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tAPI Dynamic Difficulty

Discussion in 'Released' started by Arkhayla, Oct 1, 2014.

  1. Arkhayla

    Arkhayla Terrarian

    This mod has come a long way since it's inception. Be sure to read the How it Works portion to understand the difficulty adjuster. Or, you can just download it, set it to INSANE!, die, THEN come back and read it... either way.
    Ideally, I am trying to make Terraria more fun without adding a whole bunch of "new content." Originally, the plan was to make it so the game increased in difficulty whenever someone joined your server. That has changed, as people requested increased difficulty because the 1000000 mods out there made the game too easy. Long story short, I give you Dynamic Difficulty

    Please keep in mind, if you are not using a mod which increases your health, defense, or damage. I would recommend starting on Normal and moving to Hard. If you ARE using a mod which makes you overpowered... start on Hard and go from there. Hellish and INSANE! are very very very hard you WILL die.

    Important! Please read the How it Works section to avoid confusion! Important!

    • Difficulty Setting
      • When selecting one of the starting difficulties in tAPI Mod Options. NPCs are increased in strength globally, meaning they all get equally harder based on the difficulty selected
    • Dynamic Difficulty
      • When adjusting the difficulty dynamically the game gets harder in a way it would become harder for more players.
      • NPCs get increased health, damage, spawn rate, spawn amount, defense, and knockback resist.
      • Bosses get a larger increase to health, damage, and defense. They also get a boost to speed. Lastly, bosses also get some new interesting attacks and tricks to make the fights harder and more entertaining.
      • This difficulty adjusts on a scale based on two factors: Multiplayer and the Difficulty Adjuster and can be incrementally increased for the PERFECT challenge to your play style and mod combinations.
        • Multiplayer
          • For every player that joins your server, the difficulty increases by 1
        • Difficulty Adjuster
          • The Difficulty Adjuster simulates extra players being on the server.
          • It can also be used in single player to increase the difficulty dynamically
    • Difficulty Setting vs. Dynamic Difficulty
      • The Difficulty Setting is a static increase (This can be changed in mod options after the mod has been enabled in the Mods menu)
        • Normal: Vanilla Terraria with the Difficulty Adjuster. Allows for adjustment of the difficulty to make the game harder for extra players
        • Hard: For those of you who like things a bit more difficult. All enemies in the game start with double health and damage: This can be further increased using the Difficulty Adjuster in game
        • Hellish: This is where things get tricky!
        • INSANE!: Go ahead... I dare you!
      • Dynamic Difficulty can be used to further tweak how things act in the current difficulty setting.
    • No longer will Terraria be too easy!

    Version 1.0: Released WIP

    Built for tAPI r13a
    Updated: 10/31/2014 @ 10:02pm CT (GMT -6)
    Current Version: 1.0

    Current Features:
    • Increased difficulty based on the number of players currently on your server.
    • Difficulty Adjuster, a placable tile which will increase the difficulty on top of the number of players (Also works in SP, so you can increase the difficulty there)
    • NPC critical hit chance, NPCs have a chance to critically hit you, just like you can to them: Their chance to crit also scales with difficulty
    • Increased boss movement speed - Also scaled with difficulty, the bosses move faster as things get harder
    • Eye of Cthulhu has a few new tricks up his sleeve! Up the difficulty and give it a shot!
    • Eater of Worlds has a few new tricks up his sleeve as well!
    • Starting Difficulty! Normal, Hard, Hellish, INSANE! (See Changelog for details)
    • Skeletron has a couple new buddies to help him during battle. Careful, don't get hit!
    (This section is separated in to tAPI and tConfig versions. This mod has existed for a long time and the progression needed to be separated)

