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TV Digimon: A New Adventure

Discussion in 'Other Media (Non-Gaming: Movies, TV, etc.)' started by IronTsunami, Apr 18, 2015.


Are you excited for the third installment of Digimon Adventure?

  1. So much digihype!

  2. It could be promising

  3. It'll suck! *stereotypical negative attitude frown* :(

  4. Meh, whatever

  5. Where's the Pokemon thread..?

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  1. IronTsunami

    IronTsunami Skeletron

    As I am sure there are at least a few Digimon fans around, I decided to make a thread for those who love the show and would like to talk about it. Feel free to talk about anything, from your favorite Digimon, to the games, and whatever else revolves around them.

    I also wanted to make this thread in honor of Digimon's 15th Anniversary, and with it comes a "new" series. They will be traveling back to the kids that started it all as they get recruited once again to save the Digital World. That's right, it's Digimon Adventure 3. The original series is getting a second direct sequel. It should be exciting.

    PS: My favorite is MagnaAngemon
  2. Magnaturro

    Magnaturro Plantera

    I'm still trying to deal with the fact that i have to wait till this season is over to be able to watch it, even though it was said that i would start airing in april.
    Other than that, i'm excited AF, and i may have shed a tear or two while watching this:

    Heck, i still can't rewatch it without getting chills from listening to that song.
  3. GawenStarTeller

    GawenStarTeller Retinazer

    I'm not excited at all, I mean honestly Pokemon is a way better anime because I enjoy stupid stories with never aging protsgonists and no character development


    Personally, I never liked Digimon Adventure, but all of the seasons were good as long as it wasn't Fusion (*Cough* They don't even have levels within that one, and Shoutmon's voice *Cough*), but I definitely get chills while watching that little video. The nostalgia is real. Though I don't see how they're going to continue where they left off, that is, if they're going to, with Digi-Destined everywhere and Digimon living in harmoney with their organic friends. But whatever.

    I've been surprised before.

    EDIT: If the English version doesn't have their original actors I think I'm going to cry...
  4. IronTsunami

    IronTsunami Skeletron

    "The darkness has not been conquered, and will continue to fight against the light forever." - T.K.

    He makes that comment at the end of Adventure 02. He also mentions a book he wrote on all the adventures they've gone on. It appears this new season is just going to be another one of those adventures, taking place just a few years after 02. But yeah, it'll be interesting to see how they go about it now that Digivices are a lot more common.

    I'm so hoping for the original voice actors too. They got all the original voices over in Japan; I have some hope that the English actors will reunite.
  5. robotzurg

    robotzurg Terrarian

    I love digimon and can't wait for this series! :D
  6. Fireheart

    Fireheart Skeletron Prime

    Meh digimon finee i guess Though Fusion Or xros wars whatever one you want to call it was cool. ( fusion digimons tell me that not cool.)
  7. IronTsunami

    IronTsunami Skeletron

    It's funny cause IMO Fusion was horrible. They didn't even come up with real new forms or names, just put + or X2 or something behind their name.

    Starting in the first movie and used as a continual theme through Adventure 02 (Season 2) was DNA Digivolution. The Digimon actually merged into something new (EX: Exveemon + Stingmon = Paildramon or Ankylomon + Angemon = Shakkoumon) instead of just adding a multiplier suffix. The fusion concept was such a downgrade compared to DNA.
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  8. Fireheart

    Fireheart Skeletron Prime

    I think the difference is that DNA needed 2 specific digimon while Fusion just need any digimon. it would make sense. Also you don't find a Veemon everyday.
  9. Sabre747

    Sabre747 Eye of Cthulhu

    Didn't we already have a third installment of adventure with guilmon (forgot what it was called) that already took place after Adventure 02?
  10. Fireheart

    Fireheart Skeletron Prime

    Dude the New one is the third adventure for the Season 1 digi-destined.
  11. IronTsunami

    IronTsunami Skeletron

    The first two seasons were Adventure and its sequel Adventure 02. The third was Digimon Tamers. That was a complete new group of Digidestined in an alternate universe. The new one coming out is Adventure Tri, which is another sequel in the Adventure timeline.

    It still just felt underwhelming and kind of halfhearted the way they did fusion. It was almost like they weren't really caring about the feel of the concept. They just kind of pseudo-slapped on another Digimon and called it a successful digivolution.
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  12. Fireheart

    Fireheart Skeletron Prime

    Well I don't think Fusion is supposed to be a digivolution. It more of a temporarily form like fusion in DBZ. fusion is more of a Power-up i guess not a Real evolution
  13. Kats

    Kats Pixel Pirate

    I liked the first Digimon and second, still rewatch them from time to time, rest, mm, not really.