**REPORTED** Digging Molecart Dug Through Locked Shadow Chest


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I was on my multiplayer server, and I dug directly through shadow chests on two occasions, and they dropped 6 shadow chests each, oddly enough. My digging tool was a Drax, please let me know if you want more info.
I gave this a try, but I was not able to reproduce this. (Though I did find Molecart breaks altars when it shouldn't.) Could you please attach a screenshot or GIF showing what you're getting? Thanks!
Here's the gif


  • digging molecart locked shadow chest bug.gif
    digging molecart locked shadow chest bug.gif
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Thank you, much appreciated. I still wasn't able to reproduce, so it might be a very specific set up required? Nonetheless, I've reported for the developers to look into. Thank you for the report!
No problem, happy to help! I don't think it would be very specific in game, I was able to replicate it with both a drax in inventory and a shroomite digging claw; but it may be related to it being in a server or something.
I came to report this issue. I was using the Digging Molecart and accidentally dug through an altar as well as a full wooden chest (resulting in 6 wooden chests in my inventory). :(

Playing on a multiplayer Master level, drunk seed world (created 10/17) as the Host. Pre-hardmode. Molten Pickaxe is what I have as my digging tool, and my hammer is only Platinum.
Greetings, I have more information on how this bug functions, as well as how to reproduce it consistently. This bug is present on game version and requires a server to perform.
To replicate this bug:
  • Place down any chest/barrel/trash can and place an item inside.
  • Restart the server, do NOT open the chest, otherwise this will not work and the server will have to be restarted again.
  • Place rails adjacent to the top half of the chest, then drive the molecart through the chest.
  • The chest will disappear and "explode" into those chests, and will continue to do so so long as any tile on top of or adjacent to the chest is updated.
    • If the chest was dug into from the left, the chest will be able to be placed back down (the placement sound does not play), and the contents will be accessible, however this will not be true if digging into from the right.
  • If this is performed with a dresser, the dresser will explode into 100s of itself and crash the server. The server logs the message "Process is terminated due to StackOverflowException."
Overall, this can be used to access the contents of locked chests, or, depending on the type of chest, be shimmered into endless materials.
Here is a simple YouTube video of this bug/exploit in action.
Lmao hilarious bug
I have a glitch where a drill will make any falling block it causes to fall fly into the cursor and stay there until i stop the drill.
Im on console btw
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