    tAPI Version 1.0
    • Updated for tAPI r13
    • Fixed Difficulty Adjuster not working in multiplayer
    • Fixed Special NPCs not receiving updates
    • Fixed Tile Sync Issues
    • Fixed an issue where NPCs would receive boosts 2 - 3 times in some cases.
    • Updated Difficulty Adjuster Tile Sprite and Frames (Thanks to @Grox The Great!)
    tAPI Version 0.7.5
    • Updated for tAPI r11
    • should now include different NPC variations.
    tAPI Version Beta 0.5.2
    • fixed issue which caused the Difficulty Adjuster to stop working
    tAPI Version Beta 0.5.1
    • fixed error building mod for r9
    tAPI Version Beta 0.5
    • ported mod to tAPI and made some minor improvements
    • small bug fix to mod options
    tConfig Version 2.0 Final
    • Fixed last known bug: Difficulty adjuster now properly syncs in MP
    tConfig Version 1.8:
    • Fixed a bug which would incorrectly multiply NPC stats at higher difficulties.
    tConfig Version 1.7:
    • Difficulty Adjuster now properly shows the scale including the players on the server
    • Added Mini Guardian NPC to increase the difficulty of the Skeletron fight.
    tConfig Version 1.6a:
    • Fixed the Damage Multiplier for higher difficulties. Be careful though, Hellish & INSANE! still pack quite a punch. I wouldn't attempt them without friends and some serious gear.
    • Eater of Worlds fixed, no longer obscenely difficult
    tConfig Version 1.6:
    • Enhanced the Eater of Worlds, every time a part of him dies several different smaller worms come out. Careful, higher difficulties can really increase the amount of damage this boss can deal.
    tConfig Version 1.5:
    • Further difficulty enhancements!
      • Normal: Vanilla Terraria with the Difficulty Adjuster. Allows for adjustment of the difficulty to make the game harder for extra players
      • Hard: For those of you who like things a bit more difficult. All enemies in the game start with double health and damage: This can be further increased using the Difficulty Adjuster in game
      • Hellish: This is where things get tricky!
      • INSANE!: Go ahead... I dare you!
    tConfig Version 1.4:
    • Eye of Cthulhu has a couple new tricks up his sleeve! Randomly, he will spawn a Wandering Eye to attack you on top of the normal Servant of Cthulhu! Higher difficulty, higher chance of summoning one. Careful, at higher difficulties this can get very intense!
    tConfig Version 1.3:
    • Fixed the way I handle npc.type variables
    • Added increased speed for bosses based on difficulty
    tConfig Version 1.2:
    • Fixed a bug where bosses were regarded as npcs as well, increasing their damage and defense too high
    • Added critical hit chance for NPCs: Now the higher the difficulty, the higher chance an NPC or boss will hit you critically. Try not to get hit too often!
    tConfig Version 1.1:
    • Fixed support for Multiplayer
    • Fixed duplication of the Difficulty Adjuster
    • Added Synchronization to the Difficulty Adjuster tile, now when one is updated they all are
    tConfig Version 1.0:
    • Increased Difficulty up to 10 players
    • Difficulty Adjuster - Allows you to simulate additional players (Useful in Single Player or when you want a greater challenge in MP)

    Warning: Some bosses are impossible to beat alone at higher difficulties. The challenge of tackling them with a few friends can be extremely fun to do. Also, Hellish & INSANE! difficulties will most likely require fully equipped characters to get started.

    Balancing for 1.2+ content
    Further boss enhancements

    Please take the time to test it out and tell me what you think! Also, keep in mind the difficulty adjustment scale may still need some tweaking - I am not sure how well the scale will ... scale especially with the new 1.2 and up content.

    • The following is not official and is in no way licensed or related to Re-Logic. It is for recreational uses only.
    • This is not an official tool/application. Re-Logic is not at fault for any and all complications that may arise from using this program.
    • While a staff member of Terraria created this mod, it is first and foremost community made.
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2015
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  2. Snarks

    Snarks Terrarian

    This looks promising.
    Arkhayla likes this.
  3. Arkhayla

    Arkhayla Terrarian

    It's been around for a while, only moved it back to beta to sort out some minor bugs with NPCs being skipped in tAPI. When we release r11 I'll finish making fixes and it will be v1.0 again lol (Used to be a tConfig mod)
  4. Snarks

    Snarks Terrarian

    I haven't looked for terraria mods for a long time but this one seems really interesting. Anyways I can't wait to try it out.
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  5. Zephus

