tear it free with ease, he did not expect it to be stuck, so his initial tug fails. This buys JoeBOB about a half a second. In that time, JoeBOB dips through the floor, under the Palisade, and immediately rockets back up, sound deadened by a spell. Minus is forced to either abandon his SMAAAAASHing implement, or take a hit. Before Minus can decide, the instant of hesitation of the decision is too long. the Crystal array automatically turns towards him, you see, and a part has finished its rotation. While the Entity turn is not until later, it is a simple matter to charge my energy into it, using it as a focus for an additional bolt... or, in this case, 4. JoeBOB has come from below, silently and with a fist charged with blue fire. Ahead is only the Palisade, and the strange sticking magic. The Beams bounce off various magical mirrors, coming from behind, above, and either side. Minus is trapped, and I come from below, forcing that option away.
    [1] Continuing my dubious plans, after Minus is struck by or avoids the attack, the few trees not turned to stone begin to mutate. Their branches turn long, and gnarled, growing around each curve in the Palisade. Their leaves fall to the ground and wither into small, compact things, hard and brittle. They cover every inch of the Palisade.
    They begin to grown thorns from each branch, pointing out. Sharp thorns, long and wicked. with a wave of my hand, the thorns and leaves and branchtips glow cyan for an instant, and fade. The Palisade is now Thorny! and there seems to be something else hidden in the Thorns magic...
  9. The_Two_Eternities

    The_Two_Eternities Terrarian

    Doctor Gears re-assesses the situation. Three ally Type Greens, one enemy Type Green, one allied unit, one hundred and fifty civilians/personnel in need of protection, one layer of protection in need of healing, and one machine in need of protection and healing.

    [1] Molten lava flows up from the ground and onto the inside of the palisade, then cools and hardens into new igneous rock for the palisade.

    [1] Doctor Gears sets to work fixing the machine, repairing broken parts, welding in support structures, and even rewinding time to gain samples of utterly destroyed parts of the machine.

    His allies should be able to handle the offensive side of things for now.

    4/10 Encasement
    4/20 Population Explosion
    4/30 Scranton Reality Anchor

    Doctor Gears compiles a dossier for his own amusement. Perhaps he will expand on it later.

    Persons of Interest:
    PoI-001 "Subtracter":
    Name: Minus (likely a false name)
    PoI-002 "Distractor":
    Name: JoeBOB
    Name: Winkins?
    PoI-004 "Clockwork":
    Name: Doctor Charles Ogden Gears
    PoI-005 "Dragon":
    Name: Ender_Smirk?

    Assets of Interest:
    AoI-001 "Lazarus":
    Name: Cloning Pod
    AoI-002 "Geode":
    Name: Crystal Array
    AoI-003 "Fortification":
    Name: Stone Palisade (formerly Tree Palisade)
  10. Ender_Smirk

    Ender_Smirk Terrarian

    4/10 A technological marvel
    4/10 An incredible genome
    4/10 A touch of magic
    (The framework is there, so it bore mentioning, even if it is not worth much. I am fine with you not giving an hp value for it yet, but it is there nonetheless. It will just need more components to do its intended function.)
    The dragonman looks at Minus, and gives a low groan at Minus's attempt to get through. It might work, but
    The Dragon quickly realizes that JoeBOB might need some help with his assault. Flying along, he lets out a spray of short ranged fire blasts at Minus, small enough to not hit the Palisade in the event Minus escapes, all around the small sections of space that Joe's crystal assault doesn't cover.
    He then holds out his hand, and makes a light shield around Joe and the Palisade, preventing either from being injured by the blasts in the event that Minus escapes before the blasts impact.
  11. O.R.I.G.I.N.

    O.R.I.G.I.N. Terrarian

    Action 1: The being raises one hand over his head. He looks up, and zaps into the air. Molecules in the air begin to rearrange, condensing water molecules in one cluster. A dark cloud forms, darkening Minus's vision. The pure energy of the being begins to charge the cloud. The cloud rises as more energy builds. However, the cloud reaches too high. It starts to cool, becoming rain. The energy seems to let this happen, and the cloud begins to fall. Then, the energy takes an aggressive role, seeming to pull the cloud down to the ground. The cloud funnels starts to lose density, losing too much liquid to rain. This means that the cloud tightens and funnels into a stream of pure cloud. This cloud passes through Minus in a seemingly harmless fashion, but then, at about the time the cloud if halfway through its pass, it lights up with pure energy, releasing arcs of energy with that cling on to any liquid, such as the water clinging to Minus from the cloud's pass.
    Action 2: The cloud hits the ground and spreads. A fog forms. It surrounds the Cloning Pod, but doesn't seem to restrict the inner visibility. It instead makes it harder to see the Cloning Pod, making attacks that are targeted at the Cloning Pod less accurate.
    4/10 Override
    4/20 Protector
    4/30 The Living
  12. Winkins

    Winkins Terrarian

    4/12 Colored Ranger Red!
    4/12 Colored Ranger Yellow!
    4/12 Colored Ranger Green!
    (Action 1 & 2)
    As i look at the humans that started being cloned, I try to find a way to put them to work as to keep their mind of the knowledge that the world as we know it, might be destroyed! So, with more earthworks and gathering of materials, I start creating the Class Facility!

    This neat building boasts the ability to grant humans to become proficient in the class they chose to work! So far, with the amount of time I worked into this, I was only able to make two training sets which are the Engineer and Builder Classes...

    So with that, I appear in front of the newly cloned Humans and start explaining this new mechanic made for them to use and urge them to pick a job with a promise for more job class to pick in the future. (Creation of the Class Facility)
  13. Tarhalindur

    Tarhalindur Terrarian

    Minus just tugs harder, freeing himself and allowing him to jump backwards, evading you.
    Stone Palisade now has the Thorny trait.

    Stone Palisade recovered 100 HP.
    Cloning Pod recovered 100 HP.

    Minus dodges with difficulty, as he didn't have to worry about the first attack.
    The light shield works, and neither is damaged.

    You hit for one damage!
    Obfuscating Fog added! Unfortunately, this also makes it harder to repair it...

    The Class Facility is constructed and will be added to the list.

    Entity Turn:
    The Crystal Array attacks, but Minus dodges.
    100 humans are created, and 50 humans class, 25 of each.
    Minus smashes the ground, creating a shockwave that deals 175 damage to the Palisade.

    Condition: Obfuscating Fog (Anything targeted at the Cloning Pod has a 50% chance to fail.) 3 turns left.
    JoeBOB [AG] HP: 20/20
    Winkins [AG] HP: 20/20
    The_Two_Eternities [AG] HP: 20/20
    Ender_Smirk [AG] HP:20/20
    Unclassed: 200
    Engineer: 25
    Builder: 25

    Crystal Array [AG] HP: 800/800
    Stone Palisade [AG] HP: 1,175/1,500 (Reinforcement, Thorny)
    Cloning Pod [M] HP: 29,750/30,000
    Class Facility [M] HP: 15,000/15,000
    Minus [GM] HP: 99/100

    I can't believe I forgot Minus's health.
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  14. JOEbob

    JOEbob Terrarian

    So... he jumps directly into the additional spells I created using the array as a focus instead?
    [1] I point out that Minus jumped directly into an energy beam. It wasn't the array's action, but me surging additional energy into the crystal formation ahead of time, you see. Given there's been additional time before he realized this, I convert part of the energy into a energy-draining effect, slowing Minus's movements until it's removed. Said drain-effect feeds on the energy it drains to remain a drain effect.
    [1]The Thorns of the Palisade begin to expand into the ground. With their stronger attachement to it, shockwaves are no longer an option, and structural stability has increased somewhat. Not only that, but the thorns are expanding outwards... They still leave plenty of room for manoeuvres, but eventually...
    4/30 Dara > > > > > > > > 6/30
    4/20 We Live in a society > 6/20
    4/6 Basic Fortifications > > 6/6
    Basic Fortifications.
    A Fence Post pops out of the ground outside the Palisade. Then another one. Then another.
    Soon, the entire circle around the Palisade has fence posts, but no wood connecting them. a moment later, a big pile of wooden planks appears. Use created for Builder humans: Make This Fence Biggr; humans can now spend actions to increase fence health, defending the pod, facility, and palisade. If the fence is intact, this does not put them in danger.
    new: 1/10 where's the food?
  15. The_Two_Eternities

    The_Two_Eternities Terrarian

    Doctor Gears re-assesses the situation. Three ally Type Greens, one enemy Type Green, one allied unit, two hundred and fifty civilians/personnel in need of protection, one layer of protection in need of healing, one machine in need of protection, and one machine in need of protection and healing.

    [2] The palisade grows taller, new rock forcing itself up from the ground to take the place of that knocked off by the shockwave.

    A 50% chance of failure is not a good thing, even if it is indiscriminate. Doctor Gears decides to continue healing the palisade until the fog is gone or the situation changes.

    6/10 Encasement
    6/20 Population Explosion
    6/30 Scranton Reality Anchor

    Doctor Gears makes two slight additions to the Dossier.

    Persons of Interest:
    PoI-001 "Subtracter":
    Name: Minus (likely a false name)
    PoI-002 "Distractor":
    Name: JoeBOB
    Name: Winkins?
    PoI-004 "Clockwork":
    Name: Doctor Charles Ogden Gears
    PoI-005 "Dragon":
    Name: Ender_Smirk?

    Assets of Interest:
    AoI-001 "Lazarus":
    Name: Cloning Pod
    AoI-002 "Geode":
    Name: Crystal Array
    AoI-003 "Fortification":
    Name: Stone Palisade (formerly Tree Palisade)
    AoI-004 "Outclasser":
    Name: Class Facility

    200 Civilians
    25 Engineers
    25 Builders
  16. Winkins

    Winkins Terrarian

    6/12 Colored Ranger Red!
    6/12 Colored Ranger Yellow!
    6/12 Colored Ranger Green!
    (Action 1)
    Seeing JOE taking advantage of the Builder already, I decided to occupy the Engineer in a project as well. I swiftly create a work site and start creating MECHAS! In fact! I create three colored mechs, Red, Yellow, and Green exactly!

    Due to my expertise being in building and not much in placing the more delicate details I only made the Mecha Frames. Which comes with the next step, I call up the Engineers and had them to help with the wiring and coding of the mechas.

    (Action 2)
    As a test see if I can summon entities, I create a magical circle and start gathering materials to place in it. I grab a mannequin along with some chain armor and a fencing blade and start chanting once i placed them on the circle.

    The Circle start glowing and in a flash of light, the items that I gather disappeared to reveal that in stead was a homunculus with the dueling gear I gave them. With no better idea how to name it as It had no mind of its own, I simply called it a Duelist, gave it some dueling experience and send it out to distract Minus briefly.
  17. JOEbob

    JOEbob Terrarian

    Given the lack of actual combat maneuvering by my body, I'm not as physically occupied as last round. as such, I look over my shoulder at Doctor Gears
    "Interesting 'Dossier' you've begun work on. Personally, I wouldn't consider myself a 'Distractor', but I suppose my actions so far fit the bill."
    "Though it's a bit strange to have a Dossier consisting solely of a title, a name, and whether it's a person or not."
    "Like, what's being learned here? you don't even mention that minus is (apparently) super strong by comparison even to ie myself, or the source or nature of anyones powers( -: godmodding?, us: guardian spirits)."
    "and 'Geode' for the crystal array? The theming here isn't all that consistent! If you're calling the palisade 'fortification', then why not call the array 'turrets', the pod 'spawner' or something, and the class facility 'training zone' or some such?"

  18. The_Two_Eternities

    The_Two_Eternities Terrarian

    "It is a work in progress. In case you haven't noticed, we're all very busy."

    "It is not meant as a full-on SCP document. It is more of a battle plan. Or it will be."

    "They are mnemonic codenames. They are meant to remind you of what the asset is, without actually stating it."

  19. O.R.I.G.I.N.

    O.R.I.G.I.N. Terrarian

    Action 1: A low, electrical hum emanates from somewhere. The sound seems happy or celebratory. It seems the being is celebrating his success. However, the humming stops and the being reforms. It looks at its arm. It's featureless face portrays deep thought. It shifts it around, examining it. Finally, he takes action and it change. It turns into a flat, angled shape. It moves its arm like it's throwing something and its arm segment flies off. It spins through the air and flies at Minus. However, instead of hitting, Minus, it flies past. Its trajectory then shifts and it goes around Minus. Finally, it comes back to the energy being. However, just before the arm would return to the being, the being leaps out of the way. The electricity within the boomerang starts to change the arm's trajectory again, being magnetically pulled back to the being. The being runs in a sort of serpentine path. The boomerang gives chase, even catching up. The being slows his run, and the boomerang starts orbiting it. Now, the being is at a full stop and the arm is slowly closing in on the being, faster and faster as its magnetic pull takes it closer. The arm is behind the being of energy and about to reattach when the being moves again. It leaps up into the air and the boomerang follows. However, instead of orbiting around the being's y-axis, the magnetic pull seems to stop. The arm flies straight and true, slamming into Minus with all of its momentum. Finally, the arm returns, making the being whole again.
    Action 2: The energy being sees that its fog is too dense. It knows that it cannot remove the fog, because then the Cloning Pod would be more vulnerable. It presses its hands together. It pulls them apart from each other. As it does this, a sphere grows in the space between. Once it is fully grown, the being zaps over to above the Cloning Pod. It takes the orb and sets it down in mid-air. The ball just sits there, releasing light into the fog. This makes it so that people can see the Pod Base when inside of the fog, but also makes it easier to see into the pod from outside.
    6/10 Override
    6/20 Protector
    6/30 The Living
  20. Ender_Smirk

    Ender_Smirk Terrarian

    The dragonman looks over the dossier quickly. He comments, "What about the energy creature floating around? It scored the first hit on Minus, after all."
    Having noted this to Gears, the dragonman begins flying towards Minus. No backup this time. He is going to do this himself. He pulls from out of thin air a blade, engraved with draconic symbols, bathed in a green flame. He rushes at Minus, wielding his new weapon. His first strike is a simple slash,, which he follows up with a stab. Minus uses his characteristic jump away from danger technique to avoid this, but the dragonman follows his attempt to dodge, keeping the heat on him with many slashes and stabs. As he does this, he begins to hold his other hand back, and the claws on that hand begin to gradually extend. As soon as Minus takes a second to try to dodge, that clawed hand darts out, grabbing onto him. With claws biting into him, Minus tries to escape the dragonman's grip, but the dragonman just slashes away at Minus with his other hand. Minus then manages to kick the dragon man away, but not without any effect to himself.
    The dragon man then walks over to the palisade, and stabs his blade down in front of it. A wall of green fire appears in front of the barrier, adding another layer of protection.
    6/10 A technological marvel
    6/10 An incredible genome
    6/10 A touch of magic