    Zephus Terrarian

    how do i access the dynamic difficulty
  6. Arkhayla

    Arkhayla Terrarian

    Last edited: Oct 14, 2014
  7. notjustinbailey

    notjustinbailey Skeletron

    Thanks for updating so fast. I decided I wanted to start using mods a couple hours ago, and I saw this one. I played for 2 seconds and stopped because I heard tAPI was coming soon, so I waited.

    tAPI came out an hour later, and you updated in minutes. Amazing
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  8. Shockah

    Shockah Grandson of The Wizard

    More like, Arkhalis is one of the dev team members, so he had access to it the whole time :p. So did I, but I'm still missing some things and I have work in an hour, so it'll all have to wait until later today.
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  9. Sapharan

    Sapharan Golem

    Pfft, not if Yrimir is playing.
  10. BrandonB123

    BrandonB123 Steampunker

    This looks cool. I'll have to try it once my internet comes back.
    I'm on my phone so I can't download it. D:
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  11. Taproot

    Taproot Terrarian

    I must be doing something wrong..
    If I select hard/Hellish/INSANE modes, create a game in single player, everything works fine and mobs are ridic.

    If I do the same thing and try to host/multi player, the mode always resets to normal as if I never changed the mode to begin to with.

    What gives?
  12. BrandonB123

    BrandonB123 Steampunker

    I'm no Terraria expert, but I think it you'll have to find a way to add it to the server. I haven't really messed around with Terraria mods and servers, but I think there was something that did this in the past.
    Hope this helps. ;p
  13. Arkhayla

    Arkhayla Terrarian

    Interesting, it should save the setting you last used in single player. But you are right, this is not working! Which may actually be an issue with tAPI itself... Hmm

    Thanks for pointing this out Taproot, I will look in to it and let you know! in the meantime, there is nothing I can do to help :( sorry. Give me a day or two to sort out the issue.

    EDIT: It looks like the issue is with mod settings not saving at all. We will fix this in r12 of tAPI but for now, there is nothing we can do about it for r11. What I can do, is send you an edited version of the game for your preferred difficulty privately if you want to use temporarily? Let me know if this is something you want and I will send you a temporary version in PM.
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2014
  14. Taproot

    Taproot Terrarian

    Sure thing!
    I'll take your offer for the edited version of the game, will take it in Hard mode.
    If I want to play with a friend, I assume I'll have to give him the same version I have?

    Thanks, I appreciate! :D
  15. Arkhayla

    Arkhayla Terrarian

    I am busy right now, I'll send you the edit tomorrow though. And no, you just have to put it on the server. The server will take care of sending it to the players so you don't have to worry about that (I will even name it differently so they know which one to delete or disable later).

    In short, tomorrow I will get you the edited version (sorry for the wait) and no, the server handles all mod matching.
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  16. Guiding Intense

    Guiding Intense Terrarian

    Can you put the r10 version of this, pretty please
  17. Arkhayla

    Arkhayla Terrarian

    Unfortunately, I no longer have the r10 version. I didn't think it would be necessary once the r11 version was released so I updated the code and overwrote the file... I'm sorry, and I plan on making a fixed version this weekend as soon as I have the time. Right now MP is broken, sorry everyone!
  18. Guiding Intense

    Guiding Intense Terrarian

    thx for saying it but i hope you can get or put the r10 version of this. by the way how you do the (name) said: thing? tumblr_my03n2EnmH1rbhkdqo1_100.gif
  19. Arkhayla

    Arkhayla Terrarian

    CLick "Reply" at the bottom right of my post. And I don't think I will revert back to r10 - it would require me to change the netmessage code back to what it was and I changed some things around. If someone else still has the r10 version and can share it that would be helpful but I don't have any way to do it anymore without recoding. And to be honest I just don't have the time to do that.

    Very sorry I didn't think to keep it ;(
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  20. Guiding Intense

    Guiding Intense Terrarian

    tumblr_my03n2EnmH1rbhkdqo1_100.gif DUDE! I HAVE THE R10 GREAT NEWS HOW CAN I GIVE IT TO YOU? tumblr_my03n2EnmH1rbhkdqo1_100.gif HERE is the dowload link for r10:http://tapi.axxim.net/releases/r10.exe
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2014